Why I Stopped Posting Recipes

I have gotten a lot of questions of why I decided to stop posting waffle and pancake recipes as well as my once a year recipe.  The truth is I posted a year’s worth of pancake and waffle recipes.  I could have kept going and created new and strange waffles.  I was running out of ideas and the more recipes I posted, the slightly stranger and weirder they became. Perhaps later on I’ll add new recipes but for now it was a perfect time to end.  I was moving, I haven’t been eating too many waffles lately and it was getting stale.  I also don’t see myself ever becoming a food or recipe blogger.

As someone with a degree in health and 16 credits in nutrition classes I learned quite a bit about what is healthy and what is not.  It is different than the blogging world “healthy”.  At my house we aren’t eating strange foods you can only obtain at the highest shelf of trader joes.  We are happy with regular peanut butter vesus super almond deluxe.  We are happy eating eggs and toast versus oatmeal.  We are happy eating simple recipes that take about 5 minutes to make.   We would rather go out to eat a few times a week then buy 15 dollar jars of peanut butter or shop at high end grocery stores.

Sure we experiment in the kitchen sometimes (see this dessert pizza).  Literally we just added ½ cup cocoa powder to normal pizza dough and topped with peanut butter…but we don’t cook fancy and gourmet recipes.  Let alone go into the kitchen and create new recipes.


If I want to cook a brand new recipe (fat chance) then I’ll probably google “easy/simple and quick recipe for ______”.

A while ago I thought I could fashion some interesting and creative food posts but then quickly realized that isn’t for me.  The only way my food looks decent most of the time is through 5 or 6 instagram filters and the blur technique.

So yes, while I enjoy eating and would consider myself a “foodie” while eating at restaurants I don’t enjoy cooking and cooking fancy foods.  So in reality I don’t have much to share.

Questions for you:

Do you enjoy cooking? Baking?  Being in the kitchen?

I enjoy being at the fridge and would rather eat cold leftovers then take time to cook a brand new fancy dish.


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  1. I do like baking sometimes, but I actually don’t enjoy cooking and I can’t bring myself to pay Whole Foods prices (sometimes I can’t bring myself to pay Trader Joe’s prices, as I coupon and can get things cheaper at the Harris Teeter). I’ve read blogs where people were college students and shopping at places like WF and I don’t know how they did it. When I was in college I worked multiple jobs, was still broke, and I ate leftover pizza my church group sent home with me and my roommates so we wouldn’t starve. My how times have changed…

    Like you, I’d rather just go out to eat than pay a lot of money at the grocery store and still have to cook. Charleston has tons of delicious restaurants too- it’s really hard NOT to enjoy going out to eat here. Working from home, I’m always wanting to get out of the house too, I think that has a lot to do with it.

    I liked your recipes and even if you don’t post them they are still here for people. Even if you don’t want to be a recipe or food blogger, you like those foods so it’s okay to share occasionally :).

  2. I ALWAYS search that exact same thing. If it’s not easy (aka like 5 ingredients) than I probably won’t even consider making it. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  3. Haha I’d say oatmeal isn’t really that strange a meal! I eat it every day for breakfast and it takes me exactly 4 minutes to make and has two ingredients (milk and oats). But yes I agree that as soon as I see an obscure ingredient in a recipe (one that requires hours of hunting in a supermarket or an expensive purchase from an equally obscure website) I stop reading.
    I love cooking but can’t bake to save my life. I have had many baking disasters (well, not complete diasters…still tasted good but presentation not so great!)

  4. I’m not a cook, I can whip up something really good given a recipe to follow. And I’ve been told I make really good pie crusts…thanks? I am the person who always brings beer or wine to parties. I’d rather go out to eat than stay in.

  5. I love Thanksgiving leftovers either cold or hot! I try to eat healthy as a matter of fact I haven’t had soda in 18 months, maybe and I mean maybe 10 beers in the same time frame. My fast food consists of Subway veggie subs. I however eat mass quantities of Greek yogurt and I love granola. But my pure evil is chocolate. I used to hate chocolate but ever since losing 115 lbs I can’t get enough. I guess there could be worse things in life.

    I do enjoy cooking and one of my favorites is butternut squash soup.

  6. I love cooking, hate baking, and am a total creature of habit and cook variations of the same thing all the time : ) I bake or cook on the stove all my meats and veggies, wild I know. When it comes to flavor combos I just sniff spices and say uhhh huh that looks good. I make it look like everything was well planned though. But in all honesty I have been out of garlic powder for weeks and am just living with out it. So while I consider myself a foodie I hoard my pennies like woah.

  7. I do enjoy cooking but not all the time. I, like you prefer quick and easier things since I’m so busy all the time. I have mastered some seemingly “complex” meals that I can actually whip up in 15 minutes, that definitely helps keep some variety. A few times a year though (particularly) holiday’s, there is nothing that I love more than spending hours in the kitchen cooking or baking.

  8. ‘The only way my food looks decent most of the time is through 5 or 6 instagram filters and the blur technique’ Haha – this would apply to my food as well. Honestly, I think most food looks pretty crap when it’s photographed really close-up, not just HLB concoctions and whatnot.

    I’m really don’t enjoy cooking, baking or being in the kitchen! I mostly stopped posting food because I just eat the same boring stuff most of the time (plus I’m not interested in anyone’s opinion about what I’m eating/not eating) and, as you say, it doesn’t photograph well at all. I did try eating ‘blogger-style’ and making new/elaborate/different meals every single day, and all that happened was that I ate way more than I would normally because I had too much variety and too much choice. It overloaded my tiny brain 😛

    I think there’s too much emphasis being placed on eating a variety of foods – it’s going to be the new blogger trend with multiple ‘challenges’ (seriously, who has time for that?) for every meal. I blame IIN for this, because unfortunately everyone and their blogging friend seems to be studying the same snake-oil ‘curriculum’ with them. Sure, it’s not good to literally eat the same things day in, day out, but never being able to repeat meals or just grab some leftovers is just taking the tendency to overthink and obsess over food to a whole different level.

  9. I love baking, but I don’t enjoy cooking so much. I’m perfectly fine with quick meals, cold leftovers, and eats on repeat, but baking is actually somewhat relaxing for me so I don’t mind putting the extra time in. Well, that and I just like the outcome a lot more.

  10. I wish I wouldn’t spend an arm and a leg on nut butters, but I became obsessed with them over time. I just can’t say no to all of the cool flavors! I’m a marketer’s dream. I will say I’m a much better baker than I am a chef. I love to bake but for some reason, cooking just always goes to the back of my mind… Except pancakes. Those I can make any time. I think it’s just the preparation and chopping which just… nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Lol

  11. I definitely get this and sometimes I find myself feeling reluctant to post a recipe because it is usually as you described: simple, not very exciting and healthy. But hey if one person is reading and did not think to combine what I combined then it’s worth it

  12. I love being in the kitchen, but that being said I just make my own concoctions and not sure everyone would be on board with my simple but tasty meals. Baking makes me happy but I like to do it for others vs myself. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Give me another potato over cookie most days.
    PS. love the sweet pizza! so delicious.

  13. I completely agree with you. I buy Skippy’s all natural peanut butter and have never tired almond butter or anything like that. Sometime’s I use almond milk and sometimes I eat oatmeal but that is the extent of my healthy eating “blogger style.” I love going out to eat! I like to bake cookies fairly often but I have never, ever created my own recipe.

  14. Since when did oatmeal become some “blogger style” food? haha Oatmeal is cheap and like many peoples I grew up eating it. I totally get this post, but I don’t agree with all of it. I appreciate reading your perspective though, I am totally a quick meals/ simple is better kind of person too… no fancy ingredients here. That being said, I do love Trader Joes since it is nearby and have fairly cheap prices for me.

    • I did poorly phrase that. I guess what I meant by oatmeal is oatmeal with 100 different toppings and exotic ingredients. I grew up eating plain oatmeal as well (or the packet kind, adding fruit). I am glad the TJ’s near you has fairly cheep prices. 🙂

  15. Oatmeal isn’t a foodie food, haha. I am so “that girl.” I shop mostly at Kroger and Whole Foods cause I’m picky about meats and stuff, but I don’t really make anything fancy. I don’t enjoy cooking at all, but I enjoy eating.. And I do like feeding the BF food cause if I don’t make a real meal, he’ll eat Doritos for dinner.

    • Kroger is my absolute favorite grocery store. I guess the oatmeal I am referring to is oatmeal with 10000 toppings or cold oats. I think there is a huge difference between oatmeal and blogger oats but that being said if it works for them…it works for them. Just not me HA

  16. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to meal prep. Hey, I know what works, what’s easy, and what I like. And with baking, I’ll go through phases; like during the holidays, I can’t bake enough. In terms of both cooking and baking, if a recipe calls for a ton of ingredients, then it’s less likely I’ll make it, especially if I don’t have many on-hand.

  17. I eat about 80% Paleo, which I guess would make me one of the “blogging world” people you are talking about. Most of my meals, however, don’t look to pretty and don’t take very long to make either. I eat this way because it genuinely makes me feel better than not eating this way. I still go out to eat, I don’t try to go too exotic, but I don’t eat everything (read: wheat/grains) out there. I think it’s important to eat however you choose to, whether it’s vegan/vegetarian/processed/dairy free/whatever else free as long as it’s because you actually feel good doing it, and I think it’s equally as important to not judge others for their eating choices (not saying you are, just saying some do).

    • I agree with that completely Fiona. You don’t know most bloggers in the real world and judging their food is pointless. Who cares if they are eating such and such, it’s not effecting you. I’m glad to hear it works for you!

  18. I do a lot of cooking from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals. They take longer than 15 minutes, but are usually ‘healthy’ and simple. I went through a stage of buying chia seeds, nut butters etc but I enjoy food more when I stick to the basics (less processed food, more veggies etc).

    It sounds like you’ve got quite a balanced view on your diet, which is quite refreshing to see 🙂

  19. I love this post (and your blog in general). I typically skim over recipe posts in blogs. If that’s your thing and you want to post recipes, then more power to you – it’s just not enjoyable for me to read so I skim. Your candor is awesome.

    I also marvel at the bizarre concoctions and ingredients people come up with. I have never tried almond milk or peanut butter powder or anything else like that. I would probably be healthier if I took more of an interest in what I eat, but since moving past an eating disordered past, I’m more inclined to focus on things in my life other than food. I don’t say this to be judgmental, as I think people’s recoveries can take all different shapes and forms. For me, the focus on food was unhealthy. The less I obsess over what I eat, the better it is for my happiness.

  20. Totally understand this. I began my blog as a food blog since I’ve recently begun cooking and experimenting more in the kitchen, but lately it’s drifted more into the realm of “healthy living” or “just plain random.” I’m kind of like you. I do enjoy food, but often I’m eating a sandwich with the non-fancy PB or making a very simple pasta, stir-fry, etc. I struggle to come up with interesting recipes to share. For some, that’s their forte, but it’s ok if it’s not yours.
    So to answer your question, I enjoy dining at restaurants and discovering new recipes to try, but mostly, it’s about the eating for me! Except with baking–which I often find to be therapeutic (but I’m usually using a recipe I found rather than created).

  21. Obviously I like blogging about food (haha) but I like reading your blog because it’s NOT about food! I like reading blogs that aren’t the same as mine because it’s nice to think about something new!

  22. Alright, so I obviously follow your life via twitter and instagram, but my blog following has been nonexistant. Probably ever since google reader died (RIP.) But alas, I am back. I’ve even decided to update my blog again which is well overdue. I sat trying to figure out what I could even possibly post since all I do is work and I can’t really talk about work much. But I will figure it out 🙂 I am hoping cooking with my main bitch does return, but maybe a baking with my main bitch version. I love baking! In fact once football season ends and I get weekends off, I’m going to try and make healthier versions of desserts since I love dessert so much but am also trying to get my body comp down. Miss you and look forward to reading all about your life some more! I literally just read weeks on weeks of your posts because I was so far behind!!

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