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I have been scouring the world for new blogs to read.  I love finding new friends!   Finally coming back from my conference, it’s so nice to just relax and read blogs.  I was busy all week and now all I want is to drink massive amounts of coffee and read blogs.  Maybe watch some trashy tv too…

I have actually have the honor to meet Courtney in real life at several races.  Currently living in VA, she is a kickbutt triathaloner (as in she just did a 70.3) and such an amazingly nice person too.  I can’t wait to see how her tri training goes and the rest of her training.

Second, Rachel actually goes to my neighboring college.  She is a seriously powerhouse collegiate runner and I will not surprised when in two weeks she comes in the top 25 of our 300+ conference.  She is super nice and seriously, the only reason I want to go visit Potsdam right now LOL.

Such a gorgeous running photo at a championship meet last year. We were actually both tagged in this photo before we even knew each other! #creepstatus

Finally, we have Melissa at RunScootsRun.  She is also a very fast runner (running 7:30 13.1s a few days after she thought she had a stress fracture.).  She is super nice and I actually stalk her twitter and instagram everyday because well…I’m creepy.  Can I be her when I grow up?  We need to meet in real life so I can spam my blog with photos of you like no big deal.

Question for you: Who is your favorite blog to read?  Is it yourself?  (that’s cool too! ) 


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  1. I’m speechless girl. So incredibly sweet of you to mention me…honestly it just made my day and I totally just read this post to my husband. Love your blog/honesty/realism…it’s refreshing and I wish I was still in NY because I would mandate that we hang out, lol. Thank you so much again! Hope you have a great weekend but ill be stalking your twitter and Instagram anyway to see what you’re up to because I guess creepin’ is what bloggers do, haha! 😉

  2. aww thank you SO much Hollie 🙂 you seriously are in inspiration for me between training and everything else real life that we talk about!! You are such an awesome person, genuine, ridiculous and down to earth. I can’t wait to see you next weekend and finally complete our “same person” status haha

    • btw i honestly think that its about THE worst running picture of all time.. both of us have the saggy face thing going on and you can just tell we are enjoying that mud and ridiculously slow course sooooo much ha

  3. I mean, i don’t hate my blog 😛 but my all time fav is! that chick is awesome (Doesn’t hurt she is my BFF/SIL)!

  4. Even though I’m still trying to get the hang of this blog thing, I am so glad that I took the plunge and started one because I’m already loving the connections I’m making with other bloggers! I went to a meetup a couple of months ago and met a ton of fun local bloggers. It’s nice to connect with people with similiar interests.

    My favorite blog is Her recipes are unbelieveable and she is hilarious.

  5. There is NOOO way I could pick a favorite!! I have so many amazing blogs I read!! INCLUDING yours!! I love reading all of them equally for different reasons!

  6. Yay! Thanks 4 the great blogs to read. I can’t wait to check them out along with all the blogs from others comments. 🙂

  7. How sweet of you to mention these 3 awesome ladies. You are too sweet Hollie.

    Ah.. I have no favorite. There are so many wonderful blogs that I read daily. ((yours included 🙂 ))

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