Injured Training and Musings Week 6

I believe this is week 5 of being injured.  It still hasn’t gotten much better and I’m in nearly the same spot as 5 weeks ago, though I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.   It is still a mental struggle.  I’m still injured and god knows a month ago I wouldn’t ever think I’d still be stuck here. 

But as is life.

I got a cortisone shot last week so I’ll tell you that story.   I was fully expecting to just get X-rays for my broken metarsal and my podiatrist asked how my heel was doing as well.  I told him honestly, it felt the same as when it first started hurting.  He then proceeds to say “well we can give you a shot of cortisone”.  I thought I would have to reschedule the appointment, but oh no he goes back and brings in the shot and said we can do that after the X-ray.

If you know me well then you know I absolutely detest shots.  I’ve had everything from being pricked to draw blood to gotting a spinal tap.  For someone who hates shots and drawing blood, I seem to do it more then the average person.  I also pass out 75% of the time a shot goes into my body.  (This time was no exception…but I woke back up in about 1 minute and then was okay).

So needless to say the shot was the MOST (more painful then my spinal tap) painful thing I’ve ever had.   He even gave me numbing freezing stuff but the moment that the medicine hit my muscle.  Oh. My.  Stars)

I’m currently sitting here 5 days later, with absolutely no relief from my cyst (I’m sure it’s probably the same size too).  I was honestly hoping this was the miracle I was looking for to get rid of my cyst, but it wasn’t.  (at least not now…).

And as far as my bone break is going, it’s almost healed.  Just to give a brief overview on my injury: I have a cyst the size of a golf ball under my plantar fascia (first thought to be PF) which eventually caused the muscle to rip off my 5th metatarsal creating a small break.  Neither of my injuries were caused by running and in fact my bone break was caused after I stopped running completely.  Which is why it’s so darn frustrating.

Moving on…

As I posted sometime last week, I’m really matching my training on the elliptical to my running.  Keep in mind I was running about 90 mile weeks.  There is never a way to match running with non-running but I’m just going on time and effort.

I’m also strengthening my core and working my legs more.  If I can strength train my legs and prevent other running related injuries to occur right now, I won’t complain about that.  If anything, during my injury, my body is reseting itself for another productive 10 months of training..whenever I can start that.

I have gotten a lot of questions about my core activities.  I don’t do anything fancy and it only takes me 15 minutes at most daily.  I normally go through a routine like this: pushups, situps, crunches, planks,  roman twists and I’ll do that for 15 minutes.  I have already found that working more core everyday is making me feel better in life.

 Question for you: 

What do you do to work your core? 

I challenge you to do a core exercise now. 

I’ll do my 15 minutes of core so I can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.