Waffles…on Monday

I haven’t been posting waffle recipe lately. I’ve gone back into a waffle mood (versus my eggs) so I’ve been somewhat experimenting in the kitchen. By experimenting, I mean adding things together and sticking them on my waffle iron and hoping they are good. I don’t stray too far from the grain of easy cooking. Or “cooking” that takes more than 5 minutes.

2/3 of cup of flour
1 egg
2 tsp of baking powder
¼ cup feta or goat cheese (I like both of them…so I choose whatever is stocked)
½ cup water
Some kale and garlic
Spices I just dumped in: Garlic and red pepper.  If I had onion I would probably add that too.
1.  Saute the kale as you normally would.
2. Mix egg, water, flour, baking powder and spices together. Then add the kale followed by cheese.
3. Pour into waffle maker and let cook normally.
These savory waffles are awesome and I’ve recently began to enjoy them as much as sweet waffles.

This is how my recipe posts are. Short and to the point…I have no stories to share about them and they take the same amount of time as actually cooking.
Questions for you:
1. Do you like quick recipes or are you a champ?
2. Savory or sweet breakfast?
I feel savory waffles are more of a brunch type recipe.


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  1. Wow I have not ever ventured to make a savory waffle. I have actually had something like this at a restaurant and it was really good though! I can’t wait for all the waffle recipes you are going to add. Will Waffles…on Monday be standard now LOL? (because it should!)

  2. I usually have sweet breakfast since I eat in my room and oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt is the easiest to make! Though I do miss making omelettes. Now I’m wishing I could make a savory waffle!

  3. I wish I could like savoury breakfasts, but they just taste weird to me and make me feel a bit ill first thing in the morning.

    The waffle recipe sounds gorgeous as a lunch or dinner (or, as you say, brunch – I’ve just never eaten brunch for some reason!) though.

    I wish I could eat savoury breakfasts though – I know my blood sugar levels would thank me for it.


  4. Love savory waffles. I made some that had spinach and sun-dried tomatoes in them….AWESOME! I have also made Mexican waffles with corn, black beans, red onion and jalapeno (the waffle batter is basically the taco)

    Savory changes the flavor so when you go back to the sweet the sweetness seems almost heightened.

  5. Oo yum, I need to find my waffle maker… haven’t used it in years lol I’m usually a quick put together breakfast person since i’m always running late haha

  6. I love quick, no-fuss, recipes that are barely recipes like this one 🙂 very creative! I’ve never had a savory waffle before. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I even had a waffle…sad!

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