Training for Life Week 1

Here’s the thing.  I don’t really have any goal races in the near future and I’m just taking it as it comes.

I can slowly get back into running and my cyst is the size of a pea.  Well that is nice, but there is a very good (25% chance) that it could enlarge again the size of a golf ball.

Does that terrify me and make me never want to run again?

Oh hell yes.  That shit was painful.

I just want to be back here.

With that being said, I’m cleared to get back into running and have been all week.  I will be honest (and I don’t really want any comments about it because I am being really careful) but I’m not 100% better.  If before my cortisone shot I was at a 10 of pain, I’m now at a 2 or so.  Which is a lot of healage but I’d prefer to be at 0 personally.  I’m doing everything my coach and doctor says.

That terrifies me.  I have lacked motivation to get back into running because I am so scared to be injured again and enhancing the size of my cyst.  My plantar fascia is still really tight.  My calves are tight.  Everything is tight.

This week I was at a conference for the back half (which is why I wasn’t too up on your blogs).  My workouts were okay, I’m just ya know…terrified of running.

What did I even do this week?

I cut down my elliptical sessions.

And ran about 30 minutes this week.  Well that seems like a lot.  One, my injury was NOT running related.  Two, I was running over 90 miles when not injured.   Three, I’m not running on hills or very fast (for me).

I had the option of going to run in our conference race this weekend and I declined it.   It was painful knowing that I could physically complete the 6k but seeing as I am already more fearful of running then snakes I decided not too.

I’ve been stretching, doing leg exercising to strengthen the muscles as well as trying to maintain my core muscles.  It’s been going well now.  But I really hate this phase of training more then anything (returning from injury).

Questions for you:

1.       What is your biggest fear?

2.       Have you ever come back from a serious injury?