WIAW: Before Regionals

As much as I want to say that I went out of way to eat well for my race last weekend, I don’t tell dirty lies.  I always get a lot of questions about how I eat before races, I had a good idea I was running on Saturday but not a good idea about how well I would do…ect.  So to be honest nutrition prerace wasn’t at the top of my thoughts as it sometimes is for bigger races.

The day before  I was a tad nervous, considering I didn’t really have the best base going into this race.  Or anything really.  But that is beside the point.

I had whip cream with a side of ice cream, Thursday night.

I seriously think I like whip cream more then ice cream.

Friday night dinner (since it was travel), I went to the salad bar at Wegmans.  Contrary to many people’s popular belief, you do not need to carb load for a 5k…or 6k.  As long as I didn’t have some huge steak the night before, I’d be fine.  But I do credit this salad to being one of the best I’ve ever made but that could be because it probably had roughly 1000 calories between the cheeses, marinated olives and whatever else I throw in there.

If there is anything that remains constant in my nutritious training cycle is my far too much count of coffee. I didn’t have the luxury of going to a gas station but was able to get about 24 ounces of cream…I mean hotel coffee. 

I had bought several French toast bagels from Wegmans and had one with one of those individual almond butter packets.  I was not about to buy a whole container of PB for one bagel and especially because I somehow accumulated about 5 jars.  (If you know me, you know I enjoy PB  but I’m not obsessed…these 5 containers will probably last me an entire year no joke).

French toast bagels are my fav

Then insert the race here.

After the race and cooldown, I had a container of protein pudding.  I seriously love this stuff too, it is extremely pricey so I don’t buy it a lot.  I do, however, treat myself to it.

My protein stash…the pudding is in the circular containers…I somehow accumulated the other bars

This isn’t an off the wall before/after race post (or you ate that beforehand, oh my stars!) but to be honest I didn’t pay entirely too much to my nutrition as I would for a race that I had been training for if that makes sense.  I hope to have more when I’m running more consistently.

And, of course, if you want to link up to another PMB tomorrow (which you should).  Here is the photo!

Questions for you: Favorite pre/post race foods?


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  1. I think you’re the only blogger I know who isn’t obsessed with peanut butter LOL.. I believe I go through 5 jars in a month :p. Also, your salad looks delish.. Mine are always full of calories as well due to the massive amount of dressing I use haha. Again, you did SO well on your race Hollie! Have a great day 🙂

  2. Pre race/long run I don’t like to eat anything if the run is first thing in the morning. The night before though I eat a typical dinner and have a protein hot chocolate.
    Post race is a whole other game. Usually I’m pretty nauseous right when I get done but once that subsides I like some cheese fries wth ranch to dip yummmm oh and peanut butter ice cream if available!

  3. I love that you had a bagel for breakfast. Keeping it real! My entire team refuses to eat anything but oatmeal. It drives me CRAZY! Not only because it makes me feel like I’m not being a “real” runner if I’m not eating oatmeal too, but also because our school provides us with PANERA bagels before every meet, and they just go to waste because everyone brings their own breakfast! Okay, end of rant here.
    Also, ice cream before a race- I 100% approve. Thanks for keeping it real, girl!

    • Why oatmeal? LOL, I’m not even oatmeal obsessed actually. Your school provides Panera bagels and no one eats them? That is probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard! BOOOO.

  4. I am SO EXCITED with how well you raced!!!
    seriously you just proved that OVERALL fitness and a solid mental effort will allow you to run well, even when weeks-months are spent not running!
    French Toast bagel?! I have never had one! it looks so good!
    I am the same way with PB, I have friends come over and laugh at my pantry because I have about 4-5 opened jars (all different kinds) each with a few spoonfuls taken out. A jar lasts me ~2-months. I could live without the stuff. but NEVER live without coffee! 🙂
    ahhhh Quest Bars, nom! the Protein pudding scares me a little (I think because the packaging looks so intense!) I loveeee me some post-race protein!
    I hope you’ve been having a great week! I know you’re counting down the days to your vacation! 🙂

  5. whoa protein pudding? what is that stuff! I actually never really carb load even before half marathons. i just don’t need it, I eat enough carbs on a normal basis to feel good. I usually eat more protein than normal before races. and I really only like whipped cream, forget the ice cream all together.

  6. I know I don’t NEEEEED to carb load for anything under a 10K, but I use any run as an excuse to eat a lot of carbs! HAHA. That protein pudding sounds awesome! Your eats are still awesome for not preparing. This would probably be my normal food.

  7. I’ve never heard of that protein pudding stuff. Crazy! I try to gradually carbo load for marathons but never the night before. It’s way too risky that I’ll wake up with a fully belly and be uncomfortable during the entire race. I like to run w/ a little less in my stomach than most so i usually have big meals 1-2 days before the race, a big lunch the day before, and then a smaller/lighter dinner. It works for me!

  8. Every. Single. Thing. Looks. Delicious. Except pudding in a can?? Never heard of that stuff but I would definitely try it! Your phrases are my favorite, like oh my stars. I will *try* not to steal them 🙂

  9. Oh my, this post made me quite hungry, and I just ate. I struggle with my diet, so all of those foods looked great. I just feel like I am a bottomless pit. If I could get portion control down, I might actually be able to lean up even more.

    As for pre race food, I just keep it simple: pasta and veggies. I am on a tight budget, so I need minimal ingredients.

  10. wegmans salad nom nom nom… and i swear ice cream before races is great nutrition. I had an ice cream sundae (at stewarts.. obvi) as a post run meal two days before i did race the train this summer.. and as you know i’m not big on whipped cream but i probably eat more sprinkles than ice cream sometimes 🙂 this is making me want another stewarts date….

  11. Hollie — I’ve seen you a tonne through some of my absolute favourite bloggers pages, and I have to say, I’m INCREDIBLY upset that I haven’t yet clicked over here. Just wanted to say — I think you’re fabulous. For this WIAW (props to REAL FOOD lovin’!!), facing adversity, running (oh, the running! 😉 ), and your shining spirit. Never let them get you down — you’re a rockstar. Can’t wait to read more!! 😀

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