Flaming Hot WIAW

I had written up the perfect blog post for today.  What I ate…what happened when I tried something was simply perfectly (okay yeah…no not really) but alas I don’t save my work, I never learn my lessons and closed Microsoft word before transferring into wordpress.  Whoops…Typical Hollie moment.  Better that then the 1500 list of names I had to manually go through…as always worse things in the world. 

So this week, I got outside my comfort zone and bought some new peanut butter.  Why?  Because I was out and needed peanut butter.  But this isn’t just any peanut butter, this was peanut butter and co ( read so many blogs about how great it is…LOL) and tried a weird flavor.  (I literally have been a normal peanut butter fan for…well all my life).  This peanut butter was on sale at the grocery store (price chopper) so I thought…eh it’s the same price and I’ll be adventurous.

I’ll save said story for breakfast.  You should know by now I have a chocolate waffle most mornings.  With about 500 calories per waffle without any peanut butter, it keeps me moving in the morning.  I actually enjoy going to work out on the elliptical with a somewhat full stomach.  If it’s empty I cramp up.  So I normally eat breakfast around 6, go to the gym from 7-8:30 and have work at 9 (most days).

So this peanut butter I bought was actually spicy.  As in my mouth burned and then I had heart burn an hour later.  So with that I’m sticking with normal peanut butter.  Has anyone tried this stuff?

Lunch was with the work gang.  Two of these salads.  Though I do enjoy balsamic dressing , I was feeling very Italian today and got Italian dressing.  My staple work salad at the dining hall is spinach, feta cheese (at least ½ cup), banana peppers, olives (love olives), chicken (and lots of it), dried cherries and walnuts.  It’s so good I always go back for a bonus round.   I really think I have about 1000 calories of salad…I don’t care or mind.


After a rather stressful day at work, I wanted to come home and eat all the cookies in every dining hall for dinner.  Since that might be inappropriate I just made myself a roast beef sandwich.  This might be the greatest sandwich I’ve ever made in my life…partially why I chose to do my WIAW today because normally my food looks like crap.

Grilled on my George Foreman.  Duh. 

Afterwords, I went to the gym and did my core routine.  Nothing too exciting there…  Upon finishing that I was craving something sweet since I forwent all of the cookies.  I was going to get ice cream but they were out of my favorite flavors at Stewerts (upon grumbling) I just went to the fastrack and got a decaf coffee with whip cream and had my greek yogurt protein shake (ie: 1 cup greek yogurt, ½ cup milk, some blueberries, ice cubes and some sweetener).   It sufficed.

Adding sprinkles makes it a constant winner.

Questions for you: 

1.       Have you ever tried that peanut butter?

2.       What did you eat this week?


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  1. I love that you eat normal peanut butter! LOL. That stuff looks pretty intense, I want to say I tried it a while ago. Does it somewhat resemble humus?

    • Reina above is right now that I think about it, it was like a savory peanut butter almost reminding me of spicy hummus or something. It’s not bad by any stretch but I like my peanut butter tasting like…well peanut butter LOL

  2. That protein shake looks delicious. I’ve never had that hot PB but I like the other ones from that brand, I don’t think i’d like a spicy one though.

    You should switch to Windows Live Writer for blogging. I love it :).

  3. Hmm, I can’t figure out if I would love or hate that peanut butter. I love spicy things but in peanut butter? Odd. I LOVE white chocolate so I bought their white chocolate peanut butter. It was so-so. I sadly was not too impressed.

    • I tried white chocolate peanut butter at someone house once and it honestly tasted the exact same too me as normal peanut butter…I have yet to find another PB that I like more then normal if that makes sense!

  4. Props to you for trying something new! Personally I don’t like peanut butter (I’m probably the only blogger out there that doesn’t) but I’m a creature of habit myself so switching up my usual routine would be tough. I’m not a fan of eating a lot before I work out… I’m the opposite where my stomach cramps and feels really heavy if I eat right before I run. But to each his own, right? 🙂
    That sandwich looks. freakin’. delicious! It should be featured on Food Network or something!!

  5. Oh my God, I never thought I’d meet a peanut butter I didn’t like but I tried that PB&Co once and I had to spit it out. I seriously thought I was going to puke – it is SO spicy. I’m surprised they didn’t crush up whole chili peppers and put them in there or something. It’s the only PB I can have in the house and be sure I won’t binge on it, and that’s saying something!

    I love your waffles, salads and sandwiches – they look absolutely gorgeous, particularly the mega-waffle. You are tempting me to buy a waffle-iron now….


  6. SPRINKLES FOR THE WIN, um that salad looks bomb. gosh I wish I could spend a day and eat with you. you really have my taste except I hate peanut butter. small detail – oh and that allergic to gluten thing. damn

  7. I guess I am bring because I buy good ole Skippy PB, lol. My husband buys this organic PB but I prefer Chunky Skippy. That sandwich looks awesome! I love grilled sandwiches/paninis and have a killer sandwich I make every so often (multi grain bread, cut up roaster chicken, spring mix, brie cheese, cranberry chutney…amazing!). I like your eats and the fact that you eat, lol. BTW…love the added sprinkles! 😉

  8. Your pictures don’t look bad at all!! And that salad and sandwich look AMAZING!!!! Yummy! I have a massive addiction to PB right now, but I don’t think I would like it ‘fiery’! hahaha I would definitely love to hear some reviews on this one!

  9. Whaaaat the shit!? SPICY PB!!?!? I LOVE spicy love love it and I can never get enough cayenne on my spaghetti..but this is just too much. YET I feel the need to try it hahaha.

  10. I’ve had my eye on that PB forever! I love spicy, I love peanut. I really want to try it, but yikes, no sale around here so I always talk myself out of it/into my (much cheaper) standby favorite crunchy PB. And pfft, if it’s not the right flavor, I’d totally pass on ice cream too. I love the stuff, but if I get it, it better be exactly what I want! Haha, I’m so demanding about food.

  11. I really love spicy stuff but I don’t like PB at all so I don’t think I’d try this. But if someone made a spicy almond butter I’d be all over that!

    I love that you make waffles. So many bloggers are obsessed with pancakes but waffles are more my thing. They’re so easy to make!

  12. I’ve tried just about all the Peanut Butter and Co. peanut butters EXCEPT the spicy one, haha. I love spicy food, but I generally like peanut butter on sweet things. I’d imagine the spicy one would be good in a thai stir fry or something though.

    This week I have been eating gelato. Lots of gelato.

  13. I love spicy foods and that pb is still too hot for me!!! I’ve made peanut sauces with it but I always dilute it with almond milk or water because it seriously burns my mouth!!

    I like pb&co’s bees knees (w/ honey) and their white chocolate wonderful is good but a little sweet. I like a salty peanut butter!

  14. Um I want your roast beef sandwich! I seriously think I could eat a sandwich for every meal and be satisfied haha.

  15. hahahaha that is the ONE pb&co peanut butter i do not like at all. We have a jar of it. The husband loves it with carrots and celery but bleh I like their chunky and plain.

    This week I have been eating a lot of quick meals with work.

  16. I think the Heat is On pb is perhaps better suited to more savoury foods, like chilli & stuff.
    Pb&Co Dark Chocolate dreams would be AWESOME on that waffle though, I think anyway! Its like peanutty nutella.

  17. I love pb&co – but spicy pb? no thank you. And as much as I love weird and adventurous food combos, pb is one of those things that just needs to be plain and simple! Unless there’s chocolate involved. or vanilla. or maple. (still, simple)

  18. Yeesh, having that PB on that waffles sounds not so great. I love spicy nut butter, but only when I know it’s spicy and I’m prepared. It has to go on the correct thing. I’ve been obsessed with sushi lately.. Thankfully we have it at the dining hall. 😛

  19. Spicy Peanut Butter? That just sounds wrong. I’ve heard good things about PB&Co’s chocolate peanut butter so maybe that is were the money is it? Your sandwich is making me salivate even though I just ate lunch. Why does a pressed sandwich taste so much better?!?!

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