Dating a Runner

Dating (and now engaged) to a runner has it’s perks.   Even though we met running, we don’t train every run together.  Both of us need our own runs too but we do run together a few times a week.

  1. Going to bed at the ripe grandma hour of 9pm…because we need to wake up at 5 to run.
  1. Saturday funday?  Our perfect Saturday morning is going to a race then going out to a diner.
  1. Sunday Funday?  It’s Sunday Long Run Day!  A perfect two hour date that doesn’t cost anything.  See mom, I am being frugal and still going on dates.


  1. When I want dessert and down a piece of red velvet cake and ice cream I must be training…of course…judgement free zone here.


  1. Sorry I can’t because I need to run…becomes sorry we can’t because we need to run.
  1. Comparisons of whose is shorter?  Men’s running shorts or runderwear?  A game we often play…
  1. Leggings and oversized shirts are considered a daily staple.  If you wear anything more you are fancy.


Questions for you:  Does your significant other run/workout?