Food Blogging

I personally have a lot of both positive and negative thoughts about blogging about food.  On one hand, I enjoy talking about all the food I have when I go out to eat.  I enjoy sharing pancake and waffle creations and occasionally other food.  Occasionally meaning I’ve shared about 5 recipes that aren’t breakfast recipe related but I personally enjoy sharing it.  I’m working on being better at cooking and I know it takes practice, but I’m still not all that great.  I get hungry after workouts and I want something I can make in about 10 minutes tops.

On the negative side, I think sharing food no matter what you share is going to dig you into a hole.   You’ll have someone thinking, wow she works out like that and eats that healthy?  Or wow, I could never run after eat a giant cheeseburger…

Then we get all preachy about how balance is key, you are only seeing a glimpse of my life and try to justify the food from a post.  It’s a lot more blog “political” to share food I guess.  

Personally I don’t feel the need to justify anything that I ate.  It’s no secret that I run around 70 miles weekly.  That post comes out every Sunday…it’s no secret that I’ve weighed 130 pounds for the last 3 years.  I don’t hide that either.  I haven’t lost weight nor have I gained weight.  I feel energized and my body reacts to runs how it’s supposed too.  I’m tired after hard days and I feel rejuvenated after rest days.

There are some days where I probably consume close to 5000 calories.  Why?  I don’t know, I like to go out to eat (some days for multiple meals because that is how my schedule falls…) and there are some days that I’m not hungry and in a deficit.  Ask anyone that I eat at a restaurant at, it’s no secret that I like salads a lot (like at me…good blogger technique!).

Some of my favorite meals to order at restaurants are meals I just have no skills in cooking/baking myself.  This means salads (they are always better…maybe because I almost always get two orders of dressings), eggs (I really enjoy omelets but cannot cook them…no skills), sushi and Greek food.  Those are just things I can think of off the top of my head.

Have I gotten crap for ordering a salad at a restaurant?

Yeah…all the time.  “Hollie, you just ran 10 miles and all you want is a salad”?  Yes, that is all I want right now.  In two hours I’ll want something else.

Have I gotten crap for ordering something because “I’m small”?

Yeah and that annoys me too…”Are you sure you can finish that young lady, it’s pretty big.”  Yes, I’m 100% sure.  Then when I do…oh wow I am so surprised you did…you are so small…where do you hide it.  I normally have a smart comment back like I hide it in the 10 miles I ran coming to eat here…

Just like in the real world, online there is judgment.   Personally, I’m tired of blogs that say “I’m not like the rest of the healthy living blogging world”.  I don’t care if I eat 20 pieces of cake…I still have yet to figure out who these blogs are that don’t say that because it seems a post like that comes out weekly.  There are quite a few blogs that have health issues relating to eating disorders but those aren’t blogs I chose to read.

Do you ever notice in the real world (the world outside of blogging) that people really just don’t care.  Rest days are not a big deal, not broadcasted and oh I’m taking a few days off…just because…I’m eating this piece of cake…just because.  I’m going out to eat with my friends and hanging out doesn’t merit 20 pictures and “I listened to my body which said I wanted a 1000 calorie piece of cheesecake” posts don’t exist.

So that is me on a soap box.  Personally, I enjoy sharing food…I’m very open and upfront with readers and people about my daily diet, running, racing, whatever.  That’s why I have a blog (because I can’t shut up).

Questions for you:

What are your thoughts on sharing food? 

What is your favorite recipe that even I might be able to do?  😉