Sometimes I exist in Real Life

I have taken a bit of a step back from blogging lately.  I still love reading blogs but I’ve been busy with work, traveling and having friends visit.

Friends visit like Laura and Heather! 

We went for a run.

We went for a run.


A while back Heather and I decided that the Long Branch half marathon would be fun.  Since Laura just ran Boston, she relaxed at the race and came along for the ride.  I was so excited to come back from Seattle because I got to see them last weekend.

So excited that I didn’t clean my house and drove like a Jersey driver to meet them at my house.  (I got off of work around the same time they were getting there).

We looked like real girls.

We looked like real girls. (Well I did, they always look nice)


After I moved from Oswego one thing I definitely missed was these two.  Neither of them actually live in Oswego…but anyways I missed them.

This weekend was nice because they could come visit and hang out.  Another thing was they got to meet Tim.  When I worked in Oswego, none of my friends got the pleasure to meet Tim.  He was working and training in Texas and was not able to visit.  I assured them I was not making him up…Until this year, none of my friends outside of college had been able to meet Tim.

Post race joys.

Post race joys.  I don’t think I could look more awkward.  I must be half delusional after the race.

But anyways it was a really nice, relaxing weekend.   We just caught up and hung out.  Isn’t that what you really need in a girls weekend anyways.

Questions for you:

Do your closest friends live near or far?

Not as far as when I lived in Texas!

What are your favorite things to do when friends visit?

For us I think watching Gypsy weddings, eating red velvet cake and loling win out.


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  1. Glad you’re having so much fun! It’s kind of been hard for me to be in NoDak and so far away from everyone, but it’s also been really good and allowed me to make awesome new running friends!

  2. My closest friends live near right now because we go to the same college, but many of them are graduating next week and moving away, so then we will be far. I’m glad you had a fun weekend and got to catch up!!

  3. What a fun weekend you had!! 🙂 Since college all of my friends are far. and then I moved and now everyone is even further 😦 kinda makes me sad but thankfully the wedding is bringing a lot of us together a few times in the near future!

  4. I love how great your friendship is. Not everyone one is lucky enough to find friends who click (And are willing to run with you!) 🙂 hope you ladies enjoy your time together!

  5. It sounds like you had a great week with your friends… sometimes its like chicken soup for the soul. My friends from HS live pretty close, now that I am living back in upstate, but my college friends live pretty far… thank god for social media…

    When I have girlie time,,, its all about cocktails, lunch, manis/pedis and mini day trips

  6. My best friends live 2 and half hours from me so not too far but with school and working we don’t get to see each other to much so when we do we love to just get coffee or go to happy hour at our local haunted inn and just talk and catch up 🙂

  7. A lot of my close friends live in the same city that I do, but my best friends live in other countries now — how unfair is that?! We still keep in touch through texts, e-mails, and Skype, but there’s nothing like being able to hang out in person and have a nice girl’s night in — especially when chocolate is involved.

  8. My closest friends live in neighboring towns. 4 of us ran Boston and had a post-race brunch yesterday. Reading others’ comments and your post, Hollie, has made me appreciate how lucky I am! I love girl get-togethers/runs.

  9. My best friend from growing up now lives in Mississippi…but my best friend in the world just moved back to Chicago after college so that made me SUPER happy. I also got lucky in that my college friends all live within 45 minutes from my house. That hardly ever happens!

  10. Okay, I had multiple things to comment on but I lost it all when you mentioned Gypsy Weddings. I really don’t watch a ton of tv and I really don’t watch a lot of trashy tv [well, depending on your opinion], but when I’m on the treadmill all bets are off. That being said, Gypsy Weddings is one of my treadmill watches… with their GIANT princess dresses and ridiculous 100 lb. cakes. I think the majority of the time my mouth is open laughing or in disbelief.

  11. It’s so important to take a blogging break! Glad you had a great girls weekend. My closest girlfriends are in PA, so now just 2-3 hours away. Three of us are meeting up for a beach weekend in a few weeks- can’t wait!

  12. It was seriously such a fun weekend and I can’t believe it was almost a week ago already. I can’t wait for whatever our next adventures are!

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