I finally had a moment to type a post about how Tim and I met and our relationship.  I’m not sure if I ever typed this up in full before so here it goes.

We orginally met through college cross country.  We went to neighboring schools in the tiny town of Potsdam NY.  Though Potsdam is small, the town hosts two schools (State Univeristy of NY at Potsdam) and Clarkson University.  SUNY Potsdam is a liberal arts school (my alma mater) and Clarkson is an engineering school (Tim’s alma mater).


Our cross country teams are huge rivals.  Just kidding (not at all) but we did have a scimmage every year on the back trails against them.  It has never been an overwealming competitive race where we elbow people at the finish first but more of a tune up for the big championship race.

In October 2011 I had pulled a hamstring going into this race.  I had taken a few days off and was already nervous.  I was coming off a stress fracutre in July 2011 (my infamous 21st birthday stress fracture) so that cross season was more of a fluke.  With every season I enjoyed myself but with coming back from an injury and being my second year running, I was truly just running to run.

But anyways it was a disgusting 24 degrees that day.  Cold and unenjoyable.  The scimmage was okay.  I ended up winning for females overall.  I got a Snickers Bar.  Tim ended up winning for males overall.  I think he got a snickers bar too.

After the scrimmage we ended up chatting and going for a run together a few weeks later.  I remember telling my housemate Julie that I was going on a run with some boy.  I’m not sure if she was more weirded out or excited.

We went for a run and it was super awkward.  The weather conditions were not ideal to begin with.  (I actually nearly ditched it because I’m a fair weather runner).  We ran about 7 miles and it went by quickly.  This was also two weeks after I had quit swimming now and also the point I had changed my major so I had more to talk about then usual.  It seemed to go well and we went for a few more runs together.

Tim also skiis and was entering winter ski season for Clarkson.  This meant he wasn’t worried about pace and would run slower with me.  (This was good for me because I don’t run with people who are anal about pace…).  So we seemed to hit it off well.

Eventually we moved up in the world and started hanging out outside of running.  By December, I didn’t know if we were dating or not.  It was time for winter break and since Tim lived in PA and I lived in VA, it was about a 5 hour drive apart.  He decided he would come and visit for New Years for two local VA Beach road races. (Beat the Ball and Hair of the Dog).

Obviously not running...actually we are at a bar.

Obviously not running…actually we are at a bar.

Tim drove down on New Years Eve.  With my luck, my dog Sushi was very ill.  She had lived a great life but it became clear the week before that she was growing sicker and sicker.  My mom was watching after her.  Tim arrived to my dog nearly about to pass away.

Dad, Tim and I went to the road race Beat the Ball at 10:00pm.  The race started at 11:35 and the idea was to run faster than a 25 minute 5k and “Beat the ball dropping”.  At 11:33 Roy approaches me with the direct quote of “Your dog died, your dad left”.  I remember the race starting (not much I could do at this point) and I cried through the entire race.  I also remember Marie and Lori mortified at the bluntness of Roy.  (I chuckle at this story now).  We knew Sushi was going to pass very soon.  So I ran the race crying.  After the race, Tim consoled me.  (All I could think about was…well if we are dating he has been welcomed into the crazy that is my life).  Tim ended up having a really good race and breaking 17.  Despite crying through the race, I also had a decent race.

The next day we ran the Hair of the Dog 5k.  (Hey Mollie you won this race and we didn’t even know each other then!).  I forget all of the events at the mornning race but in summery, I was beat by Greg and his dog Cooper and Tim enjoyed himself.

The Spring, we became official (lolz) and I met Tim’s family in April at a wedding.  My family is a lot smaller so it was really overwealming but I really enjoyed it.  I had such a good time in Charlottesville.


Then in May we both graduated.  May was an extremely hard month.  We weren’t sure if we would stay in a long distance relationship or not.  Tim was going to flight school in Del Rio, Texas and I would be interning and working in Oswego.  We didn’t know when we would see each other.  I was incredibly nervous to see how it would work out.  I cried a lot in May wondering what my future would hold.

Tomorrow I will post the second chapter.  (There will be more pictures I promise…I didn’t bombard Tim with photos in our “early relationship days” as I do now)


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  1. I probably shouldn’t, but I find that Beat the Ball 5k story pretty funny. xD I’m excited to hear the next part of your story, especially because my boyfriend is about to graduate, but I will be at school one more semester and I am worried about handling it if he gets a job out of state. :/

  2. I love that you met through running 🙂 Such a beautiful post, although I definitely would have been in bits after that interesting Roy quote! Your poor dog – I must admit I was a bit weepy-eyed just reading about it. I am sure she had a wonderful life though: I’m just incredibly soppy about animals.


  3. Is it weird that I”m pumped for part 2? No? Oh good. That’s so cute Hollie! And it’s funny because I remember you talking about him when you were here 😛

  4. I think you did briefly tell the story but not as in depth! I had no idea that you weren’t dating for that long when Tim left for flight school! I thought it had been like 2 years by that point! Good story 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’m in a long-term relationship and I definitely no the ups and downs especially regarding long distance. We’ve done it a handful of times! Can’t wait to read part 2

  6. This is adorable! I love that you two met through running. It gives me hope that I’ll find a tri guy who’s a keeper. 😉

  7. loved hearing how your relationship started-i’m debating entering a relationship with an old friend of mine who is deploying in may. not sure i’m ready for the distance at all… military sucks for that, especially being in it myself!
    anyhow, your story is so cute and can’t wait to see the plans you come up with to become the Mrs!

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