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I normally have Monday’s off of both works.  Though I would much prefer a weekend day, I cannot ever complain about having a day off at all.  Normally on Monday’s I try and make it my long run or double workout day since I can’t generally fit it in other places and then of course relaxing and not worrying about work.  When mom asked if I wanted to go to the outlet malls in Williamsburg and was off work as well I wanted a day to forget workouts, forget working and be a real girl.

The previous two weeks I haven’t been having runs that I would really consider enjoyable.  While I finish the runs injury free and not in pain, they haven’t really felt great.  At 5:15 in the morning I was just grumpy and running was not happening then.  When I didn’t sleep well and had no interest in running…I didn’t.  I also didn’t sleep in either because honestly I was just wide awake.  So with that I crawled out of bed and just relaxed at home while mom woke up.

We generally like to turn our shopping adventures to the outlet into an all day event.  On the hour journey north, we couldn’t decide on a restaurant so using trusty foursquare we found a Greek restaurant “The Grecian Plate”.  It was good but it wasn’t enough food for me.  It also wasn’t terribly expensive so I wasn’t too upset.


Before I divulge too much into my shopping adventure, it’s no secret I’m on a budget but I decided to treat myself to a day of shopping and not worry about it.  I work to enjoy and spend money that I earn occasionally and not feel guilty about it.  To give you a remote idea, it was more then I’ve spent in the last week then I have in the last month.  Oh well.

Some key purchases:

Immediately when I saw this romper at BCBG, I fell in love.  I knew it was going to bust my wallet but I also knew it would be a perfect date night outfit in Texas.


I also bought some new MAC makeup at the cosmetic company store.  I know some people don’t wear makeup…but I do and I like MAC.  It lasts a long time and for me that is also a splurge I take.

The other splurge I take is my biannual new wallet purchase from Fossil.  In January I treated myself to a fancy red wallet.  This time I decided to go with a nice tan leather wallet.


Questions for you:
Favorite places to shop? (food and grocery does not count…)

Last thing you and your mom did together?

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  1. That romper is so cute 🙂 Great choice!
    Shopping wise, I really like Ann Taylor Loft, but Target and stores like Ross/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx are on the list as well (for “real” clothes… running clothes shopping is way more fun imo).
    And my mom and I do practically do everything together while I’m home. Usually that’s just hanging out around the house, but I miss it when I’m gone.

  2. I’m a big fan of that romper! I feel like I go in waves with spending money. I won’t spend anything for the longest time and then I just go crazy. Sometimes you just have to splurge a little.

  3. That romper is fabulous, like seriously fabulous. I am so glad you treated yourself, you work so freakin hard and deserve to splurge once in a while! 🙂

    I love shopping at Marshalls/TJ Max because they have a little of everything and for the most part the prices are pretty darn good. That way if I need work clothes but happen to see some cute running things too, it works 🙂

    Last thing I did just me and mom, Lunch a few weeks ago?

    • There is a glorious spot if you come down where there is a TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross all in the same complex…the best part is it’s right down the road from one of my favorite restaurants.

  4. Sometime you just gotta give your body & mind a break. I’m on a pretty tight budget too these days so for the most part I try to avoid “splurging” on things but a little shopping can truly boost your mood! When I went home to visit my family after being away for a couple months I feel like all we did has shop and eat….which is just the way it should be! MY momma and I went out for waffle sandwiches one afternoon and I was THEEE best lunch date 🙂

    P.S. I REALLY like your wallet!

  5. LOVE that romper. Did you by any chance have compression socks on before that pic? hahaha 😀 You totally shouldn’t feel bad about splurging. It’s awesome to be able to treat yourself every now and then. I haven’t exactly been susie saver these days, but I just look at it as enjoying the moment and enjoying life 🙂

    • Actually shockingly that was the one time I did not. I normally wear them under all my pants but I was wearing shorts that day LOL and I won’t parade around in shorts and compression sleeves.

  6. Sometimes you just need a Mom date and forget about money and life in general. I Know when I was down in Hilton Head with the family it was so nice to just let loose and hang out with them…and spend too much money haha.
    Love the romper on you – you pull it off really well!

  7. I love shopping at Outlet malls because even though the stuff is still pricey it makes me feel better if it’s even 15% off. I mean, I’m saving SOMETHING! My favorite place to shop is probably Express… Or Ulta… Or some kind of athletic wear store. My mom and I went to Target last night per usual… I pretty much go everywhere with her!

  8. That romper was made for you. If I had legs that were six feet long like you do, I’d live in outfits like that. As Laura said, you seriously deserve a splurge now and again – you work your arse off more than just about anyone else and you look fabulous in ‘real girl’ clothes, as well as running gear. I can’t ‘do’ the former (honestly, I look so awkward and uncomfortable), so I’m afraid my favourite places to shop tend to be running stores…online, because I will have a breakdown if I have to look at myself in a changing room mirror.

    My Mum and I tend to live in one another’s pockets – it’s not exactly the best idea, but we both have EDs at the opposite ends of the spectrum, so we tend to keep an eye on one another. She seems to love coming to my races because she says it’s the only time she ever sees me happy, but I wish I could convince her to do something for herself more often 🙁


  9. My favorite places to shop:

    My mom and I have worked together for the last year while I’ve been at home. Yesterday we attended my goodbye and good luck party thrown by my boss. It was very sweet 🙂

  10. Nice new wallet! Mine is fossil too, though it is about 6 years old by now I’m sure.

    The last thing my mom and I did together was run Seneca7 together. We don’t see my parents very often since Maine is far from Rochester.

  11. Favorite places to shop… Hollister, Belk, Nike outlet, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Palmetto Moon (local South Carolina/Charleston themed store). Thanks for specifying not food ;).

    I like your new wallet. Fossil is a nice place, we used to go to the Fossil outlet too when we went on family vacations to Tenn. and I bought a few things there, but that was way back in high school. I used to splurge on Mary Kay makeup but now that I work at home and rarely wear it, I just do drugstore. If I get an out-of-the-house gig one day I’ll definitely drop some cash at the counter, though.

    Glad you had fun with your mom too, my mom and I haven’t done much together lately with her living 2 hours away, I wish she’d come visit more often. The last time she visited we just went out to lunch.

  12. My mom and I went out to lunch this past week and browsed around in some shops. I love that she’s only a 25 minute car ride away.

    Shopping isn’t too great here in Pgh but I still manage to buy too many clothes. Although I’ve been good about it lately. My favorite stores as of late are Express and Francesca’s.

  13. Adore that outfit. I am all about not letting training take over, if I am not feeling it oh boy do I just let it go. this morning, I got up and got to work in five minutes flat because my bed was calling and running sounded blah. Happens. I also demand we go to a greek restaurant when and if we meet up. Greek food is the bomb. I guess in my general snark I should ask – wait you didn’t run? totally off the wagon. *ugh*

  14. Love your outfit! Super cute 🙂 I wear MAC too – mostly their eye products. Love their shadows and mascara. I love shopping for my work clothes at Express and get my MAC cosmetics at Macy’s. I like to shop at TJ Maxx for most all of my other clothes. Gotta love a good deal!

  15. I’m glad you took this day with your mom!! I love that romper too and the wallet. When I where make up I like Mac it is good stuff and I don’t think bad stuff should go on the skin honestly. This Monday will also be real life awesome btw😃

  16. I get my clothes from I hate shopping in malls….I’m now addicted to the online personal styling service (and it’s pretty affordable)!

    I am actually hanging out with my mom as I type – I’m knitting a baby blanket for a friend of mine who’s expecting and she’s making a sock monkey for the baby (I’m not that advanced yet). We’re just deciding on yarns now.

  17. Ah ha ha! The only things I like to shop for are FOODS so…. Yeah, not sure I can answer your question! I actually really am NOT a clothes girl, which is NOT GOOD for the industry I am in, but in the end, no one really remember what I am wearing – ha ha! Plus, I ROCK my yoga clothes everywhere I go! They’re just who I am 😉

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