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When Turkeys Attack

I don’t want to waste your precious black Friday shopping so I’ll keep a short post for today.  I do all my shopping online so I’m probably still on the internet.

If you know me then you know I’m afraid of birds.  Though there are many birds that I can tolerate, there are three that scare the pants off me. 



Seagulls on VA Beach when tourists drop food

I’m afraid of Turkeys for a multitude of reasons but I guess I will start with my college period in Upstate NY.  One of my closest friends was doing a lot of cycling.  He was training and would go on 100+ mile rides on the weekends through the Adirondacks.  The North Country of Upstate NY is a different world (even more so though normal Upstate, NY and it’s a different planet then NYC).  There are no big cities and towns only have a couple thousand people.  So there he was riding 100 miles (and probably only saw 20 cars the entire journey along “main” roads).

He had stopped to get food and drink in a small town.  He was leaned up against a fence when all of a sudden a wild upstate turkey comes charging at him gobbling.  Not a little baby chicken, but a turkey.  He panicked and got on his bike and tried to ride away but the turkey was chasing him!

As he was trying to leave a few cars were stopped and watching him.  He was in the middle of the road and no one would help!  Then finally he was able to gain enough momentum to get out of the turkey’s sights.  He said the Turkey left him alone because it found something or someone else to follow but he didn’t look back.

Long story short Turkeys attack (or at least in Upstate, NY). 

I was once driving through Upstate to an even more north town then Potsdam and two turkeys flew across the road at windshield level.  They were only about a foot from my car and if they had hit me, they would have shattered the windshield…or dented my hood.

Turkeys are scary creatures and I have no issues eating them for Thanksgiving.

Next time I’ll tell you about my hatred towards Geese perhaps but I don’t think there are holidays dedicated to Geese.  Enjoy Black Friday shopping.

Questions for you:

1.       How was your Thanksgiving? Are you Black Friday Shopping?

2.       Least favorite animal? 

11 thoughts on “When Turkeys Attack”

  1. Ohhh lordy. I was attacked by geese when I was in Florida a few years ago on a run- that was a life experience. As I am sure it was for the many cars and passerbys that saw me running and screaming like a loony with a goose chasing me.

  2. I want to go look at furniture but I haven’t decided if I will today or not! That’s crazy about the turkey! I’m scared of a lot of dogs because I’ve been bit by 3 dogs. One itty bitty dog ran up to me when I was running and bit my leg, and then 2 were my friends. One bit me as soon as I walked into the house and the other bit me while we were just standing in the kitchen. So all of them were completely random and now, I just kind of iffy when I’m around dogs that I don’t know or certain dogs that I do know.

  3. how scary! On a bike ride you are worried about being hitby a car, not attacked by the wild life! Although in college, our campus was in the middle of corn fields and deer were seen often, and sometimes they attacked if you got too close to their den

  4. My Thanksgiving was nice and peaceful. No Black Friday shopping for me. and yes- those geese & turkeys are mean. It’s spiders and creepy crawlers I’m afriad of.

  5. Thank God you’re not scared of Donkeys though, right? Lol.
    I get all my stuff online too… well, actually, I only shop at like 2 stores- Express and Sports Authority, so I think I need to start branching out and exploring some new stores.

    And I freaking hate snakes. Ugh.

  6. Yeah, wild animals up here (and even further north) can get a little weird. When I went running on Thanksgiving, we were on an off-road trail/path, and we spotted a buck–and it almost started chasing us. It was a close call, and unfortunately, I didn’t follow proper blogging technique and take a picture.

  7. Thanksgiving was wonderful (save for the bit of family drama that I think everyone has).

    My least favorite animal is the Cape Buffalo. They are mean, dumb, huge animals. Not a good combo. Pretty much the science to Cape Buffalo comes down to this: if they stare you down, you’re done for. They’ll charge on a whim, they’re strangely fast and they’ll give no mercy while killing (but what wild animal does?). When I was on safari with my family in Botswana, we stayed at a camp where Cape Buffalo were able to just wander through. It was actually a very safe camp despite that. Long story short, one morning a cape buffalo started to stare me down. A hotel employee, ran out, literally picked me up and saved my life. Thank god! That is my ridiculous brush with death, almost being killed by a Cape Buffalo.

  8. hahaha this post is amazing. I was chased by geese one time while running around a lake. I think I got too close to the babies and then the mothers freaked out. Geese bite too. While I’m on the topic of animals that bite, don’t try to feed a zebra. It will bite you and it will hurt like hell. Happy Thanksgiving!

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