Dating a Runner

Dating (and now engaged) to a runner has it’s perks.   Even though we met running, we don’t train every run together.  Both of us need our own runs too but we do run together a few times a week.

  1. Going to bed at the ripe grandma hour of 9pm…because we need to wake up at 5 to run.
  1. Saturday funday?  Our perfect Saturday morning is going to a race then going out to a diner.
  1. Sunday Funday?  It’s Sunday Long Run Day!  A perfect two hour date that doesn’t cost anything.  See mom, I am being frugal and still going on dates.


  1. When I want dessert and down a piece of red velvet cake and ice cream I must be training…of course…judgement free zone here.


  1. Sorry I can’t because I need to run…becomes sorry we can’t because we need to run.
  1. Comparisons of whose is shorter?  Men’s running shorts or runderwear?  A game we often play…
  1. Leggings and oversized shirts are considered a daily staple.  If you wear anything more you are fancy.


Questions for you:  Does your significant other run/workout?


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  1. My wife and I love to run together. We are just now getting into distance running. On the verge of signing her up for her first Marathon, and my first Half. I just did my first Sprint Tri last week and now we already signed up for a Sprint Tri relay together in August. Couples workouts are the best. And you are right, it’s nice to go splurge on food afterwards, a frugal and fun date. 🙂

  2. This is so funny because I can relate to each of these! My boyfriend of 9…yes 9 years (do you count the years we were 15-19 years old) train together. He has been the best training partner ever. He runs faster than most girls I train with from my college team so I believe that has made me a better runner outside of workouts. It’s always a plus to have a running buddy!!

  3. My boyfriend now is the first runner I’ve ever dated…it definitely has its perks! A perfect day for both of us would involve a fun race, trip to double t diner (our diner 🙂 ), and early bed time.

  4. My wife has no interest in running what so ever. I think that is good because it gives me time to focus on me and my running goals. However she is very supportive of my running and comes to most of my races to cheer me on. I kind of like it that way…

  5. Actually Michael and I met in highschool on the track team… He’s a natural runner, in that I mean he can not run for months than go run a great race…. When I was pregnant for ella he would get up every saturday and go running with me bc he swore I was going to go into labor…lol. And while he doesn’t run regularly now every now and again I can get him to run a race with me. What kills me is that he always places in his age group!

  6. My boyfriend and I met training for a 200-mile relay together. Our ideal week includes a few weeknight runs together, followed by beer. It truly keeps us ‘us’ to have that together time. And many of these apply. Especially the ‘we need to run’. Cheers to dating a runner!

  7. My boyfriend is also a runner and it’s great that he understands why I don’t want to go out on Friday nights when I have a long run on Saturday morning. We’ve also run several out of town half marathons together which is a lot of fun. I’d probably just stick to local races if he wasn’t a runner too.

  8. I don’t have a significant other but I really hope to meet a guy sometime soon 🙂 And I hope that he runs. I know it’s not a necessity but for all the reasons you posted, I think it would be so FUN! And it makes life a little easier because each of you understand each other. The one boyfriend I had also liked to run and it was a lot of fun to go to races and train together.

  9. I love this. It’s so true. When your partner is a runner too, it’s like you live in your own world of running bliss together. We run maybe 20-30% of our miles together and usually have very different runs scheduled, but being with someone who just “gets it” and knows how to motivate you to your best is awesome.

  10. My husband and I are both runners and met because of it but rarely run together (in part because his easy pace is my tempo pace). It is great to never have to explain why I’m going on a three hour long run, however. Best of luck with the short shorts issue; we still regularly put each other’s on and realize we messed up.

  11. Alex is more of a runner than I am, so it’s usually me helping him prepare for a race or long run. Since I mostly run shorter distances and am often not training for anything particular, I can fit my running in whenever. But when I do have a race, he’s there for that. We usually go out to Starbucks post-race, and he now gets a latte after his long run. That is the positive influence I have had on him.

  12. Love your list! LOL I completely agree with the clothing part. My bf is an athlete and occasional runner so we practically live in sweats! Dressing up for us is a chore that we go out of our way to avoid haha

  13. My husband is also a runner now thankfully! It used to be swimming and coaching that connected us and now I’m happy to say it’s both running and swimming! We try and run together as much as possible, but with 5year old twin girls and an 8year old son, it’s hard to get away together! I’m just thankful when we actually get a chance to run together!

  14. Jon used to do CF with me and I loved it! But now he doesn’t do it and I can outrun him on distances, so it’s not fun anymore, haha. I definitely miss back in the day though when we’d go to the gym together and really wish he’d get back into it with me. I think when you spend so much time running though, it’s good to have that person able to be with you for some of it!

  15. When I met my hubby, it was mainly due to our interest in hiking. However, he did run and help me achieve my first sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon. He doesn’t run much now (due to ankle problems) plus it’s great because he can watch the kiddos while I do my long runs. 🙂

  16. My husband actually got me into running BUT now that we have 3 kids he barely runs at all and I run constantly. We still sign up for some races together (if we can get childcare) but don’t actually run them together. I’m trying to motivate him to sign up for a 1/2 marathon with me for fall. He really does want to run again but has trouble getting into a solid routine.

  17. All of these are so true! I turned my husband into a runner a few years ago and its much easier for us both to be runners:) Its hard for non-runners to understand all of the weird and crazy things that runners do.

  18. While Clay and I don’t train together, I love that he’s gotten into running. He did a couple 5Ks before we got married but he’s really gotten into it in the past year or so and it’s fun to do races together. I just run back and cool down and find him on the course (he’s fine with that). Even though we don’t train together I can relate to this- our Saturdays after 5Ks we have special traditions of going out to certain restaurants (Mex 1 for tacos or Early Bird Diner). Plus we wake up and go through our pre-race routine together, it’s just neat.

    We are signed up for a local 5K series that starts tomorrow night. 5 5Ks, so that means 5 super cheap date nights on Thursdays (the series even has food and drinks afterwards. Saves us the cost of dinner out!)

  19. My husband unfortunately is not a runner. He’s more into mountain biking, which I personally think is a crazy sport so we don’t work out much together – other than walking the dogs 🙂

  20. Haha this is awesome- so glad the two of you guys have a relatable schedule which doesn’t affect timing and day to day life! One of my mates is dating a nurse…..they live in a 24 hour cycle lol!

  21. Hahahahahha oh my gosh! You so hit the nail on the head! If only I could find myself such a grandmotherly/food obsesses/ early am to bed man, life would be complete 🙂

  22. I love that you run and race together. My hubby is kicking and screaming about it, but is slowly signing up for more 5K’s and now, a half of a half! Woo hoo!

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