Rewriting NYC Marathon Training Week 5

I had written a rather lengthy blog post about changing my training and why a sub 19 minute 5k would probably not happen this training cycle and I was fine with that.  From Friday until Sunday, I had been (and am) working 10 hour days each day.  Needless to say when I signed up for a local 5k at 7 am 30 minutes away, I had somewhat regretted that in the midst of all of the work.  I toyed around with doing it but ended up deciding that I would do it.  (That is what happens me when you actually pay for races).

But anyways, I feel like my only summer goal of conquering a sub 19 minute 5k again is achieved and I’ll recap the entire race later in the week.

I have quite a few races coming up in August which I’m excited for (and will serve as speed workouts anyways).

July 30: Memorial Scholarship 5k (6:30pm start)

August 10th: Mud Run Obsticle Course Race (with dad…”fun race”)

August 17: Strider 1 mile race (my only track race ever)

August 24: Either ECSC 8k or Patrick Henry Half Marathon

August 30: Rock and Rock Half Marathon VA Beach

So that is quite the varying distances.  So with all that excitement this was a very mentally challenging week for me, but it was also a very productive week.  Which is surprising because every day was a constant battle of should I run or should I not run.

Monday: 11 miles (8:10 pace) after going shopping with mom
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 12.5 miles
Thursday: 15.5 miles at 8:38 pace
Friday: 11.2 miles at 8:52 pace
Saturday: Operation Homefront 5k (18:35 PR!) total miles 12.28
Sunday 13-15…I haven’t decided.
Total: 75ish


I’ll be the first to admit this week was a hot mess as far as training goes.  Running wise, I had honestly felt really lazy and down on myself for the last two weeks.  Between both jobs and just life in general I hadn’t wanted to do speed work.  Monday I didn’t feel like running prior to going shopping with mom, then changed my mind around 5pm when getting home.  I decided to just not run on Tuesday because my GI system was off.  Wednesday I would have normally decided to do speed but I didn’t feel like it.  Thursday I did a long run (because two days before a race that is a good idea) and then Friday was a decent easy run.  Friday was the first day that my GI system wasn’t screaming at me and I didn’t feel completely bloated.  Then Saturday I randomly PRed in the 5k.  So with that I had a surprisingly good week of training.  I got in my miles and PRed, which is something I haven’t done since my 10k in early May.

Training next week:

I hope to be more consistent but I’m actually going on a minivacation to Long Island to do that open water 2 mile swim that I do with my relatives.  I hope I don’t drown but it’s more of a family reunion then anything else.  I honestly could care less about the swim (as long as I don’t die) but I love to to see them.  I’ll work training around that and see where it goes.

Questions for you:

How has your motivation been lately?

Do you have family reunions?

Honestly seeing my two uncles this weekend is about all we have.