Remember the Alamo 13.2 (1:28.40)

After driving for four days, dad and I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a half marathon in San Antonio, Texas.  Last weekend after completing the Rock and Roll half marathon in VA Beach, I thought there was absolutely no way another race could be that hot and humid. (I was terribly wrong).  While Texas is hot it normally isn’t as humid.  That completely went out the window when we saw the low was 80 with the humidity at 80%.  (The high was 90 or so).

After walking outside I knew it was not going to be a fun race.  It was hot, humid, my legs felt heavy and I could go on with more excuses.  I chose to sign up for this race knowing full well everything else I had going on.

We got to the race, picked up our packets and I did my normal half marathon warmup.  Ie: nothing.  Every half marathon I’ve done remotely well in I’ve never done a warmup.  Every half I’ve done a warmup, I haven’t done well.  We lined up at the start and the race director said “in typical cross fit style I’ll count it down…3…2…1…go”.

And we went.

Mile 1-2, I ran with Tim and a pack of 4-5 other guys.  It felt hard and we clocked the first mile at 6:30 and the second was around 6:50.  My legs were heavy and I questioned if I would make it through the race.  I passed one female around the half mile point and remained first female overall.


Around mile 3, the lead cyclist misled the top 5 males in the wrong direction.  The course was a bit confusing and you did a “red loop” twice and a “blue” loop once.  However it was hard to tell which loop which and when each of them started.  The first lead cyclist (There were four) led the males to cut off half of the first loop.  I started to follow (they were about 20 seconds in front) and the second cyclist shouted no no no wrong way.

I quickly turned around, said some four letter words under my breath and followed the cyclist a different way.   I was still wondering whether I was even going the right way.  Then we saw mile marker 3 and I was feeling a lot better.

I felt bad for the other males and I know I would have been livid (I already was) but at the same time I’m happy I got t follow a cyclist because I would not have made it through that race and taken a wrong turn…or ten.


Miles 4-6 I began to roast.  The heat started to take a serious toll on me.  It was getting hot and humid and I had sweat through all my running clothes.  Around mile 5 I saw Stephanie and my spirits instantly skyrocketed.   (photos taken generously by her) I tried to keep my mind off of how hot it was and noticed a dozen deer on the side of the path in the park.

Stephanie and I (post race)
Stephanie and I (post race)

At mile 7 we met up with the 10kers.  They started a bit later and were about a mile into their race.  Mile 7-13.2 were on the same course as the 10k.  I met up with 10kers running between 7:30-8:30 pace which was fine, it just meant for a lot of weaving in and out.  (Mile 7: 6:43)

It provided me with more scenery because I had essentially been running by myself for the entire race.  When passing some high school boys they really started to pick up the pace to hang with me.  I think without fail, high school boys do not like when women pass them.

Miles 8-10 were a bit of a blur.  I was hot and just counting down seconds until the next Gatorade/water stop.  My electrolytes were low and I knew if I didn’t take Gatorade I would have had issues.  I was also started to cramp.  My legs had finally started to feel decent but my stomach was cramping.

Look mom friends
Look mom friends

Mile 11 has always been my favorite mile of a half marathon.  For some reason seeing that I have less than 20 minutes to go motivates me. I started to pick it up and pretend I wasn’t being stabbed by a serious side stitch.  (6:28)  Honestly by this point I wanted the race to be over.

Mile 12 I met up with a 10ker who would not leave me alone.  He asked me my goal time, my PR, everything about running then proceeded to tell me his life story.  I was truly happy for him but please don’t tell me to pick up the pace.  He then proceeded to start coaching me to the finish line and my rage was honestly building.  My anger was building mostly because it was hot, humid, I wanted the race to be over but I was getting really annoyed.  The last thing I wanted was somewhere to tell me to pick up the pace and yap away.

sir leave me alone
sir leave me alone

I finally crossed the finish line in 1:28.40.  Since it was 13.2 miles (as stated in the race registration) my overall pace was 6:43 and I was 1st female overall.

I did win this growler and it goes down for best race prize ever
I did win this growler and it goes down for best race prize ever

Overall thoughts:

It was the most hot and humid race I’ve ever done.  I have never sweat that much.  I didn’t set any goals and was using it more as a training run because of driving and the heat.  I’m happy with my results and my effort was high.  It does make me hungry for a half marathon in decent weather where I could potentially PR.

Questions for you:

Hottest race ever?

Have you ever gotten lost on a race course?