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I haven’t posted a lot in my day to day life because I haven’t done a lot.  Look at me being exciting!  But it’s Friday and the weekend is almost finally here.  It could be the fact someone has had rooster hours and working at 6 am but I’ve been up earlier and this week has gone by extremely slow.  I just hope the weekend goes just as slowly.

Let’s see what I’ve been up to the last week.  Besides a nice week of no traveling and down time, I’ve been cleaning off and on.  I’ve had a doctor’s appointment and I got to hang out with a fellow Oiselle NJ teammate, Brennan.  Way back in the day (read:  At the Nike half last year) Brennan and I met at the starting line.  Now we get to hang out frequently considering we live 45 minutes apart.

Wow flashback

Wow flashback

We decided to head to Cherry Hill Mall, eat at the Lux Café and window shop.  Lord knows I don’t need anymore clothes or need to be spending anymore money for a while…but I can never resist a good sale.  (Luckily I found nothing I needed).

I think I’ve mentioned that my favorite store outside of working out is BCBG.  I love their style and I love it even more when it’s at an outlet store.  Regardless, we went inside and looked around.  There is a lot of new and fresh style ideas that I’m digging lately. Such as the rose gold trend.  Brennan and I decided to try $500 outfits on at BCBG because we are adults and store managers no longer follow us around wondering what we are doing in the store.  Plus I had my Russian hat on, which screams I make a lot of money.  (or at least it pretends too).


Super stars

This post was really scattered like my brain as been lately so I apologize.  Since that was the highlight of my week I have nothing else to add.  I’m honestly just happy for the weekend and a possible 5k on Sunday.

Questions for you:

How was your week?  Do you have any weekend plans?  

What is your favorite nonathletic brand?


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  1. Ahh love the rose gold too! When my best friend was here over Christmas, we went to look at watches for her grad present from med school and found some beautiful rose gold ones. Outside of athletic stores, I like j crew and banana republic. I just discovered modcloth and hautelook, though, and I have a feeling a nice chunk of my wardrobe will be purchased from them

  2. This has been a crazy busy week. We are (finally) having our holiday party tonight. Staying overnight in a swanky hotel in DC, woot! I’m probably going car shopping this weekend, too.

  3. I’m actually going to see movies for the first time in a million years this weekend, which isn’t terribly social but at least involves leaving my house 😉 if you don’t look at flash sale sites already, you should…I got a rose gold watch on one for 70% off and I get compliments on it literally every day.

  4. My favorite real girl stores are American Eagle Outfitters and Hollister. Yeah, I guess they are kinda like teen stores, but the clothes there fit me (I’m tiny) and it’s a classic, slightly preppy style (at least I only buy what’s classic style there… no logo shirts or graphic tees). Looks like you guys had fun at the mall and I’m glad you found nothing you needed… just think, even with sales, you saved 100% :). Good luck on Sunday if the race is held!

  5. I don’t have a favorite store/brand because I don’t shop enough. I do like the jeans at pacsun, though. They fit well and don’t stretch out/shrink (which is a bad thing if you accidentally order a size too small).
    I’m glad you got to hang out with your friend! No matter what you do, it will always be a good time.

  6. Hahaha, don’t you always feel like you have to be rich to shop in there?! I usually go shopping in like yoga pants and messy hair so they’re always giving me the stare down!

    I have to work this weekend, overnights none-the-less. And I personally like Target a lot. I can’t afford lulu, BCBG, White House Black Market, etc. So Target it is!

    • Or feel like I have a sugar daddy LOL.

      Whenever I go through Nordstrom in leggings I feel like they are judging me. Especially if I go makeupless to the makeup counter. Oh well I’m over it.

  7. My week was great, I got two snow days and it flew by! Not to mention my first last week of school ever (unless grad school comes of course 🙂 . My weekend plans are a painting class with my sister and free yoga sunday, woohoo.

  8. I haven’t been doing much in my day to day life either! I plan to change it this weekend. Friday = bday celebration for dad, Sat = Christmas w/ the in-laws (late!!) and Sunday, if I can stay up late enough, an improv comedy show. But let’s face it, that’s never gonna happen!

  9. Rose gold is freaking gorgeous. I have a rose gold watch from MK that I absolutely covet, as well as some rose gold polishes and shadows. So pretty. Now if only I could some nice shoes and a dress in that shade… even though I have no idea where I’d actually wear them 😆

    This weekend = snowboarding. Gotta take full advantage of the nice weather before the next big cold snap hits!

  10. haha trying on expensive outfits with your friend sounds SO fun and crazy. Something I would do with my best friend because sometimes being random and goofy is just what the soul needs 😉

  11. Woohoo for dressing up like a real girl! When I wear real clothes–which isn’t all that often these days–they’re usually from J. Crew, Anthropologie, Gap, The Loft, etc. But, let’s be real; workout clothes are SO comfortable and versatile.

  12. Saw that picture on Instagram & it made me laugh – you are too cute & I LOVE that top. Please tell me you bought it?! (hopefully NOT if it was close to $500 😉 ) Favorite store: The Loft, but Lulu is where my money goes…did NOT want to get addicted, but it definitely happened.

  13. 1. It is CRIMINAL that you were not in my bloglovin. Changed. Stat.
    2. Is it bad that I’m a guy and I want your Russian hat? No joke.
    3. Did you ever read ‘the Oswegonian’ student newspaper at Oswego? When I was there, they had a competition to rename it. We offered ‘the Oswegina.’ It got declined.

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