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I haven’t done a WIAW blog in a while. I was reading blogs the other day, maybe last week…sometime ago and I was thinking about how a good portion of the time I just find WIAW blog posts annoying.

Breakfast today was a waffle with greek yogurt and jam

I can only have 12 ounces of coffee daily.  This picture does not justice for the amount of cream I add. 



 I will be completely honest and I don’t really believe 95% of bloggers posting what they have eaten throughout the day.  Especially posting a “full day” of eats.  It’s like the less you eat, the better your blog looks, the more people will read your blog.  I understand you want to showcase yourselves in good light, but damn I want to know some people eat pizza or some people find regular peanut butter good versus sweet chocolate double stuffed with a splash of vanilla super specialized almond butter. 


Really, I just want to know other people shop at Walmart for 90% of their groceries and I can relate to what they are eating.  I understand a lot of bloggers are vega, have some sort of GI tract issue or some other thing that justifies their need for such intricate food…but most of my groceries come from Walmart. 

Lunch today was 2 bagels with nutella. I had one at 11 and one at 2. That is normally how my lunches are. I forgot my greek yogurts for some odd reason…oh well.


I am all for eating weird foods but there comes a point that I can’t even try some recipes because it takes such specialized food that I don’t stock. When the hell did we start thinking milking almonds was a good idea? 

So instead I had a pumpkin protein shake when I got home. 1 cup of greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of pumpkin, cinnamon, ice cubes and xanthen gum to thicken it


As we all know, I’m not a chef.  I’m terrible at cooking (also cleaning and don’t care for babies…can you I’ll be a great stay at home housewife?). 

My quick and staple dinner is always fish+kale+ Brussel sprouts. Maybe I’ll get adventurous one day.


I want to say, I’m not trying to call anyone out.  The only thing I’m saying is that if you participate in WIAW and post 500 calories worth of extreme healthy food and that’s it…It doesn’t make me want to read your blog. 

Incase you are wondering this ended up being about 2300 calories.   If I could have more gas station coffee (the doctor told me the amount of caffeine I intake could affect bone growth) then it would be 2600 because I know my coffees have about 300 calories.  I’ll run 4 miles for that any day.


Question for you: What do you think of WIAW posts? 


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  1. I don’t do WAIW for two reasons. One I think they are a little boring and two I eat Doritos, Burgers, and Fries with my pounds of veggies daily. Who needs to see that? ;). Hope you are healing fast Hollie!!

  2. “When the hell did we start thinking milking almonds was a good idea?”
    Hahahaha!!!! Love this!!!
    Thanks for being real. 🙂

  3. My WIAW’s would be so boring, i repeat the same meals over and over again.
    Agree with you, it kinda pisses me off how little some girls eat when they obviously work out heavy!

  4. Crap. I know caffeine screws with your bones, but I’ve been trying to live in happy denial. No wonder my bones are shot to sh*t, if you’ll pardon the language 😛

    Yeah, I know I like my weird foods and vegan meals (shut up with saying ‘eats’ or ‘fuel’ people – those words just grind my gears in that context) and I do genuinely have IBS (woohoo, for more tests soon for more serious issues – funzville) but I agree that some of these posts are just wrong on many levels. And why do the skinniest bloggers seem to overemphasize their food, and complain that they ate SOOOOOO much, whereas the normal/higher end BMI bloggers post teeny tiny portions on side plates? Because I feel if those intakes were accurate then appearances would be reversed.

    God, I wish I could have bagels and Nutella for lunch. Can I stare at your picture instead – it is lunchtime in the UK now after all 😉

    I am an almond milk whore though – no shame there!

  5. I don’t participate in WIAW. First, I’m not a healthy living blogger. I’m just a blogger who tries to have a happy, healthy, life, but I just don’t feel like sharing what I eat. Also… I always eat the same thing. I have a cup of coffee… run… have breakfast (usually frosted mini wheats, but sometimes I do use vanilla soy milk and chia seeds, I guess that’s kinda exciting?)… and so forth. Sometimes I like posting pics of what I ate if it’s something fun, but not my daily eats because usually they’re not. I eat a bunch of fruit and everyone’s seen that.

    And really… anyone can post pictures of food. That doesn’t necessarily mean they ate ALL of what it posted. Or that that’s all they ate. It’s just a blog, people are only accountable to themselves for what they eat really.

    Your waffle looks so delicious :). I don’t shop at Walmart for groceries but I don’t shop at Earth Fare or Whole Foods either. I just go to the regular grocery store hehe :).

  6. Commenting from my phone but i just have to say…i can’t tolerate gluten OR 99% of dairy products, and i am still able to get 100% of my grocery needs at the local supermarket (and it’s a ghetto could do this at target or walmart too but they’re farther drives for me hahaha. Colorado version of Kroger, not even fancy like wegmans!). I don’t eat special gluten free products, i use rice and quinoa and o ohatso and potatoes etc. I eat chicken from a package and generic greek yogurt. It’s cheaper that way and let’s face it i’d rather spend my $$ on a nicer apartment, or yah saving for a new bbike, or going out to restaurants in the company of friends…not on whacko extravagant ingredients. I do have some fun things in my pantry but only cuz my mom just visited and she took me to whole foods and paid for it 😛 so yeah i can relate! I can’t even try your smoothie cuz i dont even know what xanthan gumis hahaha 😛 and yeah…if people care thatyou eat x number of calories a day…they’re just insecure with their own intake. 🙂

  7. hahaha I feel the same ways about WIAW posts. Mine are typically just leftovers made from cheap ingredients from Walmart or Price Chopper. If I check out someone’s post and it has the words ” vegan” or “organic” I generally stop reading. And I’m sry but I wanna spend more time eating my food than photographing it. lol

  8. I’ve never done a WIAW either because 1) I don’t want to take the time to take pretty pictures when I just want to shove the food in my face…especially if it’s a hot meal and 2) I usually find it boring. I have pizza, cookies, salad, cookies, kashi golean, clif bars, granola bars, bread, chicken, cookies, lol…a pretty good balance but don’t ever feel like documenting stuff like that. I’m glad you eat more than 500 cals which is what I see a lot of those WIAW posts add up to like you had said…unrealistic IMO.

  9. I don’t usually read WIAW posts because honestly… I just don’t care what someone ate on Wednesday. Or any other day of the week. I’m definitely not a foodie. Haha. Sometimes I take pictures of my food but it’s pretty much always the same general range of foods and not very interesting!

  10. I have mixed feelings about WIAW. I consider myself somewhat of a foodie (not to mention, I can be nosy at times) so it is interesting to me to see what other people are eating. But…I have to agree with you when you pointed out that a lot of these bloggers probably don’t post every single thing they ate that day. I don’t know if I’ll ever participate in it because I don’t want to open myself to criticism about what I’m eating. It’s my body! Also, I tend to be really boring and repeat meals. 🙂 Loved reading your thoughts! And love the abundance of Nutella!

  11. I agree, thank you thank you. I don’t do WiAW for that reason. And heck I buy all the processed food in the world because a. I am broke and b. I shop at the grocery store not a health food store. I just can’t afford that.

  12. Ok just catching up after far too long. But you know I have been stalking your twitter/facebook/instagram/daily mile of course. So proud of your fundraising! And all of my food comes from a plain old grocery store. And I ate nachos for dinner last night. Healthy. 🙂 But that pumpkin shake looks amazing!

  13. I definitely don’t think people are honest with their WIAW’s. I don’t claim to be posting what I ate in one day – because it’s just not what happened. Instead, I post from several days. I also eat a lot of processed foods that aren’t “clean” and I just don’t care. AND, all I think about when I see bloggers who “only” eat vegetables is.. Wow, you must be super gassy. But seriously.

  14. Love this post. I am also turned off by any WIAW posts where it’s such small,professional looking, low calorie “snacks.”

    That pumpkin smoothie looks delicious. I must try to make something like it soon. 🙂

    Thanks for keepin it real out on the interwebs!

  15. Like I said on twitter…LOVE this post! Since when is it cool to eat tiny, microscopic meals and only shop at stores where an apple is 3.99 a pound? I mean if you have the money…more power to you but I am all about a good deal! Hello wegmans and price rite! Way to speak the truth Hollie!

  16. Since when did walmart grocery shopping become something to look down on. I LOVE WALMART!! Best prices on good quality foods – aka my Nature’s Own Bagels <3

    Love your post because you eat real food – none of that nooch, vega, protein frosting mumble jumble.

  17. Pretty sure you’re my new favorite blogger, thanks for keeping it real! I used to shop at Wal-Mart, but since we moved, it’s farther away, so I shop at Wal-Mart’s brother; Meijer. I seriously can’t justify spending the insane amount of money on groceries that other people spend. I spend the same amount for 5 of us than some people spend for 2. That’s ridiculous. Since I’m trying to cut back on our eating out, you won’t see much on the blog anymore, but I can assure you this mama loves an egg mcmuffin and large diet coke ;0

  18. I have a blog that is poorly written, and actually…never updated. But if I did a WIAW, it would most likely include 3 TB of cookie butter from TJ’s. And that is just a snack….without anything else. Just TBs, straight. I’m hardcore like that. Love this post, by the way.

  19. I must not read any of those blogs….I rarely if ever have seen a WIAW on a blog. And I’m shocked to here that they post less food than this…I eat way, way, way more in one day than the photos on this post. I must be counting my calories wrong, because I would guess I’m usually at about 3,000 with what seems like double the amount of food I see here?

    Trader Joe’s for me. Nothing special ordered with local lavendar bees or whatever.

  20. I do participate in WIAW posts… obviously, and it’s the only time during the week that I actually do post my food. Aside from the occasional post here and there that has a dish or two. I don’t read blogs that have way too healthy/restrictive food intake because it does NOTHING good for me at all. Except make myself feel like shit and a fat ass… how fun.

  21. Listen girl… I buy 99% of my groceries at BJs which is even more ghetto-fab than Wal-Mart. haha. I hear ya though – some bloggers post 100% healthy, clean stuff to WIAW all the time, for years on end, and it’s like, really? You don’t ever deviate from that???

  22. I do WIAWs but honestly I’m starting to get bored with them. I almost never post one actual day’s worth of food but just some interesting stuff I’ve been eating. But I do hate seeing those blogs that just post a shit ton of veggies and egg whites and whatever week after week because it’s incredibly boring and restrictive and I just feel bad for them. I’m vegan and I try to eat healthy but I’m not obsessed with it to the point that I feel bad if I have some chocolate.

  23. Hey Hollie! I have been reading your blog along with other “healthy living” blogs for awhile but am now just starting mine back up. I love this post and could not agree more. This has been something that has always bothered me about the blogging world and WIAW. When I was at school I was definitely buying 95% of my groceries at Wal Mart, great value brand (except their PB, I think it tastes weird). I’d much rather buy a new pair of running shorts or even shoes, depending on the amount some people are spending on groceries. I really don’t think a lot of people post a full day of eats, either. Seriously though, when did just a giant bowl of veggies become lunch instead of a good old PB&J? I say screw the protein powder “fudge” or soft serve “ice cream” made from a frozen banana and sweetener, give me the real thing.

  24. Hahahaha–>”I want to know some people eat pizza or some people find regular peanut butter good versus sweet chocolate double stuffed with a splash of vanilla super specialized almond butter. ”

    I eat well, but I also eat pizza and splurge. I’m not a health food blogger so it would be weird for me to post WIAW anyways, but I would never do it because I enjoy a candy splurge or a box of Kraft mac & cheese every once in awhile 🙂 Loved this!

  25. I’ve never commented on any blog before but I’m just so pleased someone else sees what I see in WIAW. This is why I follow your blog and not the other ‘healthy living’ crap out there.

  26. I’m 100% with you. I’ve never done a WIAW because, who cares? I like posting recipes honestly because I don’t write anything down and then I can go back and look at them, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. And I have no dietary restrictions, do not diet, and don’t want to make a cauliflower crust for my pizza, so no one probably likes my recipes anyway. Don’t care, it’s all for me!

  27. I didn’t realize it was such a big thing…I don’t do it, but I post enough pictures of food I make. 🙂 I’m not really into most of the stuff I see people eating (I’m not a yogurt, coffee, or vegetarian person) so I post my regular home-cooking and hope there are others like me!

  28. Market Basket all the way! Um, budget much? Yes, please. Sadly, I do think that some food bloggers’ WIAW are what they ate…there’s a lot of ED business going on in the blogosphere, it seems. But I like people who actually eat! I don’t post whole days of eats anymore because (a) it’s a hassle and (b) eventually you get sick of the ‘why do you eat so much??? questions, but I agree 100%.

    ALSO, your bangs? OH MY GOSH. Not that you didn’t look great before, but the bangs totally change your face and look AMAAAAAAAAZING on you!!!!

  29. Can I just say how much I adore you?! Ugh it’s so great to finally have someone point all these things out! You eat REAL food and I love it – much more relatable. There are some days/weeks/months that I eat very meat-heavy meals and others when I am basically a vegetarian. I go by what my body craves and needs, and I don’t need people questioning me and my sporadic eating habits.

    Walmart was my BFF in college! It’s such a great place to buy good food (even organic!) for much cheaper. Nowadays, I admit that I splurge on food and shop at Whole Foods more that I would like to say, but I’m a working woman so I have a right to 🙂

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  31. New reader here, and I LOVE this post! It’s SO true! While I LOVE specialty nut butters I only get them on occasion when I have extra cash. I absolutely shop at Wal Mart and any other place that has what I want on sale – and you better believe I splurge for chic fil a a little TOO often. It’s allll about balance 🙂

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