So Much Waffle…So Little Time…

It’s no secret that every Monday I post either a pancake or waffle creation.  Though I try not to be biased, some of my recent favorites have been waffles.  Since really the only recipes I do post are breakfast related I get a few questions on how to create the “perfect” pancake or waffle.  Or I’m generally associated with only eating pancakes or waffles…whatever floats your boat.  Instead of posting a recipe today, I just thought I’d share some of the questions I’ve gotten as of late.

Do you ever use egg whites instead of whole eggs in your recipes?

I personally don’t because I have never had luck with egg whites creating a crunchy waffle.  The waffle has fallen apart more times then I can count with using egg whites.  It has nothing to do with nutrition or calorie count, but I have found that eggs bind the waffle so much better.

Here is what happens when I try to use egg whites...oh well.

What sort of waffle maker do you use?

This one from target.  A little more expensive and I’ve gone through 3 in my lifetime but well worth it.

What is your favorite waffle?

Currently the oreo waffle is my favorite.  My staple and easy to make is probably the red velvet waffle too.  I have been tending towards sweet lately.  I went through a savory waffle phase a few months ago.

How many waffles do you eat daily?

Ha, this question made me laugh.  You see I don’t actually eat waffle and pancakes as much as you would think.  Sometime during the week I have one to create a new recipe.  I normally have a high carbohydrate one before races (3 hours before), and then maybe 2-3 times at other times.  I’d say I probably have 5 or so waffles/pancakes weekly.  It just seems like I have a lot more because that is really the only recipes I post.  Oh well.  (Incase you wondered, I consume a lot of eggs as well).

What do you top your waffle with?

Yogurt, sugar free syrup, peanut butter or if the recipe has a specialty topping…then that.


What kinds of flour do you use for waffle making?

Normally whole wheat or buckwheat (I personally like how dense buckwheat is).  I also use peanut flour if I want a higher protein (only available online I think?).  I’ve used coconut flour once and I just recently posted an oatmeal based waffle.  I don’t use a lot (or any) really specialty flours such as almond meal or whatnot.  I just don’t have a need nor do I really care too.

That’s all the questions I’ve gotten thus far.  You can always ask specifics or more.  I’m here for all your waffle needs.

Questions for you:

Any waffle ideas for next week?

Have you had luck using egg whites?

I don’t know why but they fall apart for me…so I gave up on that quite a while ago.

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  1. I like using egg whites for recipes but you do need to alter the other ingredients as it will change the taste and consistency. Through trial and error I was able to modify some of my favorite recipes to use egg whites instead of whole eggs.

    Have you made a PB & Chocolate waffle (like Reeces)? Now I need to look through your archives to find out. [can you tell I have been on a super sweet kick lately!]

  2. Have you worked out your Waffle logistics for the NYC marathon yet? Do you plan on bringing your waffle maker to the hotel or just take your chances with a local waffle house?

    • Gene! I don’t even know what I’m going to do in the next week let alone that far. Once I figure out aboaut my move, I guess I’ll be more able to start booking plane tickets and then figure out the waffle situation.

  3. I don’t normally comment on your waffle posts, mostly because I hate them. Not your waffles, all waffles. And pancakes. But I LOVE making them for the family. I could make pancakes and waffles for every meal, they are pretty easy and just swapping out a few ingredients can have a big impact. ANYWAY! I made a version of your hummingbird waffle, only in a pancake form, last week and it was a HUGE hit! So that’s random 🙂

  4. I am with you on the egg whites. I use them in pancakes, but not in waffles. For the waffles I want the whole egg. I think it has to do with the heat coming from the bottom and top as opposed to pancakes where it is only from the bottom.

    As for waffles ideas: how about a pecan pie waffle? I mean can you go wrong with that? Now I want to make them myself!

  5. Makes sense that egg whites don’t turn out well – the yolk has the fat that is required for binding the ingredients. Gotta love my food science classes haha.

    Anyways – to say I look forward to your Monday post would be an understatement because I always hope a waffle recipe pops up!
    Have you ever made a coconut variety of pancakes/waffles?

    • I want to pick your brain apart and teach me the ways LOL. I really don’t understand how people can make them with egg whites…I’ve tried multiple times and then gave up because I didn’t see a point and it never worked.

  6. I really want you to make the funfetti waffle. Just because it has sprinkles and sprinkles make everyone happy. Since we’re in the poopy times of summer, it could bring smiles to faces lol! I’ve had luck using egg whites in pancakes but not so much in waffles. I think waffles need more of a bind from the yolks, I guess?

  7. I just recently discovered your blog, and am glad I did! I am a waffle and pancake girl, so I will be trying out all of your recipes in the months ahead!

  8. seriously cant wait for the funfetti attempt. since that dip I had, I want funfetti all the time! And also, I will seriously be raiding your waffle recipes after I get a waffle maker for a wedding gift of course 😉

  9. Egg whites don’t bind the waffle because the yolk is the emulsifier holding things together there. (nutrition student knowledge) I also stray away from specialty flours and stick to my half whole wheat and half buckwheat (I don’t have luck with whole buckwheat). hmmm ideas for next week…Have you made a cookie dough waffle yet? 😉

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