As well as racing the Lake Effect Half Marathon I honestly had a great time hanging out with friends.  An alternate name for my racecation is “That time I hung out with 5 bloggers”.  I guess bloggers are the strange type that we like to go run races that don’t sound like a lot of fun.

The Lake Effect Half marathon? 

A half marathon when there have been recorded white outs during the race? 

Of course that sounds fun.

How many times have I complained about hating winter and snow?

I have been enjoying posting various blogs, articles, ect that I’ve been enjoying on Friday’s so this seemed like a perfect day to post all the cool people I hung out with.  (Maybe you’ll find a cool Upstate NY blog you enjoy…because I love them all!)

I stayed with Laura last weekend in Rochester.  I cheered for her while she nearly ran a 10k PR on Saturday…then went on to PR at Lake Effect.  Double winner!  I was just happy that the race started and ended near one of my favorite gas stations to get coffee.  They have gigantic whip creams!

Laura and I eating ice cream.

Laura and I freezing.


Hello fast trac!

Laura is training for the Boston marathon.  Obviously one of my best friends who has made multiple appearences on my blog.  If you are looking for someone who is fast, running Boston and surviving a Rochester Winter, you’re welcome.

Upon getting to the race we promptly ran into the famous Jason.  Jason went on to run a 1:15.55 half marathon.  He’s fast and full of running knowledge.  He is also super nice and down to earth person.  He posts a lot of race course reports, elite reviews and other interesting running information.



After weeks of anticipation I finally ran back into Heather.  Heather and I have been extremely close since living in Upstate NY.  Heather is currently training for various half marathons (hopefully the NJ half so she can stay at my house!).  After running the CIM marathon last year, she is currently getting back into training.  I hadn’t seen Heather since NYCM, so it was simply amazing to see and hang out.


Also weeks to build up for this race was meeting up Brittany.  Brittany is coming off an injury and now getting back into shape.  She is a spin instructor and awesome on so many levels.  I was so honored and glad to see her as well as high five her several times across the race course.  Brittany is such an awesome person and it was great to get lunch post race with her!

Left to right: Heather, Laura, me, Brittany

Left to right: Heather, Laura, me, Brittany

The next Upstater I was able to hang out with at the race was Dylan.  Dylan and I met at a local race up there last year.  We’ve chatted back and forth and gone on to run several races together.  All of them have seemed to have been miserable weather-wise.  He is currently training for a bunch of triathlons as well as road races.


Oomph what a weekend seriously.  I cannot believe how many of my friends I got to see and bloggers I got to meet.  I would have loved to see some

more people but unfortunately LOLZ luck gets in the way of that.  So anyways if you are looking for some new blogs to follow each person is truly awesome and I’ve always enjoyed following their journey.  Apparently I like to hang out with a lot of people from Upstate NY!

Questions for you:

Which blogs are you loving right now?


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  1. You always look so happy in your pictures 🙂
    I love finding new blogs but I especially love finding new ones recommended by ones I already like 🙂
    My sole sister blogs at

  2. I hope one of my future races has a bunch of fellow bloggers I can meet up with! Hasn’t happened yet unfortunately. Looks like such a fun weekend, especially that whipped cream creation 😉

  3. What a timely question, as I have just discovered your blog and it’s been fun going back and reading some old posts. I’m also enjoying the ever-hilarious It’s a Dog Lick Baby World. Just started blogging myself, so I’m excited to experience these meet-ups and new friendships I keep hearing about. Congrats on a great race!

  4. Looks like a blast – was there any running going on, or just hanging out? 😉
    I love reading your blog. I especially like reading any blog with race recaps. I guess I like to live vicariously through the lives of faster runners!

  5. I have that exact outfit (LF sweats and fresh green flyte) after talking to you about the color of the sweats. They are so comfy. Thanks for the blog recs, I’m adding them to my list!

  6. It looks like you had a fun time hanging out with everyone after the half marathon :). I ran a 5K recently and got excited over the fact that my favorite gas station coffee was right at the start and finish too and guzzled a nice cup full while waiting for my friends doing the 15K to finish. I love reading your blog and also Laura (Catching My Breath). Congrats to you ladies on your half!

  7. Doing races with friends is simply the best! Plus, it’s always a surprise to see that old classmate/coworker/friend you haven’t talked to in ages at a race.

  8. Wow! You got to meet so many bloggers! That is so awesome! Making the most of a polar vortex winter, and a race day! Very jealous! I am back in Michigan for a few days, so looking forward to seeing my old teammates, although I am dreading my 19 mile run on snow….gonna be some tired legs!

  9. SO much winning to be had in this post. Like seriously. I don’t know what else to say besides you are awesome, lucky to have you as my best friend and I miss you already!

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