Pretending to Train for Marathon Week 3

What to say about this week of training?

Well for starters, I fully admit I haven’t exactly been doing anything well this week in regards to training.  My pace was off (ie: slower).  My speedwork wasn’t the greatest and I thought I was going into cardiac arrest during my runs…as my pace slowed.   Everyday during my run I thought about how I need to stretch and use my foam roller and everyday after my run I got sidetracked and then ended up being at work realizing I didn’t do it.


Most people will read that first paragraph and say, well why the hell did you keep running?  Just take time off…well it really wasn’t that bad…  

Meh, it was just an off week for me.  If I ran perfect runs every day of every week…I’d be the Olympic champion…in every single running related this.   I still got base building injury free miles in. While typing this is the morning and reflecting I also think I got some sort of head cold during the week which probably wasn’t helping.  I know it wouldn’t be helping.

Monday: AM: 11.11 miles progressive run with last mile at 7:41
  PM: Cybex 100i cross training
Tuesday: 11.11 miles untimed
Wednesday: AM: 11.8 miles total 5 warmup and 6.5 miles tempo (averaging 6:58 pace)
PM: 5 miles shakeout
Thursday: Off
Friday: 11.2 miles easy shakeout
Saturday: CHKD 8k Race (31:48) 15 miles total
Sunday: 11 miles shakeout
Total: 76miles


Which I’m completely happy with regarding this week of training and everything else I had going on. 

The details of Wednesday’s workout are as followed.

It was supposed to be 90+ degrees and there was no way I was doing a tempo run at high noon in the heat with humidity.  So I decided to switch up my miles and do a 5.3 mile loop on trails around my house.  Then I came back and did 6.5 miles at a harder effort.  I knew while doing this workout I wasn’t feeling that great (I chalked it up to being in the AM) as I’m normally able to hold a much quicker pace (read 10 seconds faster per mile in hotter weather) but I mentally got through it.  Then did the PM miles just as easy, shakeout miles.  (instead of doing 10 easy in the morning when it was cooler and 6 hard in the afternoon when it was harder).

Regardless, this certainly wasn’t a highlightable week of training for me.  I think I’m partially under the weather though.  I got some solid cross training in and I’m hoping to be able to get to the pool this week…because right I have a 1 mile swim next Sunday.  Oh well time to move on…I’m becoming less sick and have no running races on the radar until a July 4th 5k.

Next week I hope to get a long run in and speed workout.  Now that I’m getting over being congested, I can have a quality few weeks before my next race.

Questions for you:

Do you workout when sick?

I normally don’t but I just thought it was my usual change in climate (no humidity and cooler from Upstate…to hot and humid in VA)

Are you close with your father?

I am.  Happy Father’s Day to him!