Blogging about Blogging

I write this with no target or no one I’m directing this at.  I am merely just collecting all my thoughts about blogging-the good, the bad…the whatever else in between. 

On vacation I did a lot of thinking away from the blog.  I had scheduled a couple of posts and read a few blogs in some downtime I had but other then that…I existed…outside of the blogging world.  Not only existed but I don’t even feel compelled to give you a play by play and daily schedule of what I did…I don’t really share my entire life (shockingly) on social media and I prefer it that way.

I’ve come to realize as I move into another stage of my life, I don’t relate with a lot of bloggers who I used to read very regularly.  I find myself reading a few blogs and just complaining to myself or wanting to offer advice that they don’t want, need or it’s not really my place to say…after all I’m only reading a section of their lives too.

There was a point in my blogging career that I was reading about 30 blogs daily.  (Granted some didn’t post daily but there were upwards of 30 on my reader).  I found myself skimming posts and just wanting to write a comment to get the approval of said blogger.  It got to a point that I was stressed when I couldn’t read blogs.  I would always post blogs because scheduling blogs is easy.  I could write them all on Sunday…have them scheduled for the week and then read blogs and edit them throughout the week.  During that time period, the more peoples blog I commented on…the more that read mine.  I was achieving ultimate blogging status.

My “blogging” was golden…for me at least.

But then I realized or maybe grew up a little bit…if I don’t read the blogs (by read I mean skim) that I have no interest in…I’m saving myself time and I’m saving myself the issue of coming up with things to say that are really forced.  Point blank: Your blog can’t appeal to everyone and that’s fine.  I don’t need to pretend that I enjoy reading something that really just bothers me…or I don’t care about.

As I “grow up” and move into the “real world” I’ve found some blogs that I can’t relate too…

  1. A younger mindset.  I am young and I get that…I’m 22 and that certainly puts me into the younger category of bloggers.  But when you are still in a slightly immature mindset and half the posts are whiney or day to day boyfriend, school and work drama I can’t relate.  You will probably notice I almost never talk about work…day to day issues or drama…you don’t know whose reading and believe me on that one.
  2. Too many giveaways and sponsors.  I love free stuff…but really when every other post is laden with it…it loses its draw.
  3. If all you do is day by day themed posts…marvelous Monday…terrific Tuesday…WIAW…thirsty Thursday…erg you get the point.
  4. Multiple posts daily.   I have a job and a life so will probably only read one. ..Same goes for long posts….(I’ll eat my words for this post).
  5. This shouldn’t bother me but it does and will probably be the first for you to lose me as a reader.  I’m not sure if people realize that when you comment on someone else’s’s still you.  You can’t post “I hate peanut butter” on your blog and then tell another blogger “oh my lanta, peanut butter is the bomb”…but it works with everything.  Be who you are…don’t make up things on your blog, comments, social media…at least if you are going to lie…streamline it all and be believable.

That being said (and this post is getting wordy) but there are a lot of bloggers I can relate too.  Those who leave mystery to their life, aren’t the first to comment on every single persons post, honest…we all have bad days and bad races, runners, swimmers, even some of you bikers who I enjoy reading dearly.  The 12 blogs I am subscribed too come from all different walks of life: still in college, 30 years old, athletes of all backgrounds, losing weight, gaining weight, overcoming long term injuries, struggling to find a real life job, preparing to get married…met in real life…wish I could meet in real life…wordpress…blogging…tumblr…Those who chat with their readers or offer advice when asked.  (lesson learned: don’t give advice unless someone asks point blank).

But that’s that.

Questions for you:

  1.   How many blogs are you subscribed too?
  2.  What makes a good or not so good blog in your opinion?