Running Taught me About Socks

I often get questions such as “What is the one thing you knew when you were starting running” or “what have you learned since running”…

There are multiple things I have learned from running.  Some are running related and some are life related.  Some are things people roll their eyes and probably will say “I told you so Hollie”.  Some are point blank cluelessness.  File this under the last category.

When I first started running I would run in any sort of sock I felt like.  Cotton socks, Keds socks, cheapo dollar tree socks, no socks, skateboard cool roxy socks…whatever I had was what I ran in.  I would get a lot of blisters.  Not just any kind of blisters but blisters that made my feet rank in probably the top 5 most uncute feet in the history of feet.  (Whatever that means).  I’m not going to post photos but know that on multiple occasions my entire foot was a blister.

Notice closely but here I am running a cross country course in spikes with no socks.
Notice closely but here I am running a cross country course in spikes with no socks.

I never really realized why this was.  This process went around for the first 2 years of running.  Two years or running and I routinely made this mistake.  I never really cared enough to look into it.  I thought blisters (like missing toenails) were just something you got with running.

One day my parents bought me a nice pair of socks.  My mom saw them on sale and they said “running socks” and so she bought them for me.  I never realized (honestly) what the difference a good pair of socks could make.  I felt like I had gotten new running shoes…every time I wore a good pair of socks.

These socks eventually led me to multiple brands of socks and yet another way to make running more expnesive than it needs to be.  Cotton socks are 8 pairs for 10 dollars at walmart.  Good thing each pair of running socks retails for at least 10 dollars.

The two brands of socks I personally enjoy are Injinji and Feetures.

Injinji socks:

You might have seen these before and thought toe socks?  Isn’t that so 1999?  I do remember having toe socks in early middle school because they were a trend.  I actually didn’t like them.  It felt weird to have something between my toes.  (Don’t get me started on toe shoes either…).

After getting some of the worst blisters in training this summer I saw an ad that said “reduce blisters between your toes” which is exactly what I needed.  Since wearing iniji’s I no longer have blisters between my toes.  (I’m not saying my toes are up to par to get a peticure but they have taken good care of my feet.




Feetures Socks:

I’ve worn these the longest.  They were my “upgrade” from cotton socks at walmart.  They come in plenty of different colors from floursent yellow to orange.  I don’t have a lot to say but they are your standard running sock.  My feet don’t blister, they are comfortable and come in a variaty of different cushions.


So yes, I am 100% glad I learned that life lesson about running socks.  I have almost gotten rid of all my cotton socks but I know there are still a few in the wardrobe mix.

Random but I was also nominated for the greatest female running blog of all time.  If I win I get a little ribbon to stick on my sidebar…HA anyways the votes are me: 25%, my opponent 75% (out of possibly 100 votes?) but you never know…maybe I’ll make it out of round 1!  So if you wanted to vote that would be excellent.

Questions for you:

What is a running clothes related issue you have learned?

I’ll say chaffing for another day.

What is your favorite type of workout sock? 

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  1. I made the same mistake for a long time and ran in “athletic” socks. They were cotton, but I figured that’s what runners wore because running is an athletic activity and the package the socks came in said “athletic”. Oops.

    Maybe a year or two after I started running seriously I discovered real running socks, and the difference in my feet has been amazing :). No more crazy bad blisters, I never had a black toenail to begin with but I’ve heard stories of that. I too like Feetures socks but there’s also a brand called Swiftwick, they are pretty good too.

  2. Oh you know I’ll be voting for you!!! Love your blog and always will 🙂 Also, love feetures socks!! I always get blisters on my second toe because it’s longer than the others!

  3. Love this.You could say things started to get serious for me when I started wearing certain socks with certain shoes. I now have a fairly inmpressie sock wardrobe.

    Jess x

  4. I am SO happy you just posted about socks! I have been on the hunt for socks because I get blisters like no other. A friend suggested Injinji this past weekend and I just haven’t gone to get any yet because of how bad I hated toe socks in middle school haha I’ve got one pair of Drymax right now and wore in Shamrock where I normally would have gotten 5 blisters and just got 1. So I guess those are much better than the Asics brand I’ve been wearing for the past year

  5. Voted! You’re making a comeback!! I’m glad you posted this – I have a sock post coming in the near future… I don’t love socks as much as shoes, but they’re a close second. Spoiler: Swiftwick socks are my favorite!!

  6. I’m one of those people that doesn’t really care about what socks I wear to run in. I got a pair of Balega’s on my first day of work at the store and I love them, but they’re the only “real” running sock I own. Whenever customers ask me what kind I wear, I direct them to Balegas but I’m usually also pretty honest and say I buy my socks at places like TJmaxx. I’m probably a bad salesperson but oh well hah

  7. Socks are a huge deal to me – I’m still not sure I’ve figured them out! I recently discovered running sock less in my Adidas boosts. It makes my foot bleed if I go longer than nine miles, but I love it! Love it. I like my socks super super thin. I haven’t found non-lulu socks that I like yet which is a bummer because I dint support them any more…

  8. Socks can make ALL the difference!! In sweaty, humid TX, you need some seriously good socks to prevent blisters in the summer. I switched to Feetures last spring and they are AMAZING! They seriously never feel damp, even when I run through puddles, and I’ve never gotten a blister when I’ve worn them. And my feet LOVE to get blisters. I used to scoff at paying so much for a pair of socks, but they are really one item where you shouldn’t be pinching pennies!

  9. HA I use to run in the dollar bin socks from Target all the time through college and barefoot in my spikes….looking back I just shake my head. I really like the low trainers from PRO Compression, they stay up and I’ve never gotten a blister while wearing them.

      1. I haven’t tried the PC sleeves…I tried a pair of Zensah sleeves once I found they made my ankles swell up so I’ve suck with full socks or the low trainers since then.

  10. I like Balega Hidden Dry socks–lightweight, super stretchy, and low cut but don’t fall down over my heel. I also like my Saucony AMP PRO compression socks that I don’t think they make anymore, but they were $50, so I only have one pair and feel like I have to ration them.

    When I ran in college, I used to wear regular t-shirts a good portion of the time. Looking back, I don’t know how I could stand it!

  11. Nice post. I run only in Injinji socks, not because I necessarily love toe socks, but because two toes on my right foot slightly overlap (I’m a freak) and the Injinji socks separate them and keep ’em from rubbing. Those ugly little beauties have saved me from having to get surgery. I also love the way people react when I take off my shoes.

  12. When I started running I had no idea that there was a certain amount of “miles” to a pair of shoes. Then after painful shin splits and blisters, I got a new pair and have learned my lesson. Socks I think, are just as important

  13. Love Feetures and injinji! I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of socks for a while because I always get blisters during races. I’ve tried balega, swiftwick, and cep and pro compression. So far the features have been the best. I think partly because they squeeze my arch and stay in place and don’t slide around like other socks and the material is great. I found them on sale at active gear up website and loaded up! I voted too. Good luck!

  14. I can’t believe I wore high cotton socks throughout my bball years–and I had no idea why my feet were so gross. I have several pairs of Feetures socks and absolutely love them; anything that’s light cushion/ultra thin is ideal. 🙂

  15. I don’t think your blogs pop up on my other one anymore! I don’t know why! I don’t run far but I wear some kind of cottony Adidas or Puma socks. My shoes fit so closely though and never got any blisters or have any issues. I have socks that I just don’t like with these shoes because of how they feel though.

  16. That ribbon for your sidebar is gonna be sweet! 🙂

    I just wear the “nice” socks from target cuz I’m cheap. I usually have a pair or two of feetures for racing to help me feel more serious. Ha!

  17. And I have no issues with clothing but really have learned that it’s better to just spend $70 on stupid Lulu shirts that I KNOW I like instead of trying to find cheaper shirts and wasting money.

  18. I have run thousands of miles in crappy walmart socks, including two ultra’s and I have never had a blister? I have tried high end socks and if I had to choose it would be Swiftwick. Now chafing that is another issue!

  19. After trying a few brands and pairs I definitely have a favorite in terms of running socks and I’m sticking with them for now. Can’t run in anything else either. Shorts are really important too, where they hit your leg, not too wide, not too loose, it’s hard for me to stay away from the brand I love, just because they make a great product.

  20. I’m addicted to running socks right now too! I just posted that confession a couple days ago. LOL I have to force myself to move away from the sock display every time I go to my running store. It’s bad and the struggle is real…

  21. It’s funny I have injiji, feetures and balega socks, but socks have never been an issue for me! I can wear regular old socks and be fine. My biggest concern is usually chafing, so sports bras and openings on tanks and seams are my top priority. And lots of vaseline. I made the mistake of forgetting it for the NYC Half and by the time I realized I was chafing was so far gone…it looks like I burnt under my arm…

  22. haha! ditto! so much.
    my feet were bleeding multiple times a week while training for my first marathon and still wearing cotton socks. i have a pair of feetures that i received as a gift that i like. however, point6 is probably my go-to sock. colorado loves them some merino wool socks! i prefer low rise (below the ankle) and the thickness varies depending on the weather/what i’m running.

    great post!

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