Race Bucket List

I always thought the goal of doing 50 marathons in 50 states was pretty cool.  It allowed you to see the entire country (mostly) and race in brand new race environments.  Though I doubt I would be able to obtain this goal for quite some time I do have a short term bucket list of races and places I would love to do.  A lot are bigger races (halves and fulls) because quite frankly those are races that are most advertised.  I’m sure there are plenty of5ks I would be interested in I just don’t hear about them.

I might make a page for this to document my journey of completing them all.  These are just bucket list races I would like to complete before 2015.  I don’t know why 2015 struck me but I would like to complete these races in the next few years.  So yes if you live remotely close to any of these feel free to invite me to have a LOLZ sleepover…

Since I’m relatively settled I might come up with a rough Spring race schedule in the near future.

Half Marathons/Full Marathons:

Buffalo Half Marathon (Buffalo, NY)

California International Marathon

Chicago Full (either WG or Chi will be my fall marathon in 2014)

Crawling Crab Half Marathon (Hampton, VA)

Dismal Swamp Half Marathon (Chesapeake, VA)

OBX Half Marathon (OBX, North Carolina)

Peachtree Half Marathon (Atlanta, Georgia)

Runners World Half Marathon (Pa)

Wineglass Half or Full (a very big possibility next fall)

Random Distances:

Boiler Maker (Utica, NY)

Cherry Blossom 10 miler (Washington DC)

VA is for Lovers 14k (VA Beach, VA)

Questions for you:

Where is someone you would like to go visit in the next few years?

I would love to go visit the west coast again soon (my brother lives in Seattle and uncle lives in San Diego…I was actually born in San Diego!)

What is on your race Bucket List?