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It’s time for my favorite part of the week, WIAW.  These have become a staple of my blog the last few weeks, which surprises me but it’s all good.  Speaking of food, I updated my recipe page.  You can take a gander but it’s mostly just pancakes and waffle ideas. 


Last week, I was asked to include my whole day including workouts and work and everything.   I don’t mind doing that once in a great while but having a timetable of my day seems so boring (to me I guess because I do it everyday). 

6:00 am wakeup and eat breakfast, read blogs…whatever. 

waffle and peanut butter.


I really wish my gym didn’t open at 7, but it does.  If it opened at 6, I’d brave the cold and go before so I didn’t have to shower and go straight to work.

7:30 Gym time

Not sure why I was in the mood for eggs between the gym and work…but I was…

I spend an hour on the elliptical followed by showering and being a real girl and get to work at 9.  (My job is odd hours sometimes and it requires me to work nights, weekends, whatever depending on the day.  Sometimes I work 8:30-4:30.  Some days I work 12-8). 


Work 9-4:30.  I’m not going to go into a lot of details about my work but it was pretty busy.  Obviously during this time I had lunch.  We went to the dining hall which was pretty good.  I have come to terms that I would rather go to the dining hall then eat at one of the al la carte places because the dining has a lot of more healthy options and I can choose what I want…versus being stuck with one item.  I got a random assortment of whatever was going in that photo.  Asparagus is so expensive in real life so I practically got all of it like no big deal… 

If you didn’t know, I work on a college campus in the health center and they pay for me to eat lunch there most days.  As well as we have meetings there or I meet with students in a more comfortable place there.   So I eat at lot on the actual campus.  (Which my undergrad had better food, but this is fine too ;)) 

Some steak, asparagus and watermelon. Typical campus diet….ya know.


Then from 4:45-6 I spend another hour at the gym.  That particular day I was feeling pretty good (also still somewhat full from the dining hall). I had a nice and pretty moderate workout.

From 6-7, I grilled up some steak and whatever vegetables I had in my fridge.  O days I go to the dining hall I get more then enough of my fair share of veggies because I can eat as many as I want and then normally have more for dinner.  I cannot say that for days I don’t but I’m making best use of my money right?  Vegetables are expensive and I’d rather spend it on gas station coffee. 

Steak Salad


7-10 is spent as personal time.  Honestly, I never really accomplish anything in those three hours.  Sometimes I call my parents, read more blogs, watch trashy TV…if I need to answer a few emails with work I will…but other then that I don’t. 

and eating Stewerts ice cream. I was really craving it last night…



This particular night I spent a good portion wasting time looking at Halloween Costumes.  Don’t worry it’s real life. 

Question for you: 

  1. 1.       What did you do today?
  2. 2.       What is/was your favorite thing to get at a dining hall?


27 responses

  1. Um, can we talk about the PB-chocolate waffle?! Holy yum! And I’m super jealous the dining hall has asparagus. At college once each semester, we’d have “Steak Night,” and students received one meal ticket and could eat steak or fried shrimp, plus a Caesar salad and all the steamed asparagus you can imagine. (Oh, and bananas foster for dessert. ;))

  2. Oh man I’m droolin like an animal over that waffle and pb It’s been far too long since I’ve made a big ol plate of waffles….this must change 😀

  3. I miss Stewart’s ice cream!!! Kaydeross (I know I am spelling that wrong) Cream was my favorite…it’s vanilla with like an orange sherbert type action in there. I feel ya with the odd work hours sometimes. Just yesterday I had to work 8-8 but then today I am just 8-12 so sometimes my eating and working out schedule shifts a little bit. I don’t blame ya on loading up on free veggies and saving some cash on your end. Have a gret day!

  4. That waffle looks tasty- but all your waffles always do. I don’t blame you for eating at the dining hall, because contrary to popular belief, most do have healthier options than any food court or a la carte place on campus (every dining hall has a salad bar, at least!) My favorite thing at the dining hall was probably the salad and sandwich bar, but I liked the ice cream machine when it was working, hehe.

  5. I would find looking at Halloween costumes really fun, so no shame there.

    ‘You can take a gander but it’s mostly just pancakes and waffle ideas.’ Umm, is there any better kind of recipe idea?


  6. dude i am jealous, to be able to eat free on a college campus would be amaazing. i am with you on asparagus, I love it but haven’t had it in ages because it is so freaking expensive.

  7. My gym at school opened at 7 too… it was seriously obnoxious, especially when I wanted to get a workout over with before class at 8! There was a big petition out to get it to open earlier, but alas, never approved. Dumb. Anyway, great meals here m’dear, loving that waffle and mmmhmm ice cream, always a most excellent choice

  8. I love asparagus so much!! I love eating in the dining hall, especially because there is so much variety. I also found myself craving eggs after running one morning.. Weird but so good.

  9. When I ate in the cafeterias when I was in college I always took full advantage of the salad bar- sooo many veggies for free! I also loved stealing handfuls of cereals/granola on my way out the door for “dessert”.

    Your waffle looks awesome by the way!

  10. i know is none of my business but don’t you think you are over training with 2 hours of cardio?

    • Thanks Vanessa, but I actually answered in the last post I did. 🙂 No I do not, because I was putting just as much time in with cardio when I was running. If I was in pain or feeling fatigued then I would but I do not.

  11. Your waffle looks like Halloween 🙂 very festive! And I would so get *all* of the asparagus, too. I love it! My mom makes it every year for our big family Christmas dinner and I am literally the only one out of all my cousins and siblings who eats it..!?!

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