College Growth

Many of my friends (real life and on the internet) are starting college this week.  It’s hard for me to believe that I’m not going to college or anywhere near a college anytime soon.  I spent four years for my undergraduate followed by  a year interning and working at a college.  So long story short this summer has been my time away from the entire college scene with no plans to go back.  (to work or for a graduate degree).

There are plenty of bloggers or websites that are better resources for great (and better) college advice but since I currently have a degree I guess I made it through college and did okay for me.  The best piece of advice I can give is:

Do what makes you happy

I joined swim team my freshman year because it made me happy.  I quit swimming my senior year because it made me happy. (I don’t regret any of the three years I spent swimming). I decided to run because it made me happy.  I said yes to going out on a Friday night 12am and that at the time made me happy. I changed my major to community health senior year of college because it made me more happy (then math).  You only have four years (plus or minus) to do things in college to make you happy.  Don’t let them slide by.

Long story short college should not be an extension of your high school experience.  I went into college thinking I knew exactly who I who I was and no one could tell me otherwise.  I still thought that until the end of junior year when I rediscovered myself little by little.  I started to realize I didn’t have all or any of the answers. My senior year I decided to let people in,  put myself first and I slowly changed into someone I was truly proud of.

I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to grow or find yourself outside of college but I am saying being thrown out of your comfort zone you can truly discover things that make you happy. 

Just to prove I went to college…Here is my college experience in a nut shell:

freshman year
freshman year with my freshman year roommate Kierstin
Sophomore year
Sophomore year with my two suitemates
Junior year leading a swim cheer
Junior year leading a swim cheer with my senior year housemate Julie
senior year
senior year
Also senior year ;)
Also senior year 😉

Questions for you:

When did you find you truly discovered your interests or grew (in college or out)?

For me it wasn’t until my senior year of college when I switched majors, left swimming and made other personal choices.  I would also say I learned a lot about myself the first year out of college working.