An Actual Feel Good Training Week (75 miles)

I’m not sure why writing this weeks training log was so difficult.  I was just not motivated to sit down and reflect on my week of training.  I’m not sure why because it is one of the more productive weeks I’ve had in the last month.  I didn’t have to take another hit of low mileage because of an injury nor did I run a ton of garbage miles.  In fact, none of mile felt bad.  With the exception of the 10k I did a couple of days ago I felt really good. 

Training for the week:

Monday: Elliptical (easy)
Tuesday: 13.5 run (8:24 pace) felt easy and smooth
Wednesday: 10.61 (8:31 pace)
Thursday: 11.26 untimed
Friday: 11.55 untimed
Saturday: Zero Prostate 10k Race (40:25) total miles: 13
Sunday: 15 Mile Long Run
Total: 75


Thoughts about this week:

Since I am still not at the status that I can run the day after a 20 miler on Monday I decided to cross train.  It was easy and felt good.  My gym plays Spanish techno at full volume so there isn’t a need for me to even bring headphones.  I just watch the Ellen show on TV and listen to beats drop.  I was shocked at how good I felt the entire week except for Wednesday.  It was hot that day and I left a little bit later than usual.  Other than that my runs were pretty simple and there isn’t much to say about them.

Here is a quick summary of my 10k race on Saturday.  It was 85 degrees and in the sun.  I haven’t been doing speedwork so I didn’t expect a 10k to feel that pleasant.  I finished in 40:25 which is about a minute slower than my PR (which was done on an absolutely flat course and in perfect conditions).  I’m not disappointed with it and I’m glad to get some speed in after my arm and then my knee.

I had planned to do another 20 mile long run yesterday but since I was out of town and did a 20 last weekend I decided to shorten it.  I’m at a training point right now that 15 mile runs don’t take as much out of me as they used too.  It’s nice because I know I’ll have energy to bounce back today.

Training plans for next week:

If I can get another week similar to this one I’ll be pleased.  Tim’s family is actually coming down for his flight school graduation this week (!!!), so it’s going to be a very exciting and busy week.  We are hoping to do a 10k this weekend (the once every other month race in Del Rio).  We shall see though because his graduation is far more important than that.

Questions for you:

How was your training last week?

How is the weather where you are?