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I cannot believe that the sugar free challenge is half way over.  That means January is halfway over and it’s been two weeks into the new year!  In summary, the first day I sat there full well knowing what I needed to do, I just wish I had prepared it the night before.  I wanted nothing to do with not using artificial sweetener, not using sugar and limiting other foods.  Though here I am, shocked I’m still on board and nearly half way done.    Here are some questions I’ve gotten…

How am I feeling 2 weeks (half way) into being sugar free?

Good, I don’t have a lot of sugar cravings…occasionally I do but not frequently and not as many.  I no longer crave ice cream or sweet meals for every meal.  In fact, I actually want to have more savory meals.

Do I regret the challenge?

No, I think anyone can do anything for a month.  I have been feeling good about staying sugar and artificial free.  I haven’t had any strange cravings.  I haven’t cried myself to sleep and while I miss sweets, it isn’t the worst thing in the world.

What do I miss the most?

Easy, splenda in my coffee and a sweetened breakfast.

Will you stay sugar free and artificial free after this challenge?

Absolutely not.  I do miss sweetened food.  That being said I think I’ll be limiting my sugar and artificial sweetener more.  I don’t think I’ll crave it as much.

What food do you plan to have February 1st?

Tim says that we can go to my favorite diner and I can get the red velvet cheesecake that they happened to come out with Jan.  1st.  I’m really excited.

Do you feel tired and sluggish from lack of sugar and lack of carbohydrates?

I’m still getting a lot of carbohydrates (I modified the challenge a bit to get more carbs).  I’m not feeling any more tired than usual.  I think if I had decided to completely cut of carbohydrates then I would feel extremely tired and not be able to maintain the running I am.

What do you add to your coffee to follow the Swanson challenge?

I add full fat coconut milk.  The Swanson challenge and 21 day detox stresses full fat.  Plus I couldn’t handle skim or fat free creamer in my coffee so I would probably use full fat regardless.  I don’t add any artificial sweetener or sugar.  It took a lot of getting used too but after two weeks I’m nearly used to it.  Occasionally I’ll drink my coffee black but I really hate doing that daily…

Have you lost weight doing this challenge?

No.  As I mentioned during my first post I have gained roughly 5 pounds since the marathon (weighing 135).  My optimal race weight that I feel great at is 130 pounds (I’m 5’7).  I didn’t decide to do the challenge to lose weight but in the book it shows many people who did lose weight.  I just happen to one of the people who doesn’t.  To make sure I’m accurate I weighed myself this morning and I weight 134.7.

That’s all the questions I’ve gotten.  If you have anymore feel free to pop them my way.

Questions for you:

Have you ever done a detox diet?

What do you add in your coffee? 


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  1. This is awesome! Glad to hear you are doing this! Full fat is absolutely the best way to go! I know people that put coconut oil in their morning coffee. Have you ever done that? I know coconut oil is one of the best foods you can eat as it supplies medium chain triglycerides to the body but it makes me nauseous and sick every time I have it! What is your mileage goal this week? I’m looking at about 75 but am already tired haha!

    • I am trying to integrate mor coconut oil into my diet. I haven’t tried it in coffee though!

      I actually like skim milk a lot but I can’t deal with skim in my coffee. I would honestly rather drink black coffee then have skim in it!

      I would like to be around the same actually. I want to keep it between 65-75 for about a month and race that 5k series each week for some speed. I think after the lake effect I’ll bump it up to 80 and hover there for a while!

  2. For my coffee, I put in 2 packets of artificial sweetener and sometimes some flavored creamer. I really like the Bailey’s flavored creamer. I don’t do milk in coffee but if I did I would probably go for full fat just to make it richer and bolder rather than skim, which I feel like waters down coffee. I usually do almond milk on my cereal or when I drink milk.

    I’m glad the challenge is going well for you… but that sucks the restaurant came out with a red velvet cake the first day you started it. At least you can get it on Feb. 1!

  3. Great job on sticking with the challenge. I’ve been trying to not use artificial sweeteners, but don’t think I could give up sugar entirely!

  4. So the coconut milk is good? I am all about full fat. I’m convinced it helps prevent stress fractures so I try to eat lots of “healthy” fat and that coconut milk sounds fantastic. Right now I only use milk in my coffee.

  5. I am doing the paleo thing for January and as good as I feel–I cannot afford it! The meats and produce really add up. That’s not to say I’m going to go balls to the walls overboard on fatty carbs (how I’d kill for some pizza…!) but I’m going to be better about everything in moderation.

    Keep it up, Hollie!

    • Hey Karla! I grocery shop mostly paleo and have been able to get the bill pretty cheap! A lot of times when you buy meat from the meat counter it is cheaper than the packaged stuff. Also let frozen broccoli be your best friend. For <$2 you have a few servings of veggies. Also eggs! Eggs with frozen spinach / what ever veggies you want makes a great breakfast! I promise Paleo can be done and not break the bank!

      Oh finally… sorry haha love your crock pot! You can get a big roast and throw it in there and get yourself shredded pork, chicken, or beef and boom insta meal builder!

      • Oomph. I’m such a frozen broccoli snob myself. We do eat a good amount of chicken though! We shop around for the best prices on meats which is a bunch of different grocery stores.

        Thanks for the suggestions for me too Meg! You are right-it gets expensive!

  6. Great Q&A – the coffee was my hardest thing at first too, but I actually am loving how creamy unsweetened soy milk makes it! Glad you’re my challenge Sista! 🙂

  7. I’m trying out the Whole30 this month and sugar is one of the (many) prohibited foods. I don’t really have cravings any more but I do get cranky when I see something I want and have to tell myself no.
    If you’re into coconut, you should try coconut butter (as opposed to the oil that’s used for cooking). It has the same sort of texture as peanut butter but because coconut naturally are a little sweet it doesn’t need added sugar. AMAZING on apples and oranges… Or probably any fruit.

  8. I went a week without sugar, it was hard at first but then wasn’t so bad. I would like to try a 21-day detox, but I do love sweets! I just put cream in my coffee, but I love sweet breakfasts as well, and I never pass up dessert!

  9. I used to LOVE the sugary starbucks coffees and now I just add coconut milk. If for a treat I do go for a vanilla latte, it now tastes TOO sweet. strange?!?! haha. I also found that I cravy more protein now, before it was always carbs.

  10. I’m in the midst of a detox diet right now. I’m on day three and it seems like the longest 3 days of my life. I think I’d be okay but I really miss oatmeal at breakfast. Also, the first 10 days of this thing has no dairy. It’s weird. I can say I’m dragging a bit and feel like my recovery from working out isn’t as good as it normally is. I’m going to stick it out for the next 7 days, though, because I’ve been told I’ll feel amazing.

  11. I don’t see myself ever cutting out sugar completely, but I’ve definitely been trying to limit my intake after going a bit crazy over the holidays. It got to the point where I was literally craving dessert for every meal, and giving in would only make me feel tired and sluggish in the long run. As for coffee, I usually drink mine black, but coconut milk is definitely an awesome choice.

  12. Personally, no I have never done a detox diet. But I fell like this Swanson challenge is less of a “detox diet” in the traditional sense and more of just cleaning up your eating habits. I drink usually drink my coffee with cream/stevia and eat a sweet breakfast, so I think that would be the most challenging aspect of the month. But you sure are hanging in there like champ!

  13. I usually go on a sugar detox every 3-4 months. I eliminate added sugar and include honey, molasses, agave (although I never use this) and the such as well. The only sugar I consume is from fruit.

    This is not a big departure from my normal diet but the occasional Twix bar is out as well with this diet.

    What I notice is that I am more keen to the tastings of savory items as you point out and crave that more than anything else. I do not tend to lose weight either but I do lose body fat which makes total sense in the grand scheme of things.

    Keep it going!

  14. Splenda, splenda and a little more splenda in my coffee. Depends where from what I put in it. Starbucks and Dunkin a splash of skim, home or 7-11 or make my own..flavored creamer. Yum. I need more coffee now.
    Great job on the challenge!

  15. I love coconut milk! Trader Joes has some great light coconut milk that is made of just coconut and water. I think it’s only $1 a can too, which is a great deal. They also have full fat but it has a few additives that sometimes people try to avoid.

    Whenever I drink coffee I personally just drink it plain, but milk + stevia would be my second choice.

  16. Cheers for this- I was curious to see how you were finding this after seeing your instagram- I love how your not proclaiming your going back to sweeteners once it’s over, just maybe in lesser quantities! How do you like the coconut milk in coffee? I’ve been OD’ing on the saturated fats lately (cheese, butter, red meat) and been loving it!

  17. Wait, how can January be halfway over? Also, I’m glad you’re not training for a marathon during this challenge–fueling during longer runs would be tough. Doable, but tough.

  18. Isn’t it cool how our bodies can start to crave different things based on what we’re eating?! That said, sometimes if I eat some simple carbs before a long run, I’ll crave them for a good week… I’ve been inspired by your taking this on, because I’ve been gradually decreasing my simple carb intake over the past few months, but too chicken to go cold turkey. (haha!) Perhaps I’ll try this as I head into the beginning of my racing season…
    The thing I’d miss the most would definitely be coffee creamer too, I was using peppermint patty creamer, but it’s gone. So now I use heath creamer or cinnamon creamer. Very little, but enough to up my sugar for the day. But… I’ve been meaning to decrease my coffee intake, so maybe I’ll start drinking it black again. 🙂

    I have never done a detox diet; just gradually modified to make it how I wanted.

  19. This is a GREAT post. Since my third trimester, I have had massive sugar cravings, which was so bizarre as I was never a sweets person prior. I continued on and noticed I was getting stomach aches, so at the beginning of the year, I was determined to kick the sweets. So far so good, and feeling MUCH better. Definitely less tired and definitely less “off” feeling. I am not sugar detoxing per se, but I may give that a go in a month or so! Thanks for sharing this information.

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