Happy 21st Birthday

Today is my brother Matt’s 21st birthday.  Due to his schooling, he is currently in Singapore overseas working.  He comes back in June for his senior year.

Anyways Happy 21st birthday.




This is Matt and I from probably 10 years ago Halloween.  Just to humour you.
This is Matt and I from probably 10 years ago Halloween. Just to humour you.

Question for you:

What did you do on your 21st birthday?  (or what do you want to do)?

I got a lovely tibial stress fracture from a road race.  I did celebrate at the bar though.


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7 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday”

  1. I was in college and my friends surprised me and had shirts made for all of us that said “Lisa’s Legal!” We had a fun night out celebrating at the bar and then my high school friends came to visit that weekend. It was a great time but there is no way I could party like that anymore:)

  2. Happy 21st birthday to Matt!

    I honestly can’t remember what I did for mine…I generally try to ignore my birthdays, and I hadn’t even started running at that point so I probably spent some time in the gym trying to forget about the fact that it was my birthday 😛


  3. Happy birthday to Tim! I was studying abroad in London for my 21st birthday, so it wasn’t *that* big of a deal when I ordered my first legal drink. 😉

  4. Aww, this is such a sweet post, Hollie! It’s obvious that you have a great relationship with your brother! I hope bis birthday way awesome! I love the Halloween picture, HAHA!

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