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I feel like I’ve been doing a really good job (unintentionally) of keeping my personal life pretty much nonexistent on here.  Not that I mean too really, it’s just with working (insert broken record here) you don’t have as much of a personal life as you would like.

Last Friday I celebrated my 23rd birthday.  We went to a cute little Italian Bistro in Norfolk, VA called Filini’s.  It’s certainly a well hidden gem back there.  I ordered the (large…it’s interesting you could order either a small, medium or large salad) house salad with chicken.  The lady told me that  large was made for four people and go  for the medium which I guess for normal people it was.  It was 15 dollars and it made the LOLZ full which is saying a lot.  Not only was I full but overly stuffed and any restaurant that is a decent price and can fill me up automatically becomes a winner.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the tomatoes you see pictured are normal sized tomatoes and being sucked into the vortex of the middle of the salad.


We also got muscles beforehand which I really enjoyed too.


And of course, I had to test out their coffee which was good and was able to get a rare shot with mom.  It was a great birthday and I got some really nice gifts from my parents like running shoes, the Oiselle strappy bra and a really cute anchor bracelet that I had been lusting over for a while.


I got my hair styled by a friend of mine’s daughter.  Isn’t she just the cutest? (These are the things I do on my day off).


What else have I been up to the last two weeks since returning back?  In all honesty, not a whole heck of a lot.  I’ve been working like a mad women which that is a post in itself.  Altough I enjoy have a double paycheck right now and being able to afford things that I like, it has created a lot more stress then I really need.  I know it’s stressing me out and trying to find time for everything but luckily I still have some time to meet friends and see my family.  With pretending to pack for Texas, I have giant plate that probably doesn’t have all the best ingredients.  So that’s that.  I actually have a few life posts about stress and social anxiety that I want to type up soon.

Questions for you:

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

Do you tend to overcommit to things? 

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  1. The fun thing about working a lot to make more $ is that eventually you don’t even have time to spend your cash.

    Wait, that isn’t fun.

    P.S. I celebrated my last birthday by doing an Ironman. I feel like it’s all downhill from here.

  2. *hugs* I can believe you’re really stressed. Working in itself is stressful but that many hours, plus the impending move, make it that much more stressful. You’re a super strong lady and can handle it, though. Don’t blame you to keep your personal life off social media though, I’m a little out of tune with it lately and am thinking of taking some sort of social media sabbitical myself.

    That salad looks and sounds delicious, I love a good salad and when it actually fills me up because in many cases they don’t. It looks like you had fun with your parents too and that all of you had a great time. I actually don’t remember what we did for my last birthday except I think dinner out was involved and Clay got me a new laptop (but gave it to me like 3 weeks before my birthday). Anyway, I was really excited about that present :).

  3. You have been doing awesome sticking with things and I am so proud of you- it will all pay off!

    My last birthday (holy cow was almost a year ago) was spent doing nothing really, except went to dinner with my parents. Which was A-OK by me 🙂

  4. I think it sounds like you had a very nice birthday. The last two years mine have been HORRIBLE, one year the entire family and extended family got food poisoning from a family member’s cooking the day before and the next year everyone forgot. So this year I plan to throw myself a larg-ish party/evening out.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday 🙂 Even though I spoke with you on the actual day, I still think you can never have too many birthday wishes.
    I dont know about you, but tomatoes are one of my favorite veggies so bigger is always better in my book 😉

  6. Honestly, I can’t really remember how I celebrated my last birthday but I know I was miserable because of all my knee shit and I definitely cried. Haha, whoopsies. I’m not big on birthdays, anyways, so it really doesn’t matter too much! I definitely overcommit to things and put too much on my plate at once. Since I procrastinate like a champ, this tends to bite me in the ass all the time.

  7. Happy belated birthday! For my birthday in May, I went to the Trump tower for drinks (one drink was $24!) and then a brazilian steakhouse for dinner.

    I do tend to over commit myself but I’ve learned to better plan and organize my life so things don’t get too overwhelming.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Last year, I went to “Wine Wednesday” at a local restaurant I love with some good friends for my birthday and it was a very nice time. My birthday is actually next week and I have nothing planned. Lol. I may treat myself to a haircut and a pedicure or something.
    I didn’t know you were working two jobs! I’m sure the money is nice but I can imagine the stress. Sending good thoughts your way!

  9. Oh yesss, I find myself overcommitting to things quite often. In the back of mind I always think, “oh, this is temporary, and I’ll just get through the next couple of months” but in reality I think I just like being busy, because I continue the cycle after those couple of months have passed. It is so refreshing when a restaurant actually serves salads that fill you up, even if it is supposed to feed 4 people!
    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Hollie!

  10. Happy birthday! Mine was last Wednesday and I went to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in Orlando! And yes, I am always asking for more hours at work and then regretting it cause I feel to stressed about getting all my homework/other commitments done. The extra money usually isn’t worth it lol

  11. happy late birthday! Mine was just yesterday and enjoyed a nice day with Andrew and the fam. Itend to over book and don’t tell anyone know, so I end up stressed, but I’m working on it! haha

  12. OMG I LOVEE Fillinis! Their pastas and pizza are among my favorite! I am glad you got time off for your birthday girl! Keep on chugging and I hope last night went well! Feel free to vent and talk to me today it is a 13 mouse day which means I will be standing for 3+ hours with plenty of time to talk

  13. finally got to catch up about you! Lol–happy birthday again! My first day at my personal trainer job is tomorrow, so that will be exciting. 2 jobs is kind of weird right? But whatever fits.

    Lets catch up again soon for realz

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