A Butt Kicking Run

Sometimes a run just takes it out of you.  You don’t know when, where, why or how but occasionally you have a run that just significantly zaps the energy right out of you.  Last Saturday I ran a 15 miler that did just that.  The last few miles I wasn’t sure if I was in the twilight zone or not.  I went to bed around 8:00 pm on a Saturday night.  I had planned to run another 12 on Sunday but waking up I felt tired, not rested and running at that point was laughable.

Let’s rewind a bit. 

When Tim and I started the run on Saturday morning I felt good.  I felt like my normal runs had the previous few days.  I felt strong, nothing ached and it felt nice to actually be running with someone.  Running the week prior had been done very early and solo which made for a boring week of runs.  (It reminded me a lot of last year running early mornings in Oswego).

Long story short, we started and I felt fine.  He felt fine.  The park was beautiful as it always is.  Everything was normal. 

By mile 7 I still felt fine.  I felt strong and we were maintaining around an 8 min per mile pace.  Since we were running on trails, it was a bit more challenging but it didn’t seem unmanigable.  It did not feel as if I was pushing the pace and we were just talking.  I was at a good pace (for me).  It wasn’t as if I was going significantly faster or pushing harder.

By mile 10, I found myself overheating so I delayered.  (This almost never happens and I’d rather sweat through ten layers then take them off).  After delayering gloves, armwarmers and a jacket at mile 11 (the car) we continued.  I still felt rather fine.   We just went out two miles and came back.  While going out two miles I felt great.

Then at the 13 mile point it hit me.  I was completely exhausted…at the least convenient time.  (If I had been exhausted at mile 11 I could have potentially stopped at the car).  The last two miles back to the car went by rather quickly though.  I was tired but I didn’t feel like I might peel over.  Once we got back to the car it felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks.  I felt like I had all energy zapped out of me.  I just sat there.

Why was that?  It was “only” 2-3 miles longer than my normal runs.  It wasn’t faster.  I had properly fueled beforehand.  I felt fine.  My legs felt fine.  I hadn’t done any speed workouts since the Shamrock half marathon a week prior.  Was it super delayed DOMS?  Was DOMS just sitting, festering in my legs waiting for the most inoppertune time to appear?

Why really knows but once I got home the only thing I wanted to do was eat and sit on my butt.  The one day I had a mile long to do list and I couldn’t muster up energy to do any of it.  (Except if I could sit and do it or it didn’t take much thinking).

One thing I love about running is that you never know what will happen in every single run.  I’ve had runs at a much faster pace that I have bounced back from in a second.  I’ve had runs at a much slower pace that seemed to have taken more out of me.  Running is a great and beautiful thing that way.  Each run cannot be perfect or feel amazing but enjoying them keeps you enjoying running.  Fast or slow I will never complain about injury free miles.  Even though taking a rest day the following day was not what I wanted it was better for my long term goals.

Questions for you:

Have you had a run that completely wipes you out?  (training run)

What is your favorite run ever?