Savory Crab Waffles

I’ve been really digging savory waffles as of late.  Although I like my chocolate, alcoholic and whatever else…savory has been what I’ve been feeling lately.   Also what I’ve been feeling is cleaning out my hoarding collection whether it’s foodie items or clothes or random junk.  Which is where I found 5 cans of crab meat. 

So I bring you a very simple and awkwardly named savory crab waffle.  That sounds awkward typing out though but I sat here for quite some time and couldn’t think of a better name.


Besides my smoked salmon waffle, this has honestly become my favorite savory waffle to date (and in top 5 favorite waffle recipes).  I like it so much I’ve gone through all five containers of crab meat and will probably end up buying more…then complaining when I grow tired of it and once again have five containers of crab meat.


2/3 cup flour
1 cup water (I tried milk once and it tasted a bit odd to me, water actually tastes better in this case)
¼ feta or crumbly blue cheese
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
Spices I used: Old bay and garlic

Mix water and egg.
Add flour, spices and baking powder.  Add extra water if needed.  Add cheese and about ½ of the craned crab.  (Save the rest of the canned crab for topping).

Mix and pour on waffle maker.

Once done…top with more crab.


Questions for you:

Favorite seafood?

How do you get rid of things when moving?


  1. My favorite seafood is mussels. Steamed with french fries and wine or beer = perfect dinner.

    I usually have a private house sale for my friends first and then I put everything on craigslist/or out on the street so others can take it.

  2. I really like shrimp… I don’t like much other seafood, but it’s pretty awesome that you made a crab waffle. Definitely not something I’ve ever seen before.

  3. Oh! Im super excited about this! I love any seafood. Salmon or crab is my favorite usually. I would never think to put it in a waffle though! Awesome!!

  4. Dear Hollie, a few things for you today. I miss you, I want to eat this waffle right now, and best way to get rid of things is think of the last time you used/wore it….this prevents me from using the excuse “but maybe I’ll need it later”…if you haven’t used it in last year or even less…chances are you can live without it

  5. Do you top these with anything besides crab (I’m looking at syrup)? And do these seriously have blue cheese in them!?!??!?! UGH, stinky cheese <3

  6. I don’t like seafood, and I’m from Maine. I never liked crab at all but I used to eat shrimp, scallops, lobster, fish, etc. I think I make my lobsterman dad a little bit sad, but that’s alright.

  7. I’m actually allergic to seafood… and clutter. Both make me feel kind of uncomfortable 😉 And when it comes to getting rid of things, I’ll either throw them away or donate them. I have a tendency to want to hold on to -everything- just in the off-chance that I might need it 5 years down the road, but I think my dislike of clutter is starting to outweigh my desire to hoard, because it’s been easier to let things go.

  8. As I’m sitting here and eating quinoa for lunch, I now want seafood. You know I love all seafood, but salmon is definitely my favorite. 🙂

  9. I’m pretty sure its impossible for me to see the word “crabs” anywhere without giggling like the immature 12 year old I am….oh well, truth be told crab is my FAVORITE shellfish ever, especially with Old Bay – no wonder this is your favorite waffle, it’s kind of genius and epic.

  10. I love seafood (my guy and I just saw an 11 lb lobster this weekend… literally its claws were the length of my forearm and I’m not exactly a short statured person… absolutely crazy looking. I thought it was fake!) anyways… love seafood but I’m not sure I could stomach a crab waffle with maple syrup.

    I do love savory breakfasts though… savory crepes are my fave.

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