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I’ve always been interested in seeing what shoes other people run and race in so I thought I would share what I like to run in (currently).

I have a very “distinct” running style.  It’s been called weird, strange, ostrich style…whatever.  I’ve said before but I run very far on my toes.  I’ve always walked very high on my toes and when I began running I did the same thing.  What works for me, might not work for you or then again it might.  I’ve tried to run more midfoot but in the end found this works best for me and feels natural.  I am also an underpronator.

You can kind of tell my awkward form from here.

You can kind of tell my awkward form from here.


My shoes tend to wear right at the forefront in the outer corners.  That being said, I need shoes with a lot more protection in the toe box.

I’ve found Newton running shoes have the best support for my training runs.  Though they have a hefty price tag I don’t get injured when wearing them.  I’ve attempted to change shoes several times only to find myself having minor aches and pains (that I get nervous might turn into something more) so I suck up the cost.

I personally don’t care for minimalist shoes either. I’ve always found in training I need more support.  I wish I could get away with minimalist shoes because they are cuter, normally cheaper and cool but I can’t so I’m done trying.

I train in both the Newton Gravity and the Newton Distancia U:

Before donating last year.

Before donating last year.

The difference (to me) is the Gravity is heavier.  The Distancia(weight wise) is between my racing flats and the gravity.  I like to alternate my shoes.  The Distancia is also a little bit cheaper too.  I tend to get between 300-700 miles on my shoes depending on how they wear. I’ve had some wear at 300 miles (which is extremely frustrating) and have some that I know I needed to let go at 700 (like last week).

Here are my longest lasting pair being taken out of the box.

Here are my longest lasting pair being taken out of the box.

Would I recommend Newtons?

This is a question I get often.  I would recommend them but I would recommend slowly working your way into them.  I’ve seen many people have knee, Achilles and shin issues from completely emerging themselves into the shoe.  (This is something to be considered for any shoe.) Personally I have found them to be the best shoe at keeping me injury free so I would recommend them to others if it works with your stride.


I’m currently racing in the Nike Zoom Streak LT.  I really like the feel of being lower to the ground in a light shoe.  I think Nike does a great job at making racing flats.  I have raced anything from a 5k-13.1 in these shoes and they work well for me.


I have to admit although I’ve had several different pairs of Nike racing flats I’ve never tried another brand.  I’m the type of runner that once I find a shoe that works well for me, I am afraid to switch because I fear injuries.

Questions for you:

What do you run or race in?

What is the most expensive shoe you own?

Mine are not running related actually, I have a couple of nice pairs of boots.


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  1. I just bought a new pair of shoes, transitioning from Brooks to Asics…after seeing my running form recorded and seeing how the Asics improves my form tremendously.

  2. That’s funny – I wrote about shoes today too! I usually try and get my shoes on clearance at the end of the season – I don’t mind running in last year’s models and it saves me $$ that I can put toward races.

  3. I trained in Newtons for the bulk of the last year after not being able to find ANY other shoes that worked for me (which is saying quite a bit, because my husband is a manager in a running shoe store). I switched from heel-striking to forefoot striking and absolutely loved them. Sadly, like any other running shoe company, they updated the pair I was wearing, and the shoes (the Lady Isaac S) no longer worked for me. I ended up switching away from Newtons and into the Saucony Ride, continuing to run on my toes, and subsequently broke a metatarsal. So, when I get my boot off next week (keep your fingers crossed for me!), I have a shiny new pair of Mizuno Paradoxs waiting for me to get back into heel-striking again. I have to say, though, that I’m really glad I went into Newtons and tried forefoot striking- it feels so natural and freeing, and I hope to get back into it once I strengthen my feet more!

  4. newtons are super popular now, especially at our stores. a lot of good runners and racers are finding them to really help their form. I wish I could give them a try, may have to order some before you know what happens.

    • +1 –> Newtons do really well for us too. Really popular, especially among triathletes. Probably 75 percent of my teammates own at least one pair. I’d love to work them into my shoe rotation, but it would need to be an off-season project for sure.

  5. I currently have brooks but I think it was a mistake because they don’t feel as supportive on my ankles as my mizunos. Now, the question is: do I spend more money on another new pair when I just bought these or not?

  6. I am currently in a pair of Brooks but I don’t know if it was a good idea because they are not as supportive on my ankles as my mizunos were. So now the question is whether or not to spend more money on a new pair when i just bought these or not?

  7. I think you already know my love for Newton – they’ve helped me overcome some big injuries and run distances I never thought possible. I just picked up a pair of Distance U on sale too…although I love the new blue and yellow color of the new model. I think you asked me a while ago what I thought of the energy nr…I should really write a review now that I’ve put some miles on them…short story: they’re “squishy” compared to gravity or distance…I like them for weight training, treadmill and walking Loki.

  8. I am excited to try the Newtons just because I need to work on my heel-striking but I tend to stick with my mizunos because they work for me. I never used to wear different shoes for racing (road races, track/xc spikes don’t count) but I noticed a big difference when I wore my elixirs for a few races this fall and really liked a lighter shoe. Racing flats aren’t something I want to try unless it’s the sayonara since I know I personally need at least some posting. It’s another one of those things to use the cliche “what works for me might not work for you”, but it is kind of true!

  9. I’m a brooks girl through and through. Nothing has worked as well for me, and I found out last fall that they’re the best shoe for my foot type according to my dr so I’m never letting them go haha. I go between the ghosts and defyance. I’m currently in the ghosts, but I think I’m going to try defyance again with my next purchase because they’re a little lighter but still have the support I need. And my most expensive pair of shoes is my frye boots. Thank you mum and dad for caitlin’s fav christmas present in 2013.

  10. I love love love the Adidas boost and race in them except for trails, where I wear my Nike trail shoes, but they really aren’t my favorite. I’m still looking for ones I enjoy running in on scary trails… 🙂

  11. I was a shoe whore going from one type to the next until I finally went in to Running Ect and got fitted. Saucony Mirage is what I came out with and has been great for the past 2 shoes. I recently just got the Saucony Virrata to do speed work and 5k/10ks but haven’t tried them out yet

  12. I seriously love the Brooks PureConnect, but I have been having so many IT band issues that I’m thinking of switching. I ran in Newtons a few years ago, and in retrospect, I didn’t have nearly as much trouble with injuries. Maybe it’s time to go back!

  13. I’ve never tried Newtons. I thought about them when they were on sale, but like you, I stick to what I know. Which are Brooks Adrenaline, though the Adidas Supernova Sequence I recently bought seem to be working better for my foot. Finding a shoe you like is so tough.

  14. I switched to Mizunos from Nike Free about 6 months ago. I do the Mushas for my longer runs and the Wave Evos for my faster runs and races. I get most of my shoes are under 60 bucks.

  15. I started running in Newtons almost a year ago and I must say that a lot of the Plantar issues I have had have subsided. They occasionally show up but not nearly as bad as they were a year ago!

  16. Do you donate your old running shoes to anywhere particular? I didn’t know if there was a special “running” shoe donation or just to the normal place to donate….

    silly question probably. but you’re fueledbyLOLZ so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind. 😉

  17. I’ve always liked the looks of Newtons and wonder if they would be good for me, but 1. it’s a hefty price tag for something I don’t know if I will like and 2. Saucony has worked really well for me, so hard to change.

  18. The past two years Road Runner Sports has had a booth at the NJ Marathon expo with all shoes 50% off – including Newtons! Keep an eye out for them in April, you could definitely save a few bucks there 🙂

  19. We are polar opposite runners. My shoes always wear down on the inside of the heel on one foot, and the outside of the heel on the other. I am the world’s worst heel-striker (I’ve never seen anyone post a race photo where they’re heel-striking worse than I do, so I’m going to claim that dubious honour forever) and I am lucky to get 300 miles out of a shoe because the heel is GONE before any of the tread on the rest of the shoe has become even remotely worn-down. It’s not exactly fantastic for someone who struggles to afford running shoes to start with 😦

    I wear Asics Kayanos for training and racing. I used to wear the Asics Nimbus with orthotics, but they changed the style of the shoe and now no shoes will accommodate my orthotics without making my ankle sit too high in the shoe, so I end up with blisters and achilles problems. No orthotics for me on that basis, even though I really do need them. I am basically a running disaster!

    I would love to have a go at wearing Newtons, since I’ve heard they’re great if you’re trying to get yourself to land mid-foot, but they’re actually quite hard to come by over here…and you’re right that they’re expensive!


  20. Hi Hollie,
    I used to run in Asics but I made the switch to Brooks a few years ago. For the last year I’ve been running in PureFlow 2’s and I love them. They just came out with the 3’s so I bought 4 pairs of the 2’s at half price because I’m a freak and I’m afraid I wont like the 3’s and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find any 2’s when I actually need them. My local running store lets you try out newtons on practice runs and one of my friends swears by them and she’s pretty darned fast so I’m thinking of trying them too….the price scares me a little. Okay, not really, but it will scare the hubby, he’ll get over it though , if he ever finds out. 😉 I do have a pair of manolo Blahnik’s that
    I’ve had for years. I’ve had them repaired at least 5 times, I can’t seem to get rid of them.

  21. Nice! I used to run in Nike, then Saucony, then Newtons, but the past few years I’ve been all about my Brooks Pure Flows. I’ve been injury free since wearing them, so will stick with them for now.

  22. I’m currently running in the Brooks Adrenaline and the Nike Flyknit…I decided to try the Flyknit this winter when I knew I’d be on the treadmill a lot and figured a minimalist shoe would be easier on the treadmill than outside. Before Brooks, I ran in Nike, and before that, Asics. I like to switch it up every few years and I’m actually in the market for a change this spring and was thinking of trying Newtons!

  23. Nice post Hollie! Appears that talking about shoes is the flavor of the month right now for blogs haha lol 😛 After running in Brooks for the last 2 1/2 to 3 years I transitioned into Nike’s last month. I used Brooks Ghost for training runs and the Green Silence for racing. I’m currently using Nike Free’s 5.0 and willing be using Lunarglides for races.

  24. Newtons are definitely in my shoe rotation. I am an underpronator and a heel striker. I need a neutral shoe and I tried Newtons about a year ago and loved them. They do take getting used to, but have helped with my tendency to heel strike. I still do it, but am more aware and try to avoid it. I don’t, however, use Newtons on races over half marathon distance. The other two shoes in my rotation are my Brooks Pure Flow 2’s and, more recently, my Hokas. I find both very comfortable and use both for marathon or ultra marathon distances.

  25. I used to wear the Newton Motions & then switched to the Distancia & have yet to have a pair of either last more than 250 miles, whereas I can usually get to 500+ in most other training shoes. It’s frustrating because of the cost (they’re definitely far & away the most expensive running shoes I’ve ever bought), & since I don’t seem to get injured any more in other shoes than the Newtons, I think I’m pretty much done buying them.

      • My current pair of Newton Gravities have over 600 miles on them, so my experience is the same as Hollie’s. But, you have to go with what works for you.

  26. I’ve been wearing Saucony Guide 6 – at the recommendation of Running Etc. I tried a pair of Nike Structure 16’s too, but I didn’t like them. I need stability shoes to correct my over pronation, but those Nike’s seemed to over-correct.

    I wear the same shoes for training and racing and I don’t rotate them. I know, I know.

  27. When I first started running my first pair of shoes were a pair of Nike from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Real cushiony and real heavy…. Then once I got a bit more serious I moved over into the Brooks GTS Adrenaline line.. Love, Love, Love…. My only issue with them was the weight. So hearing about the Newton Energy’s and how they tend to force you to run on the balls of your feet and me being a heel striker sounded interesting. So I thought “Hey why not train myself to do that before buying the Newton’s” Wrong decision! In doing so I tore up my calfs pretty bad and was KO’d for several weeks. So I decided to go back to Brooks and got into the Pure Cadence and Pure Flow series. I could not be happier!

  28. I run in Nike Pegasus. I’ve tried the Flyknits and while they were nice, they were so expensive. Pegasus are under 100 so they’re affordable and I’ve never had any problems with them.

  29. Right now I rotate between Saucony Guides and New Balance 1260s. They are comfortable and I’ve managed to stay injury free for a couple of years. I’ve been thinking of giving more minimalist shoes a try, and need to find a good pair of trail shoes to get ready for more first trail race this June (NFC Trail Marathon in D.C.). Thank you for posting a blog on this topic! I’ve been looking for good feedback on the shoe topic! 🙂

  30. Not sure if I’ve told you this before, but until I went to america, i hadn’t heard of half the brands you guys consider staples for running shoes- even the ones you mentioned!

    Do you guys have New Balance? those are the favoured ones here. I love my nike frees. Although they were more look wise than running :):P

  31. I love the Mizuno Wave Rider.. it’s my favorite model. Second favorite is Brooks Pure Cadence and Flow (I find them very similar), but I don’t wear them for long runs.

  32. This was an extremely timely post for me. I have the same running style you describe… toe striking, underpronation, prancing in general. No heel contact whatsoever. My reoccurring injury since college is achilles tendon pain and now I’m starting to get calf problems training at longer distances. I’ve recently switched to the Saucony Virrata after several pairs of Nike Lunar Racers. Prior to that, it was the Asics Nimbus for nearly a decade! My coach recently recommended trying out Newtons. I researched them, but wasn’t sure if they would make much difference for someone who is already a toe striker? Sounds like it has worked for you. And the price tag is offset if you are getting over 300 miles out of them. How does the cushioning feel (firm, soft)? I’m going to have to try on a pair next trip to the running store. Thanks!

    • That is so interesting. Depending on the model they can be both soft and firm. Newtons are definitely not a shoe you want to get into right away and I highly recommend that you work them into your rotation. That is just my thought though! Good luck and let me know if you try them!

  33. Newtons eh, I’ve never tried these. Based on your word and my current luck with niggles, I’ll give anything a try right now!

    I’m curious as to how you “found” a race shoe, I’ve never actually had a shoe just for racing. How do you decide on a shoe from one run? Or do you break it in before and test it on a few runs? How many runs do you go to break in these race shoes? Ok I know this isn’t Quora so that’s enough of the questions from me.

  34. I spend far more on running shoes than any other type of running shoe. I’ve been really happy with Mizunos for training and racing for the last few years. They changed my favorite shoe (Wave Inspires) quite a bit this year and I’m hoping I don’t have any issues with them. Trying my new ones out for the first time tonight!

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