October Strength

So on October 1st, I declared myself some goals.  Since I had basically not been running for an entire month, I needed to mentally wrap my mind around doing something productive.  Really my goal was to ease into running again and strength train.  Since the first probably won’t be happening, I thought I would take a look at the second. 

After all, it’s halfway through the month so I should have made some progress.  I have in the regards to strength training.  I’ve put my running energy into that.  In all honesty, this is probably the first and only month that I will stick to my monthly goals. What else do I have to do?  I can’t run and can’t spend all my time doing cardio.  I enjoy being strong too.  I don’t have a multitude of friends to hang out with at night nor do I have schoolwork…so that leaves me with weight lifting.  I literally don’t have very many excuses not actually achieve my goals…only that I would be too lazy or it’s cold out to get to the gym.  Anyways, I promised I’d start sharing some of my workouts.

I can’t promise that they are exciting, the greatest thing of your life or some new strength training revolution…it’s just what I do and I like it.  I can do the majority of this in my apartment but I choose to go to the gym for a change of scenery.   I do most of it in the aerobics studio room versus the actual dumbbell, powerlifting section of the gym.

This takes me anywhere between 30-45 minutes.  I do my core workout 2-3 times per week and honestly I already feel a lot stronger.  It isn’t really anything I do to get toned, I just wanted to build some strength back in my core.   A lot of it are things that I picked up for p90x or just (creepily) watching others in the gym and thinking…oh neato I want to do that too. 

20 Pushups (I normally do some on my knees too…don’t be a hero here.)
1 minute superman
25 lunges each side
20 wide hand placement pushups
1 minute superman
25 squats
25 lunges each side
20 pushups
2X1 minute plank
1 minute superman
25 lunges each side with bicep curls
50 crunches
20 pushups
50 standing crunches
50 normal crunches
2X1 minute planks
20 pushups

That about sums it up.  I have a small piece of paper I bring to the gym with everything written down because god knows my memory is not that great.  I find pushups to be such a good workout personally.  I’m not saying this great routine and any input is great, but this is just what I do and enjoy doing.  I don’t really enjoy doing any machines in the “cybex” room or whatever.

Questions for you:

What sort of strength do you do? 

Also does anyone have any recommendations for what to refuel with afterwords?  How much protein, ect?  


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  1. I like that strength plan. I do all my strength work at home. We bought a weight bench with the basic arm hang pull, leg lift, and extensions on it for a steal off craigslist. Plus I do push ups, crunches, and planks. I HATE strength work. I’d rather spend that time running two extra miles but it is a necessary evil.

    • YES! I like it in that when it gets cold (it’s already 40 most nights) I can just do it in my apartment and not have many excuses. I feel like strength work for running doesn’t need to be fancy and use all the machines either.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Hollie. I am the same way and have been using bits and peices of what you do. I feel like for me personally just getting to the gym and doing strength training is my biggest problem. When I do it I don’t mind and it doesn’t have to be interesting…I just need to get it done.

    As far as recovery, I normally have a cup of greek yogurt but I am curious to see what more knowledgeable say. I’ll have to check back later.

    • Thanks Reina! I’d love to see what you do as far as full body strength too. Also, are you strengthening your hips a lot after the fractures? I feel like I should work on mine LOL.

  3. Thanks for sharing this workout with us. Maybe I’ll sub this in instead of a 20 minute walk one of these days. Even when I would do circuits like this, I would go to the gym instead of staying at home. I’m not sure what it is, but the scenery at the gym always pushes me 10x more.

    Recovery: Some sort of protein smoothie.

  4. Usually, I lift free weights two or three times a week and do core exercises four or five times a week. (Most of the time, I do them right after I run–already warmed up!) If I can, I plan my workouts around meal times; I’ll workout in the morning, and then eat breakfast for example. If I can’t make my schedule match up, then I’ll make a protein smoothie afterward with some frozen fruit, frozen veggies (loving kale lately), one scoop of protein powder, and almond milk.

  5. I may have to do this tomorrow at the gym, I have been rotating the same cirucuit strength workouts over the past few weeks and need something new! thanks for sharing girlfriend

  6. I feeel like doing this in my office right now, lol. Thank you for sharing…I always try to share the crap that I do too…just because it’s nice to switch it up and try some things others are trying. 🙂

  7. I totally creep on other people in the gym. Especially if they’re on a machine I don’t know how to use and/or working with a trainer… Glad I’m not alone in my probably-not-that-subtle spying ;D

  8. That is quite the workout! We do core work after practice every day (I know… everyone says you aren’t supposed to work the same muscles every day but that’s my team for you) but we don’t do anything with legs (not allowed) and pushups… I get really lazy haha I reallyyy need to get better about strength training. I never see the benefit but since there’s so much research on it, I know it’s important! If I’m feeling extra motivated I’ll do 3 sets of bicep curls and tricep extensions… but that’s the extent of my strength routine lolz

    Chocolate milk!!!!! (or my personal favorite- hot chocolate for those cold winter days)

  9. I do a class at the gym called Body Pump for strength training, it’s super fun. I really like it. I’m not really sure how to refuel afterwards, everyone says extra protein but I usually don’t do that, LOL. I think you already get a lot of protein so probably just do whatever you do after you run.

  10. I NEEEDD to start doing more strength work. While training for my half marathon I had scheduled days for strength, and I did them like..3 times and then started doing cardio instead. I know strength makes you a better runner, but I just couldn’t get into it haha. The only kind of workout I get that helps with this is yoga, but other than that I don’t use weights!

  11. I need to start doing more core again. My core routine typically has a lot of different variations of planks. I like your routine, and I know what you mean about choosing to do it in the gym rather than in your apartment. The gym setting is more motivating in my opinion. What exactly are standing crunches?

  12. I gave up with strength training when running took up too much of my time. Also- after a workout: chocolate milk! Make your own though with 1/2/-1 cup skim milk and 2 tsp chocolate syrup. Or banana and pb or a low cal protein bar!

  13. That is an awesome strength plan! I might try it in my room as a little extra thing because I don’t always get to the gym. I think bodyweight exercises are the best. Whenever I do strength, I try to have a good amount of protein and some carbs (like a tuna sandwich with a good amount of tuna) after my workout, within 30 minutes. It’s supposed to help muscle growth to have a good amount of protein after. 🙂 I’d aim for at least 15-20g.

  14. Oooo I like that strength workout a lot and the plan sounds fantastic! As I said the other day, I do not do enough core and really could benefit form an increase in focus on that area!

  15. I’ve been doing this weekend workout that I found online. But I’ve done it everyday since sunday and I love it. I can watch my netflix while putting the workout in. win win. plus it works out the whole body. I would do your workout but all those pushups make me cringe. my wrists aren’t at it’s best. :/

  16. This workout sounds awesome! I’m working on building more muscle mass and strength. I can do 14 push ups in a row now, I started with just 3(!) 6 weeks ago… so I’m definitely notice improvement. I will try your workout system some time – might adjust some of the moves – but I love the circuit feel to it! Thanks for posting 🙂

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