Choosing a Fall Marathon

I want to run another marathon. 

Am I obsessed with the distance and only want to race marathons again?

No, not really.  I like all types of races but I do want to race another marathon.  After my first and only marathon, I needed a lot of time to recovery.  While running the NJ full marathon (April 27th) crossed my mind, I knew I was not ready to run another marathon by late April.  Right now I’m not a runner that is physically ready to run more than one marathon per year.  Both mentally and physically I am not ready to commit to that.

I haven’t directly said “In the fall of 2014, I plan to run another fall full marathon”.

So now I will.  In October, I plan to run the Wineglass full marathon.  Instead of being a big, crowded, hilly race I opted for a smaller flat and fast race.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, I have social anxiety.  Why I chose to do the biggest marathon in the biggest city is beyond me.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun but I’m ready for a smaller marathon.

PRing in the marathon will be my primary goal for Fall of 2014.  

I find I’ll have a higher chance to do this going from NYCM to Wineglass because I’ll know what to expect of how a marathon in general feels.  I’ll know that marathons are hard, I’ll probably die around mile 20 and that I should eat more gels.  I’ll know what it feels like 2 and a half hours into a hard race.  I’ll know more about training.

Logistics wise, I won’t have to wake up 6-7 hours before the race.  I won’t have to walk to a subway, ride a train, take a ferry and then bus and finally sitting for 2 hours before a race.  It will be glorious to only be up a couple of hours before a race.

I’ll be honest that a 3:17 marathon was not exactly what I wanted last fall.  I made a lofty goal of 3:10 (and after my half marathon times in the Spring that should have been reasonable) however I didn’t reach my goal.  I’m not blaming multiple moves or the fact that I didn’t realize how hilly or hard (logistics wise) the race was.  I’m not blaming anything.  I enjoyed my first marathon and I could not be more proud to finish in 3:17.  Fitness wise, I know I was in a faster place.  I am proud of my marathon and marathon time.  I also cannot wait to drop my time further.

I don’t know my goal yet for Wineglass.  After running a couple of 1:25 half marathons and then PRing, I would like to HOPE I am capable of running under 3:05 or even 3 hours but the marathon is a different race.  It’s not two half marathons.  I won’t make a goal until I am much closer and shift focus to marathon training.  (Sometime in later June).  Plugging my recent half marathon into the McMillan calculator with proper training, it says 2:55.  Right now I personally think that is a little bold and unrealistic but that’s my opinion.  Going from a 3:17 to a 2:55 would be quite the drop.

I don’t really have a plan until then.  I know I want to run a few more half marathons in the Spring.  I want to stay injury free.  (Who doesn’t?)

Then in the summer I’ll go into some higher mileage training and also do more 5ks for workouts.

I would like to get back to my 18:35 5k I did last year.  (Am I needy or what, marathon PRs, getting back to my 5k time…I just need everything).

Then do a couple of fall tune up half marathons in the later summer/early fall and run at the Wineglass full.

Something along those lines anyways.  I’m still in the very early stages of decided what I want to do with my training.  I know it will keep on line with my normal running training. I won’t stress about it, I’ll probably race a fair amount (5ks please) and just continue to run higher mileage.  I would love to be able to find a coach to help me but that is a post for itself.

As the race comes closer I’ll make a more concrete goal and plan but admitting is the first step right?  Well here you go…Wineglass 2014 here I come.