VA Life.

I feel like I have so much life to catch you guys up on.  I actually just feel like I have more excitement the last few weeks then the three months living in New Jersey. 

Last weekend (Valentine’s Weekend) I went down to Virginia to run the Virginia is for Lovers 14k.  Although the Virginia is for Lovers 14k was my primary reason for driving down there, I had many other reasons like seeing family and friends like Theresa and Kris L.  I always enjoy traveling down to VA because I enjoy seeing all of my friends.  My heart and friends are in Virginia so it is always nice to visit.

Oiselle teammates: Stephanie, Mollie and I at the race start.

Oiselle teammates: Stephanie, Mollie and I at the race start.

I’m not allowed to call it home anymore because I do live in NJ. (with no chances of moving!) I am allowed however, to call it my hometown.

This is where I'll be...well not in front of this sign but you get it

This is where I’ll be…well not in front of this sign but you get it

So outside of the Virginia is for Lovers 14k what else did I do?

I saw Theresa.  We ended up hanging out and just chatting for a while.


I also was lucky to see Kris before leaving too.  Kris is an amazing athlete who I need to get her autograph before she goes to trials.  We’ve been good friends for a while but I can never sing her enough songs. 


Outside of seeing some friends and hanging out…I ate…I ate a lot.

pita bread, feta and olive oil is my favorite.

pita bread, feta and olive oil is my favorite.


I ate pita bread at a Greek restaurant.


I ate too much whip cream at the local froyo shop, sweet frog.  I definitely took my relaxing and eating too much on vacation.  I always say I’ll stick on a pretty tight budget so I can go out to eat.  That is definitely true.  After nearly 2 months of hanging out in NJ, it was nice to get out of town for the weekend.  I enjoyed seeing my friends and family.


Coincidentally last weekend was a strange one for my family.  My dad was getting back from a work trip; my mom was leaving out of town the next day…which left Tim and I seeing my entire family but at different points.  At least they will all be back when I go in a month for Shamrock half marathon.

Question for you:

What is something you will budget for?

I will always save to go out to eat.  It’s my weakness, I love restaurants.

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  1. Fridays never come soon enough when it comes to eating out. I pack my lunch during the week when my work schedule cowencidies. I always eat out on Friday or Saturday night as long as I was good during the week. So glad to see your “back”. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  2. I always save for vacations. We budget and then look for the best deals but we try to get out of the country once per year. And yay Virginia! I was born in VA Beach but moved to a quiet part of Northern VA, which is what I consider home. Is VA Beach your hometown or somewhere else in the state?

  3. I always budget for bananas and asparagus. I eat them every day. Ooh, but also coffee! Love these pics and glad you had grand times in VA!

  4. Nice write up Hollie! Virginia is your hometown eh’ well Maryland is mine go firgure lol. When you get that Kris L. signature get one for me too! I sooo wanna be speedy like her when I grow up haha! I buget for high quality chocolate and iced coffee

  5. Lately, I have been on a budget just for house hold odds and ends. Recently, we got Andrew a new mattress. OHHH my life is exciting haha. But as a singlemom, and a house to get together, its what ya gotta do I guess haha.

  6. I always referred to my hometown as home until recently. I’m finally at a spot in my life where I consider where I am now–home. Madison, WI is a great city & I plan on staying around here for along time.
    I try to budget for meals out as well. Yum!

  7. Oh lord. Sweet frog. I always walk into our local SF and am all like “I’ll totally get the low far version and it’ll be a-okay and not too bad for me”…10 pounds of topping later…

    I save up for workout clothes. It sounds silly but I love them.

  8. Your trip home looks great, hun! Getting to see friends, family, and local favorite joints is always a plus in my book! I always budget for froyo and races. Without those two things, life gets rough!

  9. I’ve been to Sweet Frog in Myrtle Beach. We had one in Charleston, but it closed down. Several of our Fro Yo places have closed shop here. We’ve still got plenty, I think we just had some market saturation downtown (not to mention there’s ice cream and gelato options downtown too). I can’t say I’ve ever gotten that much whip cream though… I will assume there is yogurt under it ;).

    It looks like you had fun in Va. I’ve been there a few times and its a neat state. It’s so cool to read about you and Kris since I read both your blogs and you’re both rockstars when it comes to running races.

    We always budget for vacations. I don’t really care to have a newer car or fancy clothes or makeup, but you better believe my yearly vacay is gonna rock :).

  10. New banner photo–love it! Whew, I spend so much money on food. Like it’s ridiculous. I try to save by making most of my own meals, but it still adds up!

  11. we love to eat out too – so I guess we make sure to budget for that! I also save for running stuff – races, shoes, clothing…a run-budget is necessary or I’d probably be in serious debt.

    Look like you’ve had a great couple of week! I’m happy for you

  12. Travel is my thing. I don’t mind passing on the nights out and shopping sprees if it means that I can save up and travel multiple times a year. I just feel like stuff gets old fast, but memories and experiences are something that can never be taken from you. Eating out would definitely be up there too, though… if it wasn’t for pesky allergies 😡

  13. completely random (and probably creepy) but you, my friend, are a rare breed who make fluro yellow hoodies look dope. Props to you.

    I would budget for travel and food- electronics, clothing etc- no bueno. That is a pathetic excuse for whipped cream 😉

  14. Love this post Hollie! You truly make the most of every situation, love that you get to see so many people! Love the picture of the finish of the race too! I have actually never broken tape as I crossed a line, I hope to in a major marathon someday though….just maybe not chicago 😛

    I will always budget for anything sweet! I cannot live without my sweet treats!

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