Because I am a Material Girl

I wish I could tell you I had an exciting week but I actually spent it cleaning and organizing.  Though we moved over a month ago (Have I really been a Jersey girl for 2 months now?), we are still finding things that need to be organized.  We are also trying to downsize since somehow we have accumulated a lot of things.

This week has been a week of purchases because I’ve finally found items to use my gift cards on.  I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas, for which I’m very grateful, because it seems like there are a lot of sales right now.

First I used my Amazon gift card to buy a fitbit.  It seems to be a big trend in the blogging world, so I decided to get on board.  Plus they seem pretty cool.  Then of course I happen to get one that is defective so I have to return it.  I was lucky that the customer service was great and I have no complaints but I have to wait for another.

Remember that Christmas post about how I was lusting over Oiselle long sleeve flyte shirts?  My parents got me a giftcard for Christmas and I was finally able to order one.  They actually came out with bright green which I love.  I was also able to scoop up a funnel neck long sleeve which is also very nice.  . I wish I had waited another few days until the Lux side zip and joggings came out…but you live and learn.  Another reason I need to learn to stop jumping the gun.

So in reality I bought a fitbit and two new Oiselle tops but I feel like a big spender.   Since I have been making minimal purchases the last two months, I feel like quite the spender even though they are all from gift cards.  Being in the process of hearing back from interviews and waiting is one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had.  Being on a more strict budget is very hard but I know it’s what I need to being doing right now.

But anyways- 

Something I have learned lately is that I don’t need material things to be happy.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to segway this post into since I just talked about how excited I was to accumulate a bunch of new things.

I have realized in the last 6 months between moving-I don’t need material things to make me happy.  Don’t get me wrong, treating myself is really nice.  Who doesn’t like to treat themselves to a nice article of clothing or another treat but I don’t have to do that to be happy.  I am perfectly happy with my friends, family and enjoying life.  I am perfectly happy saying the only thing I’ve spent nongift cards on this week is food and a wawa coffee.

I would rather spend money on events or going somewhere versus spending it on an article of clothing.  In college I felt I was striving to have the latest and greatest things to make myself happy.  As I have grown older, I’ve learned I don’t need the latest and greatest gadgets to be happy.  I need my friends and family more.   I guess as I grow older and put myself in different situations I continue to learn more about myself as a person.

So I continue to get rid of things I no longer need or use, I’m jumping the gun to welcome the weekend in soon.  Though I do not have a job yet I do look forward to the weekends because the house isn’t as quiet in the day time.

Finally I’ll be adding this to every single post.  As a shameless plug please vote DAILY for me to win a trip to run at the ZOOMA Napa Valley race in June.  I am really excited and hoping for the best!  Your support has been so overwhelming.   My facebook page (that I barely use…and I’m working hard to actually use) will be featuring a daily meme.  Feel free to like it. 

Question for you:

Would you rather spend money on material items or events?

What are you up to this weekend? 


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  1. Always experiences! I would 100 times out of 10 rather spend my money doing something I will remember, like a race or a concert. Sometimes it’s tempting to buy a really expensive pair of jeans, but the high from just buying “stuff” wears off after less than a week, while I still am in shock that I met James & Oliver Phelps TWO YEARS later. Paying $60 dollars for an autograph wasn’t suuuuper fun, but I doubt I would even remember spending that $60 on a pair of shoes.

  2. Events for sure. I’ll go through spurts where I want to buy new clothes and whatnot, but for the most part, I’ve never been a huge shopper. These days, however, I compare clothes I’m thinking of buying to either race entries or trips that we have talked about taking….and the races/trips usually end up winning out over the clothes 😛 Memories and experiences are way more important and interesting to me….think that’s just part of growing up!

  3. I’ve never been super materialistic but I do like having nice things occasionally. I have a fewer “nicer” clothes rather than spending all my money buying in bulk at places like forever 21. Not my thing. I’d rather spend my money doing things, visiting friends, trying out restaurants, or paying for races…. Honestly I think I’m happiest doing something, whatever that something is. Money can’t buy happiness- that I’ve learned.

    • I agree with that. I think as I’ve grown older I have learned that I most certainly cannot afford to buy everything and anything! I wish I could seriously, but I have to be picky. Part of the reason I entered the Zooma contest is because I want to race on the west coast so badly but know I cannot afford it on my own!

  4. I used to be super-materialistic and then I became a grad student… And now I still am, I’m just poor. :). But seriously, I totally understand what you are saying. I need clothes to do the things I want to do, but it’s the experiences and people in my life that matter!

  5. Ive had that ‘ah-ha’ moment lately too. i used to buy new flashy things for myself to ‘feel good’ but i’ve found happiness in MY LIFE as a human being and interacting with those around me.
    i also have realized that my job isn’t the highest-paying and i have bills, bills, bills.

  6. I am so the opposite of material things. I keep very minimal. I kind of have that bare minimum in my apartment, in my closet. it takes a lot for me to keep things for a long time or buy things. it is funny how people can differ so much – my sister is the exact opposite

  7. I agree with you about spending money on “stuff”. I could easily blow $100 on race registrations but would never spend like that at a mall. I figure running gives me great joy and lots of memories with friends, and I’ll hold onto those good times longer than I’ll hold on to a pair of pants, a shirt, etc. I have bought things to feel better, and it never really worked as well as doing something nice for myself- a haircut, pedicure, etc.

    One thing we splurge on around here is vacations. Clay never got to go many places as a kid, and during our first years of college, neither of us ever got to go anywhere due to the nature of our jobs. I hate that we couldn’t go on a vacation last year with buying a house, but we did win that trip so I guess that counts :). Each year we do a nice vacation because I feel like that’s important. I’d rather spend on that and not buy things like cars, a boat (we live in Chas., having a boat is a “thing” here), electronics, etc.

    My weekend… dinner with friends tonight… 5K tomorrow morning… wedding tomorrow evening out of town… brunch and run on Sunday 🙂

  8. I would definitely rather spend on events and vacations. I’ve been working really hard lately to save money and not buy anything new (clothes, random items) for myself…but yesterday, there was no stopping me buying Katy Perry tickets!

  9. voted!

    i have found that the only thing i really spend money on is traveling and running/racing.

    we’re headed down to denver this weekend! hopefully getting to run in some warmer temps this weekend (again!)

    my favorite thing to remember while cleaning & organizing comes from the lovely tyra herself “haven’t used it in 6 months or more? get rid of it!”

    have an amazing weekend!

  10. Don’t feel bad about not organizing your place, I moved into my place almost 4 years ago and still don’t have a couch or well-organized closets. So…

    Anyway, I think people often chase material things because they will think it will make them happy, but the stuff obviously doesn’t solve whatever problem is making them unhappy, and now they are broke and surrounded by clutter. Meh. I am pretty much a saver because I’d rather have the security of knowing that I won’t run out of money, and rarely does “stuff” make me happy.

    Experiences, however, I will spend money on. Races, traveling, etc….but because I am boring, most experiences I like are cheap, like doing a bare-bones 10k that costs $10 or biking on country roads for basically free.

    You are smart to not spend lots of money all the time. Save while you are young, invest wisely, and you’ll be much more comfortable in your 30s and 40s than most of your peers.

  11. Experiences are definitely the way to go in terms of spending money!! I tend to splurge on a few nice items (like a purse, pair of boots) and then wear them until they are completely worn out! Whenever I’m tempted to spend a lot of money on material things, I just look at how “happy” all of the things I have bought have made me… and realize that it made me happy for about 2 days and then I forgot about it. Experiences make me happy for months! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  12. It’s so easy to get caught up in material things but all they really are are things. Especially now after losing my dad I know the importance of spending time with the people you love.

    Ps. I’ve been voting for you 🙂 Fingers crossed you win!

  13. I used to enjoy buying clothes and shoes, but not anymore. My husband and I have some vacations we are saving for, so I am currently spending way more money on “events” than material items. I mean seriously, would I rather have 20 pairs of new shoes or go to Hawaii? HAWAII please!!

  14. I’ve been recently trying to work on spending less. I was unhappy with my weight, my love life and stressed out with school and I feel like I was using shopping to make myself feel better. NO GOOD! I’ve definitely been shopping less, which is great for my credit cards! I’m working on my weight, so I’m feeling better about that. My love life is still non-existent though, but you can’t win them all! 😉

    • I’m glad you are working through it Lindsay! I can honestly say I used to spend a lot more when I was stressed but similarly have been working on it too! Good luck with your goals and keep me updated with how they go! 🙂

  15. I don’t value material things much these days. Occasionally I will get product jealousy, particularly if someone else is getting a particularly desirably product for free, but I would much rather have a close relationship with my family than be showered with material things. I used to try to keep up with designer clothes, fashion etc. as a teenager at school to try to stop people bullying me so much (it didn’t work…it just turned me into a horrible, bratty person for three years) but that was a conformity issue, not my natural personality.

    As long as I can afford race entries and running shoes, I’m sorted.


  16. I’m getting ready to move and it’s been great to get rid of things that I don’t need. It can be hard because I feel guilty about getting rid of things that I paid money for (even if I’m donating them) but it really is nice not to have so much stuff. It’s amazing how much more I like my closet when I get rid of things I don’t really wear. I think I wanted more “nice things” when I couldn’t really afford them and now that I have a little more money I realize that I don’t really need to buy designer purses/clothes/etc.

  17. Events, events, events… 110%. Well, that and food 😆 I find that my biggest expenses are food and travel. Good food to feed my body, and travels to expand my mind. I actually don’t like having a lot of stuff because I start feeling suffocated by it… I regularly have to go through my things and get rid of them so that they don’t turn into clutter, because that just stresses me out. Visiting different places and learning about different cultures, though? Love.

  18. It’s so funny how when we’re younger it is ALL about the trends- to think back on the amount I spent on brand name jeans, teeshirts, shoes…ridiculous. I’m very much like you now- These things don’t result in happiness and I’d much rather spend it elsewhere- travel, a good meal, something.

    Although coffee might soon need to be instant here…$4.20 for a small Americano. No joke.

  19. For whatever reason, I feel almost guilty whenever I buy clothing or accessories these days (probably because I wear running clothes 24/7). That being said, though, I recently bought a nice watch, but only because my go-to (that I’ve had for four years) broke. And I also got a new wristlet too; again, because the one I had was five years old. I’m a big spender too. 😉

  20. I couldn’t agree more, it’s so easy to say, “Oh I don’t need material things” but the truth is, I love the things that I have, but at this point in my life I would 110% rather have more time off from work than a raise to be able to save the money I do have and use it to travel and have life experiences!

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