I am not a Politician

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was bummed I didn’t win the trip to Napa Valley contest from ZOOMA.  I still dream of running on the West Coast eventually but it was not meant to be this June.  I did enjoy the process of creating memes and it was a fun month long contest.  I definitely don’t regret enterering at all.



I’m not miserable that I lost and it didn’t let it ruin my day.  I’m happy for the overall winner as well as the other three bloggers that won too .  It was truly amazing how many people stuck by my side and voted for me daily.  Because my blog is not massive, I didn’t think I really had a chance to place let alone get runner up.  I have to thank everyone one more time.  So thank you and I promise I won’t be promoting myself anymore for a very long time.  (if any).  

I never wanted the contest to cast a shadow on the Lake Effect series which was a much more important cause and campaign.  Speaking of the Lake Effect, I will be creating closure on the race, weekend and the series as a general.  (I’ll announce the giveaway winners on Monday with the final post!)

Anyways this contest taught me a couple of things.

First, I could never be a politician.  I hated asking and harassing people to vote for me.  I hated that the contest consumed a good part of my “internet” life.  I wanted to win because people thought I truly thought I portrayed the ZOOMA moral values of living an active, healthy happy life.  I didn’t want to win because I harassed, begged and sold myself for votes.  Unfortunately that was not the case and I had to tweet up a storm, rally the troops and beg people to vote for me.

Second, I hate self promoting myself.  I don’t really care to sit here and say why I’m the number one best blogger, number one perfect fit or why I deserve to win.  There are plenty of people who deserve to win.  I entered this contest because I wanted to win.  I want to run on the West coast some day and since I cannot afford it for a while I thought this was the perfect way.

I’ll have to wait a while longer though.

I could decide which meme was my favorite so I settled upon these:





I honestly cannot thank everyone for voting daily and for their support.  It truly overwhelms me with the amount of love and support I receive.  Whether you are near or far, thank you. Whether you know me personally or we have never talked (always feel free to leave a comment or email).  The amount of emails, messages and comments were just plain awesome.  I hope you still continue to follow my journey now that I’m not spamming your feeds 24-7.  As I said, yes I am sad I won’t be able to go Napa Valley and run but it’s not the end of the world.  Life goes on and I’m overwhelmed with the support I received.  

Questions for you:

Where is one place you would love to race?

Definitely the west coast for me…Seattle, San Francisco or San Diego all sound lovely.  I hope one day to go overseas to race as well.  Maybe I’ll just hide in a plane and parachute out…

Have you ever won a contest? 


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  1. I was really confused. I saw on facebook that the 3rd-5th place people won free entry into a race or something… did you get runner-up and not win anything? That would suck! And I don’t think it’s wrong to promote yourself for something you really want. Your memes were/are really funny, too 😉

    • I do relieve something from the sponsors I believe! ZOOMA gave me a comped entry to any of their races however most are too far! The only one I would be able to do is Annapolis but I have a scheduling conflict that weekend!

  2. i couldn’t believe how close you guys were in the end, honestly i think that speaks volumes to the supports you have. And I have to follow suit with Erin.. I hope you got something… i couldn’t understand what you got…

  3. Sorry that you didn’t win. It sounds like an awesome race! I would really like to do one of the Disney races sometime. I find it hard to travel and have a good race so I like the idea of doing a destination race that is truly just for fun!

  4. I’m sad you didn’t win too – but you will get there! I was so proud of you for campaigning so hard and every day – I think I would have stopped. It’s actually a huge lesson for me and never giving up on my dreams, so thank you!

  5. I’m with you – I could never be a politician…I hate asking people for things. But I did enjoy all your memes throughout the last month or so 🙂 I hope you’re able to use your comped race! Let me know if you need a pace to crash in Denver ever.

    I really never win anything, so I was so surprised to win the grande prize in the Give a Garmin giveaway at Christmas. I thought the email was spam and almost trashed it!

  6. It’s funny. There is an old axiom that says “Where you stand depends on where you sit.” I’ve raced in Seattle and San Diego, and they are, indeed, awesome. However, I want to go east! I love Boston and NYC, and I am VERY excited about running Wineglass this fall. Canada would be nice, too…and Europe!

    But the West Coast is pretty awesome. I don’t blame you for wanting to run there, and I am sorry you aren’t getting to go to Napa. PS – Don’t forget Colorado. 🙂

    I never win anything, by the way. I’m at peace with that.

  7. I’m so sad you didn’t win! BUT – you were able to win the Lake Effect Half, and it was for a cause near and dear to your heart. I think that was so much more important in retrospect. You helped raise awareness about a cause that people just simply don’t understand, and that is winning in my book.

    Like Andrea, I would love to do a Disney race sometime. One of my friend lives in Orlando and says that it is “stupid expensive,” but I feel like its one of those bucket list items. Who wouldn’t want to run in the happiest place on earth?!

    • I think that you have to splurge occasionally for a race. NYCM was very expensive but was a great experience. Would I do it yearly? Absolutely not but I don’t regret doing it! Thank you Lauren, I can’t wait to see you at Shamrock!

  8. I’m sorry hun. I was really hoping you would be the one to go. You have a great attitude about it, though, and seriously, those memes? Made my day each time I checked to see what you came up with…very creative and entertaining 🙂 I would love to run in Ireland or Seattle. I think it’d be awesome to run in another country, and Ireland is at the top of the list, while Seattle seems really pretty to me…and has a good foodie scene so Joe wouldn’t whine about going there so I could run since he could eat while watching me fly by 😛

  9. I won a contest, I also had to harass everyone for a month reminding them to vote. I promised them I wouldn’t do it again, haha.
    I saw that the runner ups won an entry to a Zooma race of their choice, did you at least get that, too? I can’t wait to read the Lake Effect race report.

  10. Ugh…why didn’t my random strangers I bugged vote for you 🙂 We tried, it was a valiant effort….maybe next time! 🙂 Your memes kept us laughing (and voting) and it was all in good fun, we’ll never get tired of you! 🙂
    I want to run in NYC…my favorite city to visit and mill about in, why not run it! Hoping this might happen in 2014!

  11. I’m sorry, Hollie. It definitely sucks that you don’t get to go to Napa, but I think it’s pretty damn amazing that you got runner up — people love ya 🙂

    And I’m with ya on self-promotion. It’s easily my least favourite part of blogging.

  12. Sorry you didn’t win. Contests are funky, especially if they’re voting ones… and it’s hard to walk the line between being assertive and bugging people. I’m in a contest to become a Running Ambassador and between March 19th-20th I’ve got to hit up everyone I know for Facebook votes. I feel kind of shameless, but then I think of all of the Girl Scout cookies I’ve bought, magazine subscriptions and candy bars from neighbors’ kids. I think the universe will give me a pass on this one. Oh, and vote for me please (details coming next month). 🙂

  13. hahahaha love those meme’s Hollie ummmm I think you should form a partnership with Hallmark and sell them. I’d buy them lol 😛 sorry you didn’t win the trip to the west coast annnnnd of course I’m still going to follow your blog I’m hooked know chica! Your both speedy and funny and you run for a good cause. I have two destination places/races I’d love to run 1) the Portland Marathon and 2) Boston

  14. Aww, I wish you had won 😦

    As I said on FB, you might not have won a superficial popularity contest, but you worked damn hard to win a half marathon, and you raised an amazing amount for such a good cause. You are the real winner.

    I could never be a politician either – I can’t self-promote for shit, and even though it’s an essential part of having a successful blog, I will never spam people’s Twitter feeds with recaps of old posts, or comment on blogs that don’t matter to me just because they’re popular and I’m hoping to get pageviews. I’m deeply uncomfortable about that kind of thing, plus I have a belief deep down that I suck anyway, so I’d feel like I was lying to the entire internet by bigging myself or my blog up. Your memes were fantastic though – I can see why the whole process was exhausting, but I have to thank you for your campaigning nonetheless, because I got such a good laugh out of several of them and I rarely laugh at all these days.


  15. I’m bummed you didn’t win, I know how much you wanted to race out in California.
    I don’t think it’s fair that the Zooma ambassadors were allowed to be in it. It should have been a contest for those that have no affiliation with the race series. 😦

  16. Aw, sorry you didn’t win, Hollie. 😦 I absolutely hate talking about myself or doing any sort of self-publicity. Even during job interviews when it’s totally expected (and often mandatory), I *still* hate saying how perfect I am for certain position.

  17. Like you, I dislike promoting myself out there. I don’t like to be that front and center type of person.
    I would love to run an international race. Yes? Yes. OH YES.
    Does a drawing contest count in kindergarten? 😉

  18. I voted for you! I am running the Nike Women’s Half in DC and I am very excited about that one. I actually had choose between DC and San Diego and I chose DC because my family is coming with me. Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. You deserved to win.

  19. My “races I want to run” list is a mile long. And it only ever gets longer after I run a race.
    I’m kind of sad you didn’t win, I was really rooting for you!!
    I’m one of those people that doesn’t win things, like, ever. I’m used to it, but it would be nice to win things once in a while 🙂

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