Thanksgiving Festivities

For Thanksgiving we ended up going back down to see my family in VA.  Although the drive from NJ to VA is only 6-7 hours I can tell that this drive is already going to be a pain when I have to make it.  Knock on wood, I’ll be driving back on Thursday though. (If I can run there is a road race that I really want to do).  I hope so at least.

For me to do the race depends on whether or not I feel comfortable with my knee.  I’m certainly not in good running shape after a solid month off and a few awkward runs in between. (I need to just gain momentum and test it out).  I really want to see some friends more than actually run (I’m looking at you Kris, Theresa and Kristy) so hopefully it all works out.  I wrote about my future training plans yesterday.


Virginia was nice and relaxing.   We always have a relatively small Thanksgiving and it’s normally just my immediate family since most of my relatives live far away (California, northern Canada and Scotland). In unproper blogging technique I forgot to take photos of our Thanksgiving meal.  By forgot I mean I didn’t feel like it. My mom did a great job cooking and we had turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (my favorite), some vegetables for good measure and pumpkin and oreo pie.  I think it was a relatively standard meal.

This is from 2 years ago but it was similar.
This is from 2 years ago but it was similar.

On Friday night I was able to schedule a 90 minute deep tissue massage (only on my legs).  It was one of the most painful massages I’ve ever gotten but it was worth it.  Today I’m going to try and run (my first time since) so we will see how that goes.

After a stop at one of my favorite restaurants in my area JoJacks, we left for NJ.  Nothing exciting on the road trip back…I was driving so I needed to focus on not speeding.  The police were everywhere (Holiday weekend) and with my little firebird plus the fact I have a tendency to speed is like a little beacon of speeding.  That being said I stayed in the right lane and made it home without being pulled over.

Here is my car.
Here is my car.

On a side note I have come to realize that in NJ everyone speeds.  I was going 70 (in a 60) in the right hand lane and being passed like I was standing still.  I knew the moment I tried to floor it to 80-90 and hang with the left hand crew my blog would become LOLZinJail so I swallowed my pride of school buses and tractor trailers passing me.

In cliff notes my Thanksgiving was:

Relaxing (family)

Adorable (my cat)

I like to sit on car hoods.
I like to sit on car hoods.

Delicious (food)

painful (deep tissue massage)

 grandma style (driving home)

And now back to the grind of looking for more jobs.

Questions for you:

How was your Thanksgiving?

How many speeding tickets have you gotten?