Thanksgiving Plan

If you are my instagram, twitter or whatever friend you know I’m in for a hell of a Thanksgiving traveling break. 

indicated by these arrows…

Since I’m posting this on Friday, I’m praying to the high heavens this still remains accurate. 

I took Thursday off of work and traveled down to Baltimore where I stayed with the lovely Tammi (no blog but she does have a dailymile…).  We planned to get dinner then wake up early (read 6:00am to go for a run before my flight left today for Texas).

You’ll know whether or not that happened when I recap my adventure (or if you follow me on twitter LOL).  From Friday until Wednesday, I’ll be spending time in Texas with this lovely fellow.  You probably remember him (or not) from my college days or five months ago when we went to my housemates wedding. 

Then I’ll be flying back into Baltimore Wednesday night (before Thanksgiving) and driving the four hours back to VA Beach, just in time for the Turkey Trot the next morning.  I’m hoping (preying to the high heavens) my foot will be well enough to race a 10k so we shall see. 

Then of course, stuffing my face over Thanksgivng.  (duh). 

Then the following Saturday, I’m meeting Shannon.  I recently started following her blog about a month ago and she is truly an inspiration.  I’m wicked excited for that!

Then driving back to Northern New York on Sunday and stopping to have lunch with this lovely lady.  I always enjoy my visits with her! 

wah. I wish it was warm again.

Question for you: What are you up too on Thanksgiving?  


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  1. I am so sad that I won’t see you at the Turkey Trot. We’ve decided to go home to Philly since we won’t be there for Christmas. Have a great time!

  2. So happy you are able to see some of your favorite people in that whirlwind of a travel schedule, lol. Glad you got your run in this AM! 😉 Safe travels and hope the Turkey Trot goes well!! Enjoy Texas especially! 😉

  3. So fun, you really are traveling so much but I hope that means like five thanksgiving meals. that is how I see it. now we just need a dc date.. I wish I was going to be here earlier on sunday when you come through

  4. Such an awesome week of traveling!! And then in a couple weeks you’ll be heading back towards DC woooooo (can you tell I’m excited?) You’re going to have the busiest thanksgiving break EVER! I’m so excited for you 🙂

  5. Why do you not live in Australia haha… or no rephrase why am I not in the US so you can visit me, or vice versa?! Wahhhh… I love adventures and visiting friends, so much fun! I moved around a lot when I was little so my friends are spread all over the state, I can’t wait to catch up with them these holidays! Really can’t wait to hear about your amazing time in Texas! 🙂

  6. Wow that’s a heck of a lot of travelling. Hope you have an awesome and safe trip (trips?) Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, so I’ll probably be spending this time drooling over all of the delicious turkey dinners I see around the blog world. Maybe I should just celebrate with you guys 😉

  7. cant wait to hear about your travels! and too bad you are stopping in st louis! My parents are having the whole family over- I cant wait for sweet potatoes! (and pie!)

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