Friday Virginia Catchups

This week has gone by so slow honestly.  You would think that because it has been a whirlwind of moving, unpacking and looking for jobs it would have sped by.  Sometimes that was the case…but other times…no not really.

That being said I have had some interesting and fun times this week.  Let’s see here…if I can only remember what exactly happened this week that would be good.

Monday I had some job interviews.  Fun times.  I started to unpack my room and then decided that I wanted to rearrange my room…not that you care but I guess I put my pressure of myself for more cleaning than necessary but a chance to get rid of so much crap.

Tuesday I also had job interviews.  I found out I got the job I wanted and will be working Tues-Thur from 10-8.  That is a STRESSFUL, 30 hour week in three days.  It does give me a lot of room to pick up a second job and it doesn’t interfere with running really…at all.  Not that I would not choose a job because it didn’t but honestly I think after an adjustment period I’ll like it.  It will also give me a huge opportunity to pick up a second job.  Once I know exact details I’ll post a little more…maybe.

Wednesday I hung out with Shannon.  We ate a local café suggested by Kate actually.  I’ll review it at another point…long story short…food=good…coffee=bad.


We also photographed with Wawa coffee obviously. (duh wawa coffee is never bad)


Thursday: I filled out a bunch of paper work for my new job and kept cleaning.  I’m certainly living the dream right now…right…

Friday is today and I think I’m going on a date with a friend of mine.

This weekend should be fun.  Saturday I’m running a 10k (a distance I never do.  Is it just me or are 10ks point blank hard to come by these days?  I’m begging for a PR and actually to be under 40 minutes).  I’ve never been under 40 before but for me it’s would bring a lot of confidence to my shorter speed.  (please don’t tell me it’s easily feasible…if it was I would have done it) Although it’s a very flat course…it’s very hot.  Very very hot.  Here is last years ERR race recap incase you forgot…because I did…apparently I was in an epic battle with a lady who kept cutting me off.  Isn’t blog creeping on yourself fun? 

Sunday I think I’m going to the Strawberry festival in Pungo with mom.  Who doesn’t like a festival centered around strawberries and fried dough. Unlike the Lilac festival with Laura a few weeks ago, I won’t be racing…therefore I can eat fried dough and funnel cake and not voms during a race.  (and I fully plan too).

Questions for you:

How was your week?  Any weekend plans?

Anyone racing?  

I can’t wait to see you if you are running the ERR 10k!


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  1. Congrats on the new job!

    My week was crazy busy. I got a new gig myself organizing a Chicago Marathon team and this past week was my first full week (3 days in the office + time outside), I was helping to organize last minute details of my grandmother’s surprise birthday party this weekend, I went to a White Sox game (they won!) and continued training. It was a good week but very busy!

    This weekend I’m going to Colorado for my grandmother’s birthday party – I’ll be out there for the next 10 days to visit family out there.

  2. Ekkk, congrats on the job! That’s awesome news! Even though we shouldn’t accept or reject jobs based on how they affect training, it’s always something to consider, so I’m glad it will work for you. 🙂 Cleaning, organizing, and doing paperwork is so time consuming and exhausting. Hope you have a great race (and lots of fun!) this weekend!

  3. You can’t find a 10k for love or money these days. There will be 2 5ks on the same DAY here and probably 6 half-marathons in the area, but just one 10k all year! I was shockingly bad at the 10k I discovered. I thought it would be a good distance for me but nope.

  4. Congrats on the job!!! Now when are you coming to Richmond?!?! Can your second job just be hanging out with me and drinking coffee in RVA? I vote yes.

  5. We have the opposite problem in the UK – there are too many bloody 10Ks! And it’s a distance I don’t like much either, possibly because my first two years of running I ran a couple of 5Ks and way too many 10Ks. I killed myself trying to break 40 mins but after peaking at 40:22 I gave up and started to focus on building up distance instead. I do some 10Ks on trails now for fun, but I know exactly how hard breaking 40 is if you don’t have a natural love for 6.2 miles. I’m sure you can do it though – best of luck 🙂


    • I am somewhat jealous, I’d rather do 10ks…we had a lot of 15ks instead in upstate NY…what is that crap. I think 40:22 is somewhere around my best in actual 10k.

  6. I’m glad you got the job you wanted and although the hours are long, they are pretty perfect hours! Not too early and not too late! GOOD LUCK on your race tomorrow! Wawa is the best coffee in the world. Okay, best gas station coffee! We have a strawberry festival around here at the end of June. I love it! So many good things!

  7. Congrats on the new job!! Sometimes I think I would rather pack in some longer days to maybe free up another kind of job 🙂 right now I’m all jam packed.

    Anyways- no racing for me, hoping for a 10 mile run tomorrow to get me ready for my half next weekend! 🙂 oh and seeing Kenny Chesney, Eli Young Band, Eric Church, and kasey musgraves Saturday near DC wahoo!!

  8. 10Ks are really rare now. There are a few around here but it seems like half marathons or 5Ks are the way to go. I also like obscure distances like an 8K or a 15K. That’s like an instant PR. My 10K PR last year was actually during a half because I only ran 2 all year and I race a lot.

    Good luck with the job, that’s a lot of hours in 3 days but I think I would like that because it’s like a 4 day weekend every weekend, lol.

      • Well, mine isn’t anymore after this weekend, of course. There’s only 1 8K here, I don’t even think our college runners ran them. Maybe the guys but the girls it was 5K or 6K (D3 school if that matters).

  9. I’m happy for you about the job, and I give you permission to push the bad kids in the pool. This week seriously went slow and lazy and blah. Youre going to rock that 10k and have fun at the festival with your mom, eat some fried dough for me please.

    Is it wrong that I am sad I don’t have plans with you this weekend, ugh why do you have to be so far away!

  10. Strawberry festival = amazing. I totally want to join! haha Congrats on the job, lady! Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  11. I swear, if I didn’t take pictures of a lot of the things I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t remember half of them. Like, I even have to think pretty hard about what I did yesterday. Oh the joys of getting old 😉

    Congrats on getting the job you wanted, girl. Three days a week isn’t bad at all, but 10 hours a day? Dang. At least it still gives you plenty of wiggle room to do other things though. And I’m pretty sure that bad coffee would be a deal-breaker for me… The food would have to be really freaking fantastic for me to overlook that kind of thing.

  12. I work 36hrs in 3 days every third week… And I live 40 min from work. It’s tiring, buy I think three tens won’t be AS tiring… And then you have four days in a row off!!!! Awesome!!

  13. Congratulations on getting the job you wanted, that is always a great thing! I can relate to those types of hours though, it is hard to get into the routine, but once you do I’m sure you will be fine 🙂

    Good luck on your race!

  14. Congratulations on getting a job. It’s good that it’s the job you like! Goodluck! 🙂
    Have fun on your 10k!
    OMG! Strawberry festival! Sounds fun! Have fun!!!

  15. You guys went to Aroma’s yayyy! That salad, I forget which one it is….I always get their House salad haha. But yes, their coffee BLOWS. ugh so bad. Their baked goods I think are probably the best thing they offer. ANYWAY glad you got Wawa coffee instead, always a better choice. And congrats on getting the job you wanted!! You’re right, those are long days but it won’t be all that bad once you get adjusted, especially because it doesn’t interfere with workouts. My internship I was in the office from 9am-7pm so I totally know how that feels. And getting a second job will be a huge bonus – CA$HMONEY$$$$$$$

  16. Congrats on a job offer already, that is fantastic!! Hope the 10k went well. I do think they are much harder to find these days. And extremely challenging to execute well!!

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