WTF Wednesday: Dude Running

Tim and I don’t get into fights…really ever.  As you can probably guess I mostly laugh at drama…so that’s that.  Except for one time when we were running together in Texas.  It was a long run that we had not planned…I had asked for ten and it ended up being fifteen, it was hot, it was on trails (which I hate) and it was miserable because we weren’t talking.  Not because we were in a fight (that comes later) but because we were running and sometimes when running we go for miles without talking…but we aren’t angry, it just happens.  Not only were we running, the trail was somewhat narrow so we were running single file.  So here I am already miserable, running on a single wide trail, not talking.

Tensions were rising (at least in my head).

I literally stopped nearly in tears and said:  I hate dude running.  Take me to the car and I’m getting my ipod or I’m done with the run.  You can decide.

That is me in my drama queen moment at it’s finest.  No, he didn’t take me to the car.  No I didn’t get my ipod…I sucked it up buttercup and we finished 15 miles.  We chatted a bit more but only because the trail widened and we could.

And that was the end of the one fight we ever got into…all about dude running because I wanted to chat.

Come to think of it, that is literally the only serious argument that I can think of Tim and I have gotten into…

mmm...trails in Texas...
mmm…trails in Texas…

So with that introduction, I thought about the differences between male and females running together.  I really like to run with females a lot.  (Girl power!) I can talk about boy drama, girl drama, gossip…everything and generally other females are the same way (it obviously always depends on personality type too) but by in large the females I have run with will chat the entire run.  It’s fabulous and makes the miles go by so quickly.

I don’t have a lot of experience running with males.  I do know watching the dymanics a lot from cross country running or just watching men run together because I’m creepy…they less tend to chat.  Why run single file?  It’s like some sort of male code that we are all running a race and cannot chat (which chatting during races is “frowned” upon anyways…I would erm know…not).  But in my own personal observations of watching other men run together, they are not nearly as chatty or they might even run single file when completely unnecessary.

Not me.  I’ll run with females gossiping over drama over that any day.  

(Considering I’ve just told you I am more dramatic than a middle school female during runs, I know it makes you want to run with me)

Question for you:

Do you notice a difference in males working out together versus females?

Do you prefer working out solo, with others (male or female), or with large groups?