Driving and Chilling

I’m back in Virginia…finally.   Meaning I have a ton more time to just simmer down and relax.  This next month is going to be spent being stress free (thank goodness) and just taking time to organize and declutter my life.  As well as updating the blog a little bit.

driving views

driving views

It took me a bit longer than normal to drive home this trip (700 miles), but you see friends it was mostly because I wanted to stop and hang out with Sarah.  She is an awesome runner and actually did something similar to me and quit swim during college.  (though she was an amazing sprinter).  I really feel like we similar in a lot of ways and needless to say when I got there we spent 4 hours just straight up chatting when I got there.  I don’t think we ever ran out of things to say, which is awesome!


We woke up earlyish for a 10 mile run (not planned to be 10…it just happened that way). We could have done anything from 5-10 but it just felt so smooth and easy we just kept going. It literally flew by and didn’t feel like 10 miles or 10 miles of hills…typical.

Then we went to a cute little upscale diner.  When we got there, the hostess seemed rather frazzled and short with the waiter which for some odd reason bothered me a lot.  So I wrote a review (something I never really do).   He was a hilarious waiter and asked me if I wanted more CRACK, erg…coffee.  (But he really did say crack).

Coffee (after I stole some of Sarah's whip cream)

Coffee (after I stole some of Sarah’s whip cream)

I got a smoked salmon omelet (and coffee) while Sarah got pancakes with probably some of the best whip cream I’ve ever seen.  I swear, you didn’t even need syrup…I’d drizzle the pancakes in the whip cream.


So it was certainly a lot of fun and hopefully we get to hang out again very soon. 

On a random side note: If you wanted to nominate me (only if you think so) for funniest running blog…I would love to have that honor.   In my mind I think I’m funny…but I’m mostly just really awkward with no filter.

Question for you: Do you have any plans this weekend or for the Holidays? 


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  1. I’m glad you have some down-time now Hollie! I bet it is much needed and I also am guessing you’re glad to be back in VA (aka: not cold NY!!!). I’m pretty jealous you got to run with Sarah!

  2. O yum a smoked salmon omelet sounds o good! I am glad you are back in VA!!! Your run and breakfast date sound fun! You seem to always get the strange waiters 😉

      • Actually, we have one in the works for early January, a thing with Relay Foods! Details to come, but I think ti’s going to be a REALLY fun meet up!

        But also, if you’re interested in planning something, let me know! We could always use help coordinating things!

  3. I love this!!! It was seriously the best time I’ve had in a long time and I’m always looking for someone to run with and eat breakfast with 🙂
    P.s- as soon as I’m on a computer I am absolutely nominating you for the funniest runner blog. Your sarcasm get me every time. I’m still laughing over the time you tweeted about laying down in the middle of the road because the guy ran a stop sign. I just wish it was on video lol

  4. I’m glad you got to meet and run with Sarah and I’m sorta jealous that I haven’t met or run with many bloggers yet! Plus your food looks delicious including your coffee (no whipped cream at our gas station this morning either!). Glad you had a safe drive back to Va.

  5. Well, I nominated you 🙂 I hope you win!

    I’m glad you had so much fun on your run – it must be great to run with a friend!


  6. SO happy for you to finally be back in VA!!! 🙂 that coffee and omlet look amazing. I’m going to First Crush after graduation with my parents tomorrow so I am counting down the hours til my vanilla latte.. even though I just had one from campus lol. Now that I’m done I can incessantly text you over Christmas break 🙂 and we should skype while I’m in CO!!

  7. that coffee and omelet look so good! 🙂 and yay for a stress-free few weeks! i have a big list of fun things that i want to do- like go to the city with my family, catch up with friends, bake a lot of things, & go on a few other day trips!

  8. Wahoo yay for downtime, own it woman! And goodness, 700 miles is a whole lot of distance, I have never driven that far, and would be a terrible passenger! Boredom would kill me, although that would certainly change if you are traveling with people you care about 🙂

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