Final Arm Updates

After weaseling my way into an appointment with an “elbow specialist” orthopedist I have some exciting news.  Although the ER told me that I was able to run with a fractured elbow I wanted to get a specialist to look at it if I could get an appointment.  If you look dead center in my arm you can see a bruise and cut…that’s all I got.  So much pain for no showing.


I did not claim to have the most serious fracture injury but I have always claimed that I am a bumbling bafoon and an already injury prone runner. I need no help from others to injure myself.

That being said today at the orthopedist I have been cleared to fully return to running and he removed my soft cast. I will be able to run the Rock and Roll half marathon this weekend. That being said I’m not going to race like there is no tomorrow.  I’m going to run and see where it takes me.  Maybe a 1:30 race (that would be amazing) or maybe a 2:00 hour race.  I have absolutely no idea where the race will go. Either way I plan to finish the race at the same injury level as started.  I won’t be swinging my elbow and keep it as safe as possible.

The doctor thinks I’ll be fully healed in less than 4 weeks from the initial break last week. I am feeling very blessed for everyone’s well wishes and the fact that it wasn’t more serious. This week has been a while range of emotions and a wakeup call that you can train as carefully as possible but there is always the unexpected.  I have a few exercises I must do daily involving rotating and moving.  The best thing I can do is continue to progress the movements I can do safely.

So the big question is how was I able to get away with a temporary cast for 6 days and now be running again with a fractured radial head?

I have strived since my only stress fracture 2 years ago to get enough calcium and keep my bones strong.  I have consistently gotten enough calcium and I don’t have brittle bones because of it. I honestly drink 2-3 cups of milk daily, enjoy cheese, dairy and yogurt.  That being said after I was struck I fell on my elbow onto the ground.  I did not fall onto something that shattered or displaced my bone (knocked it out of alignment).  I’m extremely lucky that it just created a small crack which creates pain when I rotate the wrist and fully extend the arm.  It could have been much worse.  

Though I’ll probably mention arm updates occasionally I prefer to put this one in my rear view mirror. I am considering this a minor speed bump in my training and hopefully able to overcome this rather quickly.  This isn’t a stress fracture or leg injury.  Quite honestly it’s a minor broken bone and there is absolutely no reason for me to be worried about my training. 

So here is hoping this is my last injury related post and I’m off to pick up Laura from the airport and Heather tomorrow.


Questions for you:

What are you up to on Labor Day?

Do you get enough calcium? 

Elbow Updates

As you probably know I fractured my elbow.  I know if you follow me on twitter, instagram, blogging, ect. , that I talk about it daily.  First, I can’t thank everyone enough for their well wishes about healing quickly. Believe me I want it to heal as fast as possible too.  It is just a set back in my training because I worked so hard to stay injury free all summer then to be knocked down by a cyclist.  Freak accidents and I go hand in hand.

Incase you wondered I have a nondisplaced fractured radial head.  Essentially this is the most minor of breaks and like a stress fracture didn’t show up on the x ray.  I have another appointment tomorrow and hopefully it shows up on the x-ray then (which means it is healing).

How am I feeling about my elbow?


It hurts but I’m not in immense pain.  It feels like someone is pinching the side of my arm or that I hit my funny bone and that pain is not going away.  From what I have gathered as long as I don’t slip and fall it will heal rather quickly.  If I do fall I could shatter the bone, displace the bone then create all sorts of problems needing surgery.

While the ER doctor last week said I could run if I was careful…I haven’t run anything substantial.  (I ran a mile and my arm felt the same). I also want to see what my orthopedist says tomorrow before running anything too long.   I am happy that I’m able to cross train and keep my elbow in place with absolutely no pain.  If I couldn’t cross train for a month or two, I may go a little nuts but I would rather heal then do something dumb.

To summarize, physically I am not taking any pain medications and my elbow feels like someone is continuously pinching me.


I was already feeling very down with regards to marathon training.  I felt like I was not ready and still had 10 weeks to go.  This weekend was supposed to be a 20 mile long run for me and I knew that would allow me to feel better and more confident.  Since I highly doubt that will be the case, I’m still feeling down on myself.

Do I know if I’ll run the marathon?  No, it’s way too early to tell.  Do I think I will?  Yes.

I’m trying to stay extremely positive because there is nothing that negativity will do.  If I sit here and cry…I’ll still be here crying with a broken arm.  If I try and stay positive and motivated then I’ll be positive and motivated…with a broken arm.

Questions for you:

Have you ever broken a bone?

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? 

ECSC 8k (30:45)

Last weekend I ran and PRed in the ECSC 8k by over a minute.  Even though the events afterwords were unfortunate, I still had a great race and I did want to write a recap.

The race goes along with the East Coast Surfing Championships which are held at VA Beach every August.  Therefore last weekend the beach was much more crowded and parking was a lot harder to come by.  After finally finding a garage to park in, I was able to get my standard 2 mile warmup.

It was a smaller race start then I’m used too and didn’t see a lot of my friends there.  I tried to line up pretty close to the start since it wasn’t a mat start either.  Once we actually started I got into my normal groove.  I didn’t feel awesome but I didn’t feel awful either.

For the first mile I was caught up in the crowd.  There were a lot of people who took it out extremely fast and I had them pushing me.  The course was a straight flat road down and back. There are no hills at VA Beach and the only turn was the turn coming back. There was a lot of wind in one direction though.  During the first mile I was second female overall. (5:48)

I was about 50 feet behind the first female so I really locked her into my sights and tried to push to catch her.  We ended up running the second mile together.  During the second mile, a van backed onto the race course but luckily for us they were a bit further away so it didn’t interfere.  Mile 2 was a little bit of a blur (6:25).

The third mile included a round about turn and onto the boardwalk.  By this point, I had tried to pick it up.  Since we were going the opposite direction the wind was at our back.  I turned to the person next to me and said it should be pretty quick for the second half and it was like instanegative split.  A lot of the ECSC surfers were out cheering which made it pretty cool (6:16).

Mile 4, I started to just feel dead and was trying to hang on for dear life.  It was a pretty hard mile for me.  Since I’m not used to racing 8ks (I’ve done 3), it just felt like an extended 5k.  Two extra bonus miles (6:13).

There were a lot of tourists on the boardwalk for the last mile but I was able to get by them without any falls.  During the last mile, I had felt the other female behind me and she was gaining.  I tried to pick it up too but it was extremely painful.  I was really giving this race everything I had.  I really wanted to hold on for dear life and moved my legs as fast as they would go.  I knew I wasn’t going to have a good kick if it came down to the last 100 meters.  I barely stayed in front of her but if the race had been another .100 meters (If that) I can almost guarantee you she would have passed me (6:03).

Final thoughts on the race:

I honestly don’t know.  This was a great race for me but I don’t have a lot of positive or negative thoughts about the race itself.  I raced my hardest and PRed.  It was a completely flat and fast course (not counting the wind).

Questions for you:

Have you ever been surfing?

What is your least favorite aspect of a course?  (if it’s hilly, lots of turns …ect).

College Growth

Many of my friends (real life and on the internet) are starting college this week.  It’s hard for me to believe that I’m not going to college or anywhere near a college anytime soon.  I spent four years for my undergraduate followed by  a year interning and working at a college.  So long story short this summer has been my time away from the entire college scene with no plans to go back.  (to work or for a graduate degree).

There are plenty of bloggers or websites that are better resources for great (and better) college advice but since I currently have a degree I guess I made it through college and did okay for me.  The best piece of advice I can give is:

Do what makes you happy

I joined swim team my freshman year because it made me happy.  I quit swimming my senior year because it made me happy. (I don’t regret any of the three years I spent swimming). I decided to run because it made me happy.  I said yes to going out on a Friday night 12am and that at the time made me happy. I changed my major to community health senior year of college because it made me more happy (then math).  You only have four years (plus or minus) to do things in college to make you happy.  Don’t let them slide by.

Long story short college should not be an extension of your high school experience.  I went into college thinking I knew exactly who I who I was and no one could tell me otherwise.  I still thought that until the end of junior year when I rediscovered myself little by little.  I started to realize I didn’t have all or any of the answers. My senior year I decided to let people in,  put myself first and I slowly changed into someone I was truly proud of.

I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to grow or find yourself outside of college but I am saying being thrown out of your comfort zone you can truly discover things that make you happy. 

Just to prove I went to college…Here is my college experience in a nut shell:

freshman year
freshman year with my freshman year roommate Kierstin
Sophomore year
Sophomore year with my two suitemates
Junior year leading a swim cheer
Junior year leading a swim cheer with my senior year housemate Julie
senior year
senior year
Also senior year ;)
Also senior year 😉

Questions for you:

When did you find you truly discovered your interests or grew (in college or out)?

For me it wasn’t until my senior year of college when I switched majors, left swimming and made other personal choices.  I would also say I learned a lot about myself the first year out of college working.

Fractured Elbow and Training

Nine weeks to go for the New York City marathon and I manage to get a fractured elbow but at least it isn’t a stress fracture in my leg.  Right now I cannot tell you whether I’ll be running with a cast or not.  I have a nondisplaced radial head in my elbow.  Basically that means that there is a small crack in my elbow.  What does that mean for me personally?  My elbow hurts a lot and I’m currently taking 800 mg IB.  I have not taken the Vicodin that they also prescribed for intense pain because I’m not in that much pain.

After a great 8k race for me (30:45), I headed down the VA Beach side walk to cool down.  I ran out 1.5 miles and while running back a cyclist on a beach cruiser came out of a parking lot and hit me.  I immediately fell to the ground directly on my elbow.  I didn’t hear a crack or break and it felt like I had hit my funny bone.  The cyclist did not stop and muttered sorry as I was still laying on the ground. 

After getting up I noticed my knee, shoulder and elbow were bleeding profusely.  I was able to run back where I met my dad and started talking to him and washed up.  During my run back my arm felt “funny” but it didn’t feel awful.  (I think I still had a lot of adrenaline pumping through) but as we headed home it started to get progressively worse and by the time we were home, in my gut I knew it was broken. 

After getting x-rays at the hospital, they told me I had a nondisplaced radial head fracture in my elbow.  They put a soft cast on it and said it would be 4-6 weeks for it to fully heal.  I asked what this meant for running, for work, my move, ect.

Considering I cannot lift anything heavy right now (or do anything weight baring) I took a leave of absence at work.  (my last day should have been this coming Friday but now I’m done for good).  Packing will be tougher because I have a lot of heavy boxes to lift.

The question I have gotten the most is how is the going to affect my training?

Honestly  I don’t know yet.  I don’t have an injury that affects my legs.  I might try running but I’m going to be extremely careful and see where it takes me.  If it hurts, I won’t do it.  If that means giving up the NYC marathon, I’ll be heartbroken but that is what I’ll have to do.  Six weeks away is the first week of October and seasoned marathoners could probably get away with training for a marathon in a month.  I’m  not a seasoned marathoner.  Long story short, I have no idea where my training is going.  I am trying to be positive, I truly am, but it seems like I cannot catch a break.  I worked my butt off this summer creating a base and staying injury free.

There isn’t much I can do and feeling sorry for myself and making myself more miserable will just make the situation worse so with that I’ll attempt to stay busy in my last week in VA.  Hopefully that might include a run or two but I couldn’t tell you.


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