WIAW: Being Injured and Stuff

 Piggybacking off of last weeks not shopping at super organic with a hint of specialty only found on the second Tuesday of every other month stores…(I don’t even know what that means reading it back to myself) but anyways this is what I’m currently eating on my fourth (and it looks like it will be much longer) of being injured. 

Though my bone is healed in my foot, my cyst has grown larger which is no bueno.   They want me to do some treatment options similar to those for plantar fasciitis to reduce the cyst before draining it. 

Anyways all of that to tell you that I’m still injured and eating less.  Where I was eating roughly 2600 calories daily, I’m now eating about 2000 most days.  I don’t actually count calories but do have a rough estimate daily.   So right then.

Sorry not sorry but I still have a waffle daily.  I’ve been craving a lot more chocolate lately so I had a chocolate waffle.  Basically it’s a standard waffle with ¼ cup cocoa powder.    There are a few recipes on my recipe page, but I keep meaning to update it when I’m not so busy.  I have a ton of new recipes that I’ve made and loved…I just haven’t posted them yet…All in due time.

Fage 2% yogurt and syrup is on top incase you wondered….

As normal, I still have coffee and 75% of the time it’s from a gas station.

and it always has whip cream. Everytime.  Best 1.73 that I will ever spend. 

Lunch I’m still having sandwiches and yogurt.  Though I’ve mellowed down from nutella (mostly because I’m out) and had peanut butter all week.  With my greek yogurts…because I’ve been just keeping them in my work fridge.  Risky but oh well.   Though there is only one pictured, I always have two sandwiches.  One at 11 and one from 1-2.

On my way to the gym at four, I realized I was pretty hungry so I had a quest bar.  These are probably one of my most specialized foods (I guess) but you can get them Vitamin shoppee or GNC.  They have really good stats, the only thing I wish for is a bit more calcium.

For dinner, I was feeling more lazy then usual and decided to make eggs and add all the vegetables in my fridge that I assumed were going bad in the next day.    I would make an omelet but everytime I flip them…they break.  In there is also some goat cheese because I like that.

4 eggs+kale, mushrooms, tomatoes and goat cheese and yes this bowl is as big as one of the stove burners that it is sitting on.  I love bowl plates. 

I ended up falling asleep really early because my anti-inflammatory medicine (think 8:30pm) so I never had anything else.   This added up to be around 1800.  I probably would have ate more if I hadn’t fallen asleep but alas it happened.

Until next time I talk about food…

Question for you: 

1.       Do you have a staple lunch? 

Mine is two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as two greek yogurts…simple and fast to make because I’m always running late.

2.       Is it getting cold where you live? 


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  1. I have taken naproxen (?) as well and it makes me fall asleep very quickly. How long do you have to take that?

    Are you eating more protein now that you are strength training? I’ve just started since I can’t mope around about being running injured for ever and I don’t know if I should add more protein.

    Sorry for the 100 questions and as usual-thanks for keeping it real and with normal good that I don’t have to google.

    • Thanks Reina and yeah it is naproxen!

      I’m trying to eat as much protein as possible but it’s not working out well. I’m no expert but I think adding protein is good right after you strength train…I’ve always tried to get a little bit to replenish my muscles.

  2. I am so sorry that the cyst is getting larger. That must be so frustrating. Wishing you all the best!

    My staple lunch is a HUGE salad. I have a serving bowl that I use to fill with every veggie and protein I have in the fridge then I usually use my favorite Poppy seed dressing. I love it!

    It’s not cold here yet but when it is my staple lunches switch over to soups….love those too.

  3. I’m so sorry that you’re still not able to run! I’ve decided to stop my training completely…my shin splints aren’t getting any better either. I think it’s more frustrating mentally than it is physically, though.

  4. I’m sorry the injury is slow healing 🙁

    I love the stats of those quest bars (although I didn’t LOVE the taste of the chocolate one… might have to try a different flavor) I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

  5. My staple lunch is a little morningstar farms veggie burger sandwich and whatever veggies are in my fridge (usually cooked kale or spinach). Oh, and an apple, always an apple. I hope no one steals your yogurt from the fridge!

  6. I would absolutely love to see some new recipes from you if you do ever have a spare minute 🙂

    My staple lunch at the moment would be sweet potatoes (particularly this white inside/purple skinned variety we have in the UK called Bushbok sweet potatoes) with various toppings. I certainly wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a PB sandwich though if someone could measure out the PB to stop me eating the whole jar.

    Argh, so sorry about the cyst. That treatment had better help it quickly – it must be so frustrating. Good on you for managing your food and not eating your feelings like I would though.


  7. you freaking make my day by adding whipped cream each morning. my kind of girl, seriously. a spoonful or more at night is what I need! you have one fancy waffle maker, seriously those look restaurant worthy!

  8. I dont’ understand the concept of “lunch” anymore… with 9-10 meals a day it’s hard to figure out which one is lunch (especially with my 10am wake up and 2am bedtimes….) but generally it’s some form of meat (steak is my fav, but also haddock and turkey right now) scrambled with 4 egg whites and sweet mequite seasoning. My favvvvvvvvvvv!

    …. and I’m jealous your gas station has freakign whip cream?! REALLY!?! OMG!

  9. ha you and your pb&j sandwiches! I try to mix my lunches up rotate between salads and sandwiches but i do always have an apple at lunch! Yep getting cold over here in CT and I am not a fan, the north face fleece has been busted out and I am dreading the day I have to start blow drying my hair!

  10. Sorry to hear about another setback on the recovery!! 🙁 Sounds like you are in pretty good spirits, all things considered.

    I try to eat basically all day so that I never feel hungry. My staple lunch is a turkey sandwich. Pretty boring. I buy the fresh sliced deli meat at the grocery on Sunday and then feed off it all week. I also add a slice of cheese and mustard. For the bread I use Fold-Its, which are kinda like a pita. I add a side of raw veggies–carrots, celery, and/or cucumbers usually, with hummus.

  11. I freaking love goat cheese. I’m not usually a waffle fan (my mom though…a huge waffle lover, lol) but each time I see that chocolate waffle, I keep telling myself I should try it that way. So sorry to hear about that damn cyst…hoping it’s not too much longer than you had originally thought/were told.

  12. My staple lunch is a salad with chicken and a fricassee of vegetables (always wanted to say that lol). But PBJs are dah bommbbbbb. What kind of pb do you like?

  13. My staple lunch is either a gianormous salad with an even more ginormous apple, or a summer yummy sammy with a ginormous appple.

    I get sad when I have to go a whole day without an apple 🙂

    Good luck on your injury, I fell your pain, after months of a stress fracture in my foot I can finally begin running 1/2 mile this week adding another 1/4 mile every half week!

  14. Every time I see your gas station coffee’s with whipped cream I make a mental note to get whipped cream at the grocery store…I haven’t spotted whipped cream at any of the gas stations that have coffee here!
    However Quest Bars are made 100-miles north of me, near Long Beach, so they are everywhere here! YUM! My favorite is cinnamon roll, close 2nd is coconut cashew, and I don’t even really like coconut!
    I hope you’re having a great day and have fun weekend plans ahead of you!

  15. I’m still having a waffle obsession so you better post that recipe soon! That waffle looks drool-worthy.

    Sorry to hear that your cyst is not going away 🙁 Hopefully the treatment helps!

  16. I love waffles too. If I could have chocolate waffles, I totally would. So sorry about the cyst! That is no good. I hope all goes well with getting rid of it. Also, just realized that I suck and missed you FB message. Replied back to you, but super sorry for missing it!!

  17. Yes! Utah is getting cold! And your food looks SOOO good right now….I’m really hungry! lol You are doing amazing recovering! I love fall because I get to wear layers of warm clothing-especially running!

  18. Aww Hollie, sorry to hear about the injury set back and slower healing 🙁 I hope that the technique we talked about helps you out though, I know it is aiding in my own recovery!

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