A Short Stay in Texas

When you pick up and move somewhere without any plan or job it’s a big risk. Before moving to Texas, I had been a mix of excitement and nervousness the entire summer.  While working two jobs I pretended to pack and get ready to move down.  Now that I am a little over a week living in Texas I know I made the right choice.  Though maybe I’m still in the “honeymoon” of moving stage but so far so good.  Though my stay in Texas will only be a honeymoon period.

My biggest worry all summer about moving down was not being able to afford things.  I’m not working right now at all.   I am also not dependent on my parents.

Since I have a better idea of how long I’ll be down here now I can start to look for a job that will keep me occupied.   After assimilating into Texas on Friday I realized that it was not in the cards for me to stay.  Tim found out last Friday which plane he would be flying and where we would be going next.  I knew driving down here that there was a very high possibility we would probably not stay.  I also wanted to be there for  the night he found out.

That being said I will be moving again to just outside of Trenton, NJ.

My best guess is we will be moving in early 2014.  If it’s before 2014 I can successfully say I’ll have lived in four different states this year (read: I’ll have moved four times this year).   I’m rather excited for NJ because it’s exactly where I wanted to go as well as I can finally start looking for a full time job again.  Where we will be living will be less then 2 hours from New York City, an hour from Philadelphia, three from his parents and five from VA Beach.

My thoughts on job hunting now:

Though I don’t have a job right at this very second I will have one sometime soon.  I worked my butt off this summer so that I would be able to support myself while I look for a job for a few months.  That obviously won’t hold me for life…. Like training for a race, I need to constantly remind myself of all these factors so that I don’t get too upset and stressed right now looking around.   As easy as it is for me to type that out, I can assure you I still stressed about finding a job.   I have applied to a few places so hopefully I hear back soon but knowing my luck I will hear back the week before I move.

Thoughts about funemployment:

Yes being unemployed seems like a great gig and I’ve had countless people say they are jealous, please don’t be.  I would prefer to work.  It is highly unlikely that I will find something temporary in my field down in boondocks, Texas (in the middle of fall) but it doesn’t mean I can’t try.  If I cannot locate anything I’ll be looking for something remotely interesting to produce some sort of income for the next few months.  There is a diner down the road that I am sure they could use pancake chefs or coffee brewers.   Once we move to NJ (for four years) I’ll be able to finally settle down and get a full time job again.  That much I’m excited for.

If anything the last year has taught me to be extremely flexible as I have the possibility to live in four locations (and states) in a year.

Questions for you:

How many times have you moved?

Does anyone have any connection to NJ?