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Travel for me means throwing most of my cares of nutrition and training out the window and I don’t really deny that.  Lucky for me, Tim likes to run and I like to run so I can get some easy runs in so I don’t really throw any sort of run out the window or feel like a bother basing a schedule around when we run.  Recovering from the Shamrock half though I felt somewhat bad that we would be running much slower than he would like.  Oh well we still ran 71 miles together this week.

But this post isn’t about running.  It’s about some of the delicious food that I got my hands on.  I actually didn’t have very much that I was disappointed in (normally when you go out to eat for 15 meals, you have at least one that was like meh).  I am contemplating adding more dining experiences into my blog.  Since I can’t cook but enjoy blowing my budget at various restaurants it seems like a good idea.

Let’s start with breakfast because those are my favorites.

This seems like it was a million years ago but I got breakfast with Shannon a couple Friday’s ago at a local favorite of ours Broken Egg Bistroshannonandi

If you are ever in the VA Beach area, I highly recommend it.  It’s a small breakfast café and their eggs (not to mention pancakes) are always the bomb.  I tend to go every single time I’m home and every single time I see Shannon.  They refilled my coffee cup at least a dozen times and you know if I can report that I’m good to go.  (OH and they have French vanilla creamer for your coffee on site.  If that isn’t enough to convince you…well…I don’t know what is).

always perfection

always perfection…Coastal Omelet (ie: omelet with crab meat inside)


Moving on to Texas-

Anyways Tim and I also got breakfast twice in the San Antonio area (post runs) at a little café called the Egg and I.  The Egg and I quickly became a Texas favorite of mine since you could get different types of coffee…instead of house you got the choice of house, hazelnut, rainforest and something else tat I forgot.  We chose the hazelnut.


The first day I got the Medetterian Frittata (I still don’t know what the difference between that and omelet is that…both are eggs with things in them).  I tend to get a lot more egg related foods going out to eat because I cannot cook eggs to save my life.   The fresh fruit was actually fresh (that sounds funny but it wasn’t like soggy or weird ha).


We certainly got called out the second day being there again but I’m always a regular places.  I had an Avocado and Chicken Omelet.  I think the avocado and chicken was a little more my style because it was a bit more filling and after running 15 miles…you kind of want that.  I really like avocado (look at me being foodie…what foodie blogger isn’t obsessed with avocado?).


On my last morning before leaving Texas…Tim asks how early I am willing to get up for pancakes.  Which in our case was 3:50 am.  I showered and was ready to leave by 4:15 (I’m pretty high maintenance…just ask when I decide running an extra 10 minutes is better then an extra 10 minutes in the shower).


For these bad boys at the local diner called Skillets (no website).  It’s Tim favorite restaurant and now one of my favorites too.  I got healthy chocolate chip pancakes.  Just kidding, I don’t think they have voodoo pancakes there…I asked a few times though. Like I’ve said a few times, I normally get egg type things at diners because I can’t cook eggs…I try but fail.  They come out burnt and crispy or the yolk breaks…ect.  However, you don’t just not get pancakes at a restaurant with a giant pancakes sign.  These were really good and I know for a fact when I go back to Texas (not if…when) I will be eating there…a lot…everyday…


Anyways, I have a lot more restaurants that I went to (and will continue to post about).  I’m thinking of doing more restaurant related posts.

Question for you: What is the best breakfast place you’ve ever been too?  


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  1. Going out for breakfast is the best! My favorite place is either the Uptown Diner for the Tex Mex (hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, cheese , sausage, & salsa, wrapped in a tortilla) or anywhere with eggs benedict. Thinking about these/looking at your pics is making me sad about my bowl of cereal this morning….

  2. I love going out for pancakes. Not the voodoo kind, either. Give me some straight up diner style pancakes with extra syrup and I’m a happy camper. I judge restaurants by their hot chocolate though, not coffee. If they have a good machine hot chocolate, I’ll definitely go back. I can’t cook either so going out to eat is a pretty regular occurrence for me. You can only eat plain grilled chicken and pasta so many times before it gets old.

    • Those pancakes you got when we went out together looked really good and the whip cream was the bomb. I will never be able to cook…Tim if you are reading this…thanks for erm…making up for that and cleaning…anyways! HA.

  3. I love restaurant posts so keep ’em coming! I’m the exact same way with eggs. I can’t cook them to save my life, but I do like them on occasion. But they have to be really good. Those fritattas/omelettes sound great- and I’m obsessed with avocado, admittedly. 😉
    Sounds like your trip was wonderful. I’d like some Texas weather right about now.

  4. I love breakfast foods and going out for it, but Clay really isn’t a fan (he’s like bah I can cook all this myself… but it’s fun when someone else cooks it, in my opinion). He’s made a fritatta before and I think it is baked for a bit instead of ALL being cooked in a pan, I believe that’s the only difference.

    Favorite breakfast place is the Mountain View diner in Pilot Mountain, NC, which is where we go when we visit Clay’s grandparents. We love it, it’s cheap, and of course always awesome to spend time with them.

    Looks like you guys had a great week of fun eats in TX.

  5. Omelet with crab meat inside?! Pretty much sounds like the greatest ever.

    Breakfast foods are my favorite and I could probably drone on for awhile about it, but when I was in Boston, my friend and I went to this place called Lone Star Taco Bar which had a Mexican-style brunch. We had jalapeño corn cakes which were spicy cornbread pancakes with real maple syrup on the side. Sounds weird, but probably the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time.

  6. Diner pancakes are the BEST. There are two around my area I really want to get to some day because they aren’t just pancakes… They’re stuffed with like cream cheese and things that are delicious. I guess I’m not a good blogger because I’m not really obsessed with avocado. The only way I eat it is if it’s in sushi or guac. I’m too lazy to buy one and scoop out the contents. WORST thing ever is when my egg yolk breaks. It’s SUCH a sad moment.

  7. I love love love going out to breakfast! There is a little truck stop diner where I grew up and they had Pancakes larger than dinner plates and so thick and fluffy! they also had real like farm cut bacon (one of the few times I will eat bacon at a restaurant) and just so good! Plus the customers are interesting to watch- truckers and the like.
    Looks like you had a blast!

  8. I should go out for breakfast more. I loved having pancakes in America when we went there for our honeymoon but the UK is bit more limited in breakfast restaurants. It’s more like greasy spoons with bacon and fried toast, which is good but sometimes you just want pancakes! 🙂

  9. Breakfast/Brunch is my favorite meal to go out for. When I went to visit my brother in Portland, OR, I made sure we went out to breakfast every single day because Portland has what I’m convinced are the greatest breakfast places ever.

  10. I almost never go out to breakfast… I don’t know why?! I really like coffee, so I would probably go somewhere that has “endless coffee” advertised as part of the meal 😉

  11. I love how you base so much of your review on the kind of coffee that the place has available. Definitely one of the most important parts. And it makes me sad because I hardly ever go out to eat for breakfast. The only times it really ends up happening is when I’m on vacation and hitting up whatever restaurant happens to be in the hotel I’m staying at. Hawaii had some places with an amazing selection of fresh fruit, but their pancake situation was pretty sad.

  12. I love breakfast! That’s my favorite meal of the day. There’s this one breakfast place here in Cincinnati that I love. It’s called Annabel’s.
    Love that place. We go there after morning run on weekends. It’s the best breakfast place I’ve tried so far. If ever you come visit Cincinnati, I recommend you go to that place! 🙂 Sooo good! 🙂

  13. Keep the restaurant posts coming – I love seeing what other people like to order at restaurants. This actually is a bit creepy, but I often look around in a restaurant to see what everyone around has ordered and if they seem to be enjoying it. Haha, oops. Creepface alert.

    While I do make A LOT of eggs at home, there’s just something about restaurant eggs that are just SO much tastier. Not even what they add in, but the cooking technique or something! I hardly ever go out for breakfast because it’s the easiest (and cheapest) meal to cook, but I never pass on the opportunity if it presents itself.

  14. 71 miles – talk about getting in some quality time with each other! Hmmmmmm….The best breakfast place I’ve been to is a pancake place in Gatlinburg, TN. The pancakes were to die for. Nothing fancy, just pancakes.

  15. Oh, this made me laugh so much because I made my Voodoo pancakes this morning…I should have put some special vegan chia-coconut flour magic into them and made them into the shape of someone I would like to curse 😉 I also put a few chocolate chips in them though, if that counts for anything haha.

    I’ve never eaten breakfast out! Possibly because I’ll cope with other meals being messed up, but I knows what I likes for breakfast (Hobbitses….) If I could find anywhere that would deal with my awkward ‘needs’ then I’d probably be up for it though – the UK is way behind the US with decent vegan food.


  16. MMM that all looks so good. Everytime I say I’m going to get a sweet breakfast at a diner I always go with the savory-can’t pass up an omelette!

    There’s a diner on my college campus that will always be my favorite for getting breakfast. There usually would be a line come 11 when all the drunk/hungover kids would wakeup. Sometimes I would go after my ROTC PT and beat the crowd since I was done with a workout by 730 and get a milkshake to ‘refuel’… it worked in my mind 🙂

  17. All of your food looks delicious, Hollie! I love going out for breakfast–especially when you get unlimited free coffee refills. 😉 I usually go with some type of egg dish, plus a pancake or two on the side, aka the best of both worlds. 🙂

  18. Ohh man this all looks so good! I used to love going out for breakfast but after not being able to eat gluten, it kind of puts a damper on my pancake jam. Anywho, those pancakes DEFINTELY look like they’re worth being up at 4am for! and the omelettes….yeah I can’t make omelettes that fancy either.

  19. I’m so glad you had a great time with Tim and just did some fun running! I’ve been to the Broken Egg Bistro–cool place!

    I’ve seen the Egg and I in Denver but didn’t get to go! A frittata is like… an egg bake with potatoes sort of as a base. Well, actually, I don’t think it actually needs potatoes so I take that bake. I think its just like a baked omelet–essentially a quiche without a crust.

    The best breakfast place I’ve been to was Mama’s in San Francisco!

  20. ah! I miss our breakfast day! You know I love going out to breakfast and would do so for every meal (well unless you say we are going to Mexican or REAL Italian- I would do that too haha!) I love all places quite honestly and have put the Egg and I on my list of places to go as I drive through all of Texas in August!

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