Training and Passive Aggressive Commenting

This is a dash of training and a dash of my musings.  A combined blog if you will.  I was actually really inspired by the conference I went too to write this post.

First…training for this week.

Monday: 10.5 (treadmill…recovery from 18 on Sunday) 8:42
Tuesday: 11.1 Outdoors (8:40)
Wednesday: 11.35 Treadmill
Thursday: AM: 10.72 Treadmill easy (8:23)
PM: 6.14 Treadmill Progressive (7:18)
Friday: Elliptical (Precor 100i)
Saturday: 10.14 Easy around Buffalo before Conference (8:17)
Sunday: Off
Total: 65 total


All in all, it was a decently productive week for me.  I got outside more than normal which was nice.  I was actually out of town Friday mid-day until Saturday night at a conference.    Sunday I am taking off for personal reasons but I’m not that concerned.

Going into next weekend (the Shamrock half marathon) I would love to tell you I’m as ready as I was for Plattsburgh half last April but I’m not.  I don’t really intend to PR, but I would like to be under 1:30. (not to say PRing wouldn’t be great).  I haven’t done any tempo runs as of late in the 6:XX range because I won’t do them on the treadmill and the weather isn’t inclusive to them here right now.  I’m not running a six minute pace on slick roads…no thanks.  That could be a cop out but it’s fine…my big goal is the Nike Women’s half in April anyways.


Transitioning now, I wanted to talk about something that has kind of been on the forefront of my mine lately via blogging.  It could be because I just went to a conference and spent hours submerged in the information of cyber bullying but I think it’s so relevant to the blogging world.  Note: This is not targeted at any single blogger, it is just a casual observation I’ve made from reading blogs and then reading comments.

Passive Aggressive Commenting

Not cyber bullying as it occurs in high school and college (ie real life peers) but passive aggressive commenting on blogs ect.  As of late, I’ve been seeing a lot of commentary and posts that are very snarky.  From people that aren’t snarky or their blogs originally weren’t.  It blows my mind because I’ll read a post, read that same persons commentary on other’s posts and I can’t take it seriously and I feel like I’m reading

Here is the thing, I post my training for others to read and look at but as of late I’ve noticed a lot of cliquing or passive aggressive commenting.  Something that really bothers me in the RUN BLOG community is the need to compare yourself to everyone and anyone.  The need to compare “oh I can’t run that mileage, that speed…blah blah blah”.  If I were to compare myself to some of my local running idols, it wouldn’t do anything for me.

Now that I think about it, I see it more on dailymile more than anything.  To put this point blank, I’m not a collegiate runner anymore, I’m not under direct supervision of anyone right now (READ: NO COACH) and you know what?  I love it.  I can run how I feel and I have no one to blame for poor runs (not that you can ever blame your roach really for YOUR poor races) but myself and poor training.  I do plan to write another post soon about how blaming your coach for your poor race results is stupid.

What I’m going to say is this…my comments, emails, ect are always very honest to you.  If I think what you are doing is awesome…I’ll tell you and you can know it’s genuine.  If I think what you’re doing is idiotic, I’ll call you out on it or just not comment at all. It’s almost like many bloggers only comment because they want to see you fail or want to outdo you.  (I’m not competing with you nor would I want too).  I won’t say…oh good job when I don’t truly believe it or I’m not happy for you.   I also try not to give advice unless someone asks for it and even then I get somewhat pissy when they ask for advice and don’t take it.  You can only drag a horse to water for so long.

I do admit I’ve posted some things out of #rage but hey that’s life.  I’m not an expert in running, athletics or life…I’m just a normal person who enjoys to run.   Don’t compare yourself to me and I won’t compare myself to you.  We probably aren’t training for the same races or events so our logs will always look different.  Maybe you just want to stay in shape.  GREAT.  Maybe you are training for a marathon. GREAT.  Maybe you are a collegiate runner with a coach.  GREAT.  I’m none of those people so will have different methods for my madness.  In foodie language: “Our bodies are all different, and one persons diet might be another’s poison”…

Questions for you:

Best workout of the week?

What do you think about passive aggressive commenting?