Surf N Santa 10 Miler (1:10.46)

Surf N Santa 10 Miler (1:10.46)

The Surf N Santa has since been shortened to a 5-mile race on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Now it’s the Surf N Santa 5 Miler presented by Bon Secours in Motion. Plus there is the Holiday Lights Merry Mile. Packet Pickup is easy at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and The Post Race party at the Surf N Santa has Samuel Adams.  Any race by J&A is well put together and I like the holiday themed Surf N Santa. 

I woke up Saturday morning, ready to run the Surf N Santa. The only starting line I had run across lately was the virtual one on the elliptical.  I wasn’t excited for the Surf N Santa, nor was I excited for the amount of pain I knew I would feel during the race.  I had run one 10 mile run since the marathon and barely made it through.  Barely.   The reason I was excited for this race what that it signifies I  am ready to start a new training cycle.

So when I woke up and saw it was pouring rain I was more than thrilled. I mean, who doesn’t love racing in 40 degree pouring rain?  I actually didn’t care, either way, I was just happy the Surf N Santa wasn’t canceled.

I got to the Virginia Beach Convention Center an hour early and had no interest in going back outside or warming up.  After the New York City Marathon, I haven’t been running much (the only other 10 miles I did was a couple of weeks ago.  I felt like death and it ended up with a pulled muscle).  I didn’t want to push my luck.  I also wasn’t overly concerned with my time and wanted to keep warm instead.  In the convention center, I had the honor to meet David (one of the co-founders of Runchat on twitter!)…After basically meeting an internet celebrity, I decided I should probably delayer and head to the Surf N Santa starting line.


When Surf N Santa started, it was overwhelming.  Since the 10 miler and 5k shared a start, there were a lot of people around.  I tried to remind myself not to take it out quickly because I do not have endurance right now. It would hurt.  That was unnecessary.

Mile 1 of the Surf N Santa hurt.  Mile 2 also hurt.  Mile 3 of the Surf N Santa 10 miler and 5k wrapped back around the center (for the 5kers to finish) and I debated doing the 5k…but I didn’t.  I saw the leaders going the opposite way and just pushed on.  (In summary miles 1-3 were thinking why on earth did I think this was a good idea).

Miles 3 and 4 of the Surf N Santa were just spent thinking about how mile 5 was on the boardwalk and going to be windy.  The race went 37 blocks on the boardwalk going into the 30 mph wind (in the rain).  I knew the weather would be miserable because it was cold, raining and I’m not in shape.  It wasn’t a surprise when it was miserable.  I don’t have a great turn of events or story about how I pushed through at the Surf N Santa.  It seemed like the longest part of the Surf N Santa and I just put my head down and went.

Around mile 6 of the Surf N Santa, my hat blew off, but I was lucky a kind gentleman from behind me picked it up and passed it to me.  I cannot thank him off for that or I would have been running off to the beach trying to catch the darn thing.  We ended up running the rest of the Surf N Santa together for the rest of the race, which was nice.

For all the wind we saw in the previous miles, we saw no backwind going in the opposite direction for miles 8 and 9 of the Surf N Santa because the buildings blocked it.

At mile 9 of the Surf N Santa, I realized I was hovering around a 7-minute pace so I decided to just pain train it as hard as I could to finish.  It was stupid because I should have realized I do not have the endurance to pain train an entire mile.  I should have started surging at 9.5.  Regardless mile 10 of the Surf N Santa was the worst mile but when I ran into the convention center, my spirits were lifted.

I don't normally race in hats either but it keeps rain out of my eyes. (I wear contacts)
I don’t usually race in hats either, but it keeps rain out of my eyes. (I wear contacts)

The Surf N Santa finished inside of the Virginia Beach Convention Center, which I thought was pretty cool.

All in all, the Surf N Santa was a great race and I’m happy I drove back to do it.  I always appreciate all J&A Races and I think Jerry and Amy do a great job. The Surf N Santa is no exception and a well put together and fun race. It gave me more motivation to start consistently training again.  Was I expecting a PR at the Surf N Santa?  No of course not.

I wouldn’t expect a PR in that weather if I was training.  I expected to finish the Surf N Santa and have a great time. I love J&A races in VA Beach because they are always a lot of fun and always worth the drive down.  (YAY for Shamrock in March!).

 I finished 8th female overall at the Surf N Santa and 1st in my age group.  (Which the 20-24 age group had less competition then most)

Also this is the first race ever I have worn shorts (Oiselle Rogas). I left my runderwear at home in Jersey but I didn’t get chafing and it wasn’t a big deal.  (though I still prefer runderwear).

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Questions for you:

What is your least favorite racing conditions?  Have you run the Surf N Santa? 

Dad and I have determined we hate the wind.