Slow and Steady Wins the Race (60 miles)

Training this week:

Monday: Easy 7.57 mile run around the lake
Tuesday: AM: Easy 7.6 mile run around the lake
PM: AMT and core work
Wednesday: 10.21 mile run in NJ State Park
Thursday: AMT and core work
Friday: 11 mile run in NJ state park
Saturday: 12 mile run in Pennsylvania
Sunday: 12 mile run Pennsylvania
Total: 60 miles total


My running is starting to come along nicely.  All of my runs this week were untimed and easy.  I felt good during them and no niggling or creeping up injuries.  I decided on Thursday to cross train because I ran 10 days in a row and I wasn’t even doing that when I was training for the marathon.  I didn’t feel bad or injury prone but I thought it was a good idea. This week was rather uneventful as far as running goes…long and easy base building miles.  When I raced the 10 miler two weeks ago, I was uncomfortable because I did not have these miles under my belt again.  I thought it was foolish for me to run a race when I had barely covered that distance.  To me it felt like the second week into running a coach tells you we are doing 10k.  I really wanted to do the race though but honestly would have no one to blame but myself if I did get injured.  (Thank goodness I didn’t).

I crossed trained a few times this week.  I’ve said it multiple times but the moment I stop cross training or just focus on running is the moment I will get injured.  Though not as frequent as I want, I’ve been doing core work and lifting weights.

Which leads me to plan next week to do the exact same thing.  I plan to hopefully run 60 miles again with a rest day.  Next week I’ll probably have a full rest day at some point since I haven’t had one in a few weeks.  I am starting to feel good while running (and not just sluggish all the time).  I didn’t lose much endurance from taking a month off of serious running but that being said I haven’t felt amazing or like I did running the marathon either.  I think the kinks are just working themselves out.

I’m in southern PA until the 26th.  The difference between PA and NJ is that I am running up and down hills the entire time.  For someone who hasn’t been running consistently as well as not running hills this is proving to be quite challenging.  I’m adjusting the pace and running slower (I haven’t been timing my runs but it’s not hard to tell I’m running slower).

As a running blog I feel this post should be the most interesting or entertaining but base building is about logging easy miles.   Slow and steady wins the injury free race I suppose.

Questions for you:

Do you enjoy base building?

How was your weekend?  What are you doing for Christmas? 

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  1. Good luck. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thats a decent week.
    For Christmas I have a 5 Km time trial on the track. 🙂

  2. I enjoy base building b/c it consists of stress free miles where you can just run. Most importantly, if you do it correctly, you set yourself up for an easier time when the times/paces count and are much less likely to find yourself injured.
    Friday I had my holiday work party (BYOB bowling bc we are classy like that). Now I’m home at the parent’s in NJ until Christmas. Headed to NYC tomorrow with all the ladies in the family. Other than that just enjoying my 5 days off from work and being with family.

  3. I think it’s just as interesting to read about the build-up to peak training as it is to read about the 100 mile weeks 🙂 Otherwise you’d just get a series of weeks at high mileage with a few races thrown in and an inevitable stream of injuries. Oh wait, that’s my blog 😛

    We don’t celebrate Xmas, but I like to binge watch cheesy 80s Xmas horror movies…it’s my way of being ‘festive.’ I think Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night are my favourites, but there are so many more…with equally amusing titles!


  4. Base building a necessary evil! While everyone needs to go through it, it can get quite boring. Still another 5-6 weeks of base building for me.

  5. It’s so nice to run watch less every once in a while. You are not kidding about PA and the hills.

  6. I’ll be joining you on the base-building train in two weeks. It’s so important to log those miles come race day. And plus, like you wrote, jumping into high intensity stuff right off the bat increases risk of injury.

    I made it back to CNY in one piece for Christmas. And there’s no snow. It’s so weird, lol.

  7. I live in PA and yes, there are some awesome hills! I like it though, because it prepares me to run pretty much anywhere. I get bored if it’s too flat.

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