Lake Effect Half Marathon (1:31)

You know this seemed like a great idea to do about 2 weeks ago when I got the notification that I had gotten into the actual race…but when it was snowing and windy all I wanted to do is bond with my personal heater and coffee.

Yes this is makeup from the night I didn't go out and drink so I can't type a post of how I raced hungover.
Yes this is makeup from the night before…no I didn’t go out and drink so I can’t type a post of how I raced hungover.

From when I left my house and during the 45 minute driving, during my warmup and to the front of the race…I wore my Russian headwarmer.  I think I’ll be notorious up here for it. The race itself was freezing (it’s on a lake and who knew Upstate NY is always cold…) but they gave out hand warmers at the start (let’s not even pretend I didn’t take about 10 of those!). I immediately started off in 3rd place for females…where I stayed…the whole time.  I thought maybe I had a chance to catch the second place girl but she kept creeping away since that is what faster runners do.

The course was out and back twice and being on the lake, it made for really windy one direction and not so much the other. It started to snow right at the start (not white out snow but coming down enough) but that is better than sleet, hail or rain at that temperature. My splits ranged from 6:19 to 7:14 depending on the way the wind was blowing.

Oh you know running...the wind is blowing my headwarmer off...
Oh you know running…the wind is blowing my headwarmer off…

During the race I mostly kept to myself, I was with a pack of different people but once we got to around mile 2, I basically stayed in the same position.  Thanking the poor volunteers that were working the race.  One said “You are at the front of the race, you aren’t supposed to talk to me”.  Yeah, they better get used to that.

My watch kept measuring every single mile short. The mile markers were at .9, so I though oh finally a short race…ain’t no one got time to run a full distance half marathon…then they added some weird loop at the very end. So 12 miles I read at 11.81 and I finished at 13.29…that was the worst experience of my life. I would not have minded a short race. (maybe I would have been under 1:30).


Other thoughts:

This was a good race for me.  It wasn’t great or amazing (and four minutes from my PR), but I’m sure I’ll get those comments that it was amazing.  It was still a good race for me.  I didn’t take any gels and that is something that I really would like to work more on.  I’ve been running 90 minutes almost every morning on nothing but water, but I’ve been running 10 miles not 13.

About a month and a half ago I ran the distance series 20k (12.4) at around a 7 minute pace on completely flat ground and no wind. (I also can count it as a top 5 worst race of mine) so this was a bit of confidence booster that I am inching towards PRing. Finally for your comical amusement I had to drive through a white out to get home.

I am getting the award for best Russian hat (Can you tell I'm obsessed with that thing?)
I am getting the award for best Russian hat (Can you tell I’m obsessed with that thing?)

So in short…I ran 10 miles the day beforehand, I have done no speed work and it was cold and windy.  I’m also still using one of the thousand hand warmers that apparently never go bad.  😉

Question for you:

Ever done a race in the snow? 

How about in long pants?  (This is only my second race ever in tights)

Have you ever been to upstate NY? 

Pineapple Upside Down Waffle

Pineapple Upside Down Waffle Recipe

One of my favorite fruits is pineapple.  Before recently, I never thought to incorporate into a waffle form. I’ve had plenty of pineapple upside down cakes, so why couldn’t we try making pineapple upside down waffles? There is no reason…that’s why.

Pineapple Upside Down Waffles

Here is the thing…it doesn’t take a lot to make these.  It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients and truthfully, it doesn’t take a lot of effort either.

Some pineapple…some whipped cream and you are golden.  (or yogurt if you would rather).  Then after thinking, I thought to up the tropical theme and added coconut too. 

Pineapple Upside Down Waffle Ingredients:

½ cup flour

½ cup pineapple chunks

1 egg

1 tablespoon baking powder

¼ cup sweetener (or how much you like)

¼ cup shredded coconut

Water/milk to consistency (or even pineapple juice, almond milk)


Pineapple Upside Down Waffle Recipe Directions:

  1. Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl
  2. Add wet ingredients together and mix in a separate mixing bowl.
  3. Add dry ingredients to the pineapple upside down cake ingredients.
  4. Pour waffle batter into waffle iron and wait until golden brown.
  5. Serve with toppings of choice including more pineapple rings, maple syrup, chocolate chips, or whipped cream.




Pineapple Upside Down Waffles are one of my favorite waffle recipes. Waffle makers make life better right?

Question for you: What is your favorite fruity dessert?

Training, Pulling a Muscle and a Half Marathon

When I put it that way, it sounds like I had a pretty intense week I guess.

  Core: Workout:
Monday: 50 crunches 10.61 miles (treadmill)
1 hour elliptical
Tuesday: 50 crunches 2 hours elliptical
Wednesday: Nike Core crunch 11.4 miles (treadmill)
1 hour elliptical
Thursday: 50 crunches 10.5 miles (treadmill)
6.04 miles tempo treadmill (7:23 pace)
Friday: 50 crunches 10.7 miles treadmill easy
Saturday 60 crunches 10.6 miles treadmill easy
Sunday:   Lake Effect Half Marathon


Thoughts of this week:

The first few days of the week, you may (or may not…) have seen me complaining about my hip.  I pulled a muscle directly above my butt and it made it hurt to do much of anything.  I actually pulled the darn thing from stretching a few days back and it didn’t make it any worse to run on it, it just didn’t feel good. I decided to take 48 hours away from running and if it was still feeling bad, I’d get it checked out.

I also decided to do some elliptical and cross train a bit more (I seemed to have lost that lately being busy) which seemed to make it feel a lot better.   I’m not sure why the cycling motion of the elliptical I use (Precor 100i) helped so much but the different motion felt five times better everytime I left.   My pain was nearly gone by my run on Wednesday morning and it was gone by Thursday.  Nothing like a pulled muscle to make you nervous for the first race you have done in a month and a half.

That being said, I’ll probably just continue to add some cross training in so work different muscles.  My running has been going (knock on wood)  great, but who knows with the treadmill really.  I would like to get off that thing in the near future…oh like when Spring Break happens and I get time off from work.  (That is a post that I’ll write about sometime in the near future…).

Thoughts for my Half Marathon: 

I’ll probably write a race recap sometime soon and post it next week after I actually run it, though isn’t it the trend with bloggers to write a post or product review before they actually try it?  I don’t have any goals for the race seeing as it’s snowy and icy as well as wind.  I have said quite a few times that I had no goals and I know a PR is out of the question due to the weather plus fact that I have done no speed work.  Not some speedwork or a dash of speedwork…no speedwork.

In fact all I really run are 10 milers in the morning before work on a treadmill…by all I really run I mean all that I personally run…I’m not saying it’s not a huge ass commitment or that it isn’t time consuming.  I’m also not belittling myself, merely saying all I do is ten milers…not all I do is ten milers and I want to do more.  If I wanted to do more I would…but I don’t and that is that.  Did you follow all of that?  I’m also untapered (if you look there I ran 10 miles yesterday).  What am I even babbling about?  That being said, I don’t really care that much because it will be nice to see where I am kind of at.  I feel like I have better luck predicting what color your great aunt Mildreds underwear are then to tell you what sort of race I could run.

Question for you:  What was your favorite workout this week? 

Diary of Gym Goer Part 2

Last week I posted some gym favorites that I have in my two gyms.  This week I’ll continue the trend.  Please don’t post a comment that you hope you aren’t one of these people.  Unless you come to my gym I can guarantee you aren’t.  We all have strange quirks and this isn’t meant for anyone to get their panties in a bunch.

Moving on, first to some fun facts I learned this week while mindlessly watching the TV on the treadmill.

  1. There was some sort of big McDonalds or Burger King twitter hack…I told you I was mindless.
  2. They use real life clinical psychologists for the show hoarders.
  3. There is going to be a new season of my a favorite show of mine, Awkward (ie never leaving the gym)
  4. Nutmeg is dangerous if you shoot it up in your vein.  (why was this a top news story?)

Pretty boring week if you ask me.

People I saw in the gym this week:

Chatty McPhee Clone: This girl was screaming on the treadmill on her phone while I was trying to elliptical to Cake Boss.  I could physically here her over the volume in my headphones and I’m pretty sure I’m partially deaf.  At least she left early.

Muscle Quenching Meat Heads: I chose an elliptical near the water fountain (for no reason I just did).  These two bro’s came and got water, made eye contact and left 9 times in an hour (I counted).  Does weight lifting require that much water and making eye contact with me? I wasn’t even wearing booty spanx (because I don’t at the gym).

What What in the Butt of the week:  Let’s be honest here, we could have a different person each week.  This week’s winner I could see bottom booty crack.  What an erm…glorious sight the entire time…not.

Dayumm Bitches Love Me…man: Stared at himself at the mirror the entire time he was on the elliptical.  Keep in mind there are 5 machines between him in the mirror and of course I was the one next to him so it felt like he was staring at me.

They see me smelling…they hating: Yes because you smell like cologne and I wanted to vomit.

Potsdam Undergrad: Someone that went to my undergraduate school when I did.  I think we will become good friends and I have nothing snarky to say I just thought it was worth noting people do exist from there.  She is at graduate school now.

Tanning Flashlight: I think I could get a tan just by using the machine next to her.  I understand planet fitness has tanning beds, but I think you are supposed to work out at the gym more than actually use them.   **I don’t use tanning beds at all…never will and never have.

Question for you:  Any life lessons from the gym this week?  Any noticeable characters?

Making Time for 70+ mile Weeks

Here is probably the biggest question I have received thus far:

How do you make time to workout so much?

Before I answer this question, I am going to emphasize I have been asked in a number of ways.  Sometimes from other athletes who are looking to up their miles (right on).  Some times from nonathletes who think I’m crazy (whatever).  Sometimes in anonymous snarky emails implying I have an eating disorder or exercise entirely too much(false).  Somewhere in there are a few people who are just curious. 

I can break it up like this: I don’t have a family.  I don’t have a family I’m cooking for every night or seeing every night.  I can go to my house after work and sit around or I can go to the gym.  Tim lives 2000 miles away…it’s not like by going to the gym before or after work, or going to bed at 9pm I’m missing out on seeing him.  My family also lives 500 miles away…

Most of my friends are busy at night.  Going along with families…most of my friends are in graduate school or finishing their undergrads and doing homework or taking classes at night so I tend to hang out with them Friday, Saturday or Sunday and when they are free.  For me I have that extra time right now. 

I also don’t need any sort of internal motivation to drive me to the gym.  I get there by myself because I want too.  I don’t waste time by thinking…oh what if I go..what if I don’t.  I just suck it up and go.

I normally try get a 10 mile run in before work.  Work starts at 9 for me and I’m up by 5.  I go to bed by 9:30 every night.  When you have a 10 mile run done before 9am…the after work possibilities are endless…minus when I am tired then I just go home.  That is that.

I know this is pretty short and I’m not really sure what else to say but point blank I make the time.  I don’t not have the time because I don’t have a family to take care of, other people depending on me at night and I have that free time.  When my schedule becomes less flexible…it won’t happen.  You better believe I’ll plan to run high mileage weeks, but I won’t have time for that extra cross training or weight lifting and that is fine.

Finally, my miles are running.  When I say I run 70 miles a week, I’m not running 50 miles a week and biking and swimming (as many triathletes…go you guys!).  I’m just running.  90 minutes of running weekly is still only 10.5 hours a week of running.

So that is how I make the time.

Question for you: How do you make the time for something you enjoy? (work out or not) 

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